The Event

Ascending to your Home Planet - QHHT client session

The Event and the New Earth - QHHT Client Sessions

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RV/Intelligence Alert: "Alive" - July 7, 2018

The RV has evolved beyond a simple revaluation and currency exchange/redemption. The RV event is not going to be the way everyone imagined it. The RV will be handled through the Quantum Financial System (QFS).
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Ascending to the New Earth - Client QHHT Sessions


There is a new buzz phrase circling throughout the spiritual community. People are anticipating an occurrence that many are referring to as ‘The Event.’ This phrase has been around for a while now. However, we had a mass expectation of ‘The Event’ taking place back in 2012 when the term became more socially familiar. Read More…

Bright Star: Wave of Love Coming from Everywhere

“Bright Star,” who had a heart opening on Dec. 21, 2017, sent in this channeled message.  Bright Star is a medium. He may be describing the planetary heart opening, which others are calling “the Event.” Notice how this dust/smoke “replaces all,” just as the inner tsunami of love I experienced swept away all worries, concerns, regrets, etc. Read More…

The Great Event is Coming ~ Sananda, 12 March 2018

This message is designed to give you a clear, easy-to-understand and thorough understanding of the coming 'Great Event'. Let us begin with the following question 'What is this Great Event?' You may have heard of the Event mentioned in passing, in other messages, blogs or books. And for some of you, this may be the first time you have come across this information. Read More…

Before, During and After the Event - QHHT Client Sessions

Dear reader
I just came across this young lady some days ago and am profoundly amazed by the information she is presenting. Enjoy.