Be kind to every single living being on the planet.

Many people ask why Native American spirits are here in many numbers acting as guides to Lightworkers. Native Americans used to work with Nature and never harmed the Earth. They treated animals with respect and always thanked them for having lived before they killed them for food. They also greatly respected their elders who when they were physically tired and could not hunt became the wise ones who the young turned to for advice. They are back here now to remind and advise humans how to look after the Earth at this time of Transition and how to live in harmony with the Earth.

Every creature on this planet has its use, even the smallest flea is useful in some way. As we say, everything is in Divine order. Nature works perfectly well and always has. Animals are sometimes used as food for other animals. This is not to say that humans are in any way better than other creatures, even if they are at the head of the food chain.

The Earth in the form of rocks, pebbles and sands indeed also have their own consciousness. Minerals in the form of crystals and gemstones have long been helping man's emotions to heal. Trees, flowers and grasses do the same. The Earth will always be able to repair itself, whatever Man does to it, and can even throw humankind off the planet if this needs to happen.

Dear Ones this is not about to happen now. On the contrary the Earth is recovering from centuries of misuse and at last many people are waking up to the fact that the Earth needs nurturing and looking after. The big shifts that are taking place now, are mighty and there will be many more changes but those of you who have woken up to be Lightworkers, will weather the storm and be able to help others who follow them into a New way of being in the World.


Sit or lie comfortably, close your eyes and take 3 big deep breaths, breathing in calm and breathing out tension. Relax every single muscle of your body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. When you feel beautifully relaxed, imagine yourself in your sacred place. This is the place where you feel safe and nurtured. It may be a place in nature, in your home or somewhere you have never been to before.

Lie down and relax here for a while knowing that your Guides and Angels are here to protect you and you are perfectly safe. Now think of all the people who have ever loved you in this world or the next. Imagine them all coming to your sacred place one by one and telling you that they love you. Bask in this feeling of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE without saying anything and just receive all this LOVE they have to give you.

When everyone has left your space, think of a person who has upset you or you have had a problem with in the past. It could be someone who you know very well or even someone that you do not know personally but has upset you. Bring that person into your sacred space, knowing that you are in a BUBBLE OF LIGHT and they cannot harm you.

Now imagine this person as a small child and tell him/her that you love them unconditionally as a Mother or Father would. Put your arms around them. Watch as this tiny child relaxes in your arms and opens up to you. Listen to their problems as a Mother/Father or a kind counsellor would do. Listen to them and answer their questions. Keep reminding them that you will always be there for them and that you LOVE them very much.

When you feel ready, imagine this person as the adult and continue the conversation. Continue until all the problems between you have been talked over and you come to some sort of agreement, even if it is just to agree to disagree. You may then be more able to understand each other's position. Now hug each other and agree to be friends. Remind them that you are all part of the ONE and you are all unconditionally loved by the Creator. There is no separation just UNITY.

Say goodbye to this person and bring in the next person that you have had a problem with and repeat the procedure. Do this repeating the procedure with others until you have finished and ask everyone to join hands in a circle. Send loving thoughts all around the circle. Now imagine the circle becoming a BUBBLE of WHITE LIGHT and the BUBBLE increases in size until it encircles the whole planet and surrounds it with PURE LOVE. Imagine the planet being bathed in this LOVE and LIGHT until all of the darkness has gone. When you are ready, hug and say goodbye to everyone as they go on their own way. Sit silently on your own and receive healing from your Guides and Angels. When you are ready, open your eyes, ground yourself and come back to full waking consciousness.

This is a powerful exercise and works on a very subtle level. The people that you have a problem with, will either change their attitude towards you or move out of your life and leave you in Peace. This may seem a strange process at first but with practice it can achieve wonderful results.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius on 04.02.2021.