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Dianne Robbins: Monthly Message from the Crystal Kingdom

The Crystal People compose a Nation very much like ours, only theirs is Underground, dimly lit to our eyes but bright as the noonday sun, ever wanting to make contact with humans on the surface. They are already in contact with Earthlings underground, and wish for our acknowledgement and contact now. Read More…

Trees are Living Libraries by Dianne Robbins

Crystal Collective of Nova Gaia via Galaxygirl 5/20/2019

Fairies and Little People

In virtually every culture around the world we hear legends of human creatures different from ourselves: Giants, mermaids, pixies, elves, fairies, brownies and leprechauns. These various creatures or nature spirits populate the lore of tribes as diverse as the Persians genii, the Greeks salamanders, sylphs and undines, the mermaids of the Scottish Isles, the North American Yeti, the Norse frost giants, the German dwarves, Abominable Snowmen of the Himalayas and the fairies, elves and leprechauns of the Celts. Read More…

Elthor, Alisheryia and the Ascended Dragon Collective via galaxygirl 4/28/2019

Dianne Robbins Monthly Message: Connect with the TREES

We are the Tree People, all decked out in our summer greenery ready to burst forth into song and spread our melodies far and wide over the countryside. It is a joy to experience summer, and we are now at the height of the solstice, the apex of the demarcation of the seasons, ready to dig into the Earth for this growing season where we grow rapidly after sitting dormant all the winter months. All life experiences these bursts of growth in the summer seasons, and all life longs for the hot sun. Read More…

Dianne Robbins: The Heart now leads the way

Love flows invisibly through the ocean’s waves as it gathers momentum on its destination to the shore. We are holding the Light here in Earth’s oceans and gradually sending it to shore in increments, perfectly geared to humanity’s capacity to absorb and anchor it in your bodies. Read More…

Elemental Collective of Gaia via Galaxygirl on 1-13-2019

Elthor the Dragon & the Dragon Collective - Galaxygirl 8/12/18

Crystal Kingdom & The Universal Mother via Galaxygirl - 5/2/18

Message from Sylphs, Fairies, and Salamanders for March 1, 2018

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December Channeling via Dianne Robbins - TREES are our INBREATH

Dear Friends, Remember the days of Camelot and King Arthur where the people lived the Spiritual Truth of  ALL FOR ONE and ONE FOR ALL?  Living this one Spiritual Truth would bring PEACE and GREAT PROSPERITY TO EVERY PERSON ON EARTH.  May this Holiday Season bring this realization of ONENESS back to us all...  Read More…

Crystal Kingdom via Galaxygirl, November 16th, 2017

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Elthor the Dragon via galaxygirl - 04.11.2017

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