Mushaba Platinum Light - Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba on December 5, 2017

Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba December 05, 2017

Now as I said in part 4, that the All That Is has entered the picture and his very presence is just absolute and shear power! If you are one of truth, love, light and integrity you will have no problem in his presence. However, if you are not of those qualities, you will have a very difficult time in his presence. Let me share a story with you that happened: After the All That is started getting involved in helping to clear the darkness and evil beings from the 2nd universe, Many beings were sent to source, or sent home, or sent to places where they can be rehabilitated and trained to be of love, light, truth and integrity!
The All That Is came to the Nexus with his team that were working with him, that is his, son Prince Tudor, Creator, Mushaba, and Papa Force and some beings from his dimension which is outside of creation. He called a meeting of everyone on the Nexus. Everyone gathered in this huge place on the Mothership and he came out to address everyone. Before he even showed himself, which most all of them saw for the first time ever, they felt this great power surging through the Nexus. It was the most different and intense energy anyone ever felt and it made some of them very uneasy. When he appeared, many in the crowd immediately started sweating profusely. Some started shaking because they were terrified of his energy and then some of them just simply suddenly disappeared into nothingness and went to source without All That Is saying one word. Then he spoke to the crowd and it was basically made clear that no more will there be evil running rampant in this 2nd universe and all beings that are convoluted and corrupt and evil hiding in the disguise of light will be found out and sent to source, or if they are redeemable they will be sent to be retrained and rehabilitated and a few sent home. It was something to see beings just disappearing. In that meeting he replaced the entire leadership and crew of the Nexus with beings that he chose and vetted. The commander of the Nexus was sent to source and that broke my heart because I truly loved him dearly and in fact, it was I who gave him that job to command the Nexus while I was away on mission. Unfortunately, he became compromised.
The Nexus was given a complete overhaul and make over and it is now being called The New Nexus. Also The New Jerusalem was also overhauled and many of the leadership and staff were sent home, or sent to source, or sent to be rehabilitated. Also he had to send back home the mothership from Sirius. So many beings on that mother ship were so corrupted he called a ship in from the black hole which was the biggest most powerful ship anyone has ever experienced, and that ship was so huge and so powerful that it pushed the Sirian mothership all the way back into Sirius. The council of Sirius filed a protest and Prince Tudor, Creator, Mushaba, Papa Force all went to talk with the council to explain what was taking place. And while they were there many of the council members were also sent to source and others fired and yet others sent to be rehabilitated. The remaining council quieted down very quickly after they understood what was going on. They were grateful as well as the Sirian people! Then he went to Planet Mushaba and cleaned house. Not only was almost the entire council fired, some were sent to source as well. They all were replaced with beings that have all been vetted by All That Is and Creator personally. Planet Mushaba has been completed, overhauled, upgraded and given a very special mission in the 2nd universe.

This also happened in many, many planets and star systems in creation until all were done. Then all the councils in the universe were either fired, replaced, sent to source, back home or to rehabilitation. All That Is cleaned house thoroughly! Beings everywhere had always heard of the All That Is existence but have never seen him. As I said, he didn’t get involved in the matters of creation until the Mushaba Family exposed the deep and dark corruption. It took a great deal of work for the past 15 months! We worked around the clock to fix all the issues in creation especially the second universe.
During this process, there were a great deal of massive attacks as well as many suicide attacks by dark evil beings on the Mushaba Family, and the ships and crew of the Nexus because they were not going to sit by and let their billions of years of planning be taken away without a fight. There was a plan that a group of beings were going to dematerialize on earth and bring certain things with them, however, every time they went to dematerialize they were under heavy attacks. They also attempted to attack the Mushaba family. We were assigned bodyguards from the All That Is dimensions and no one could deal with them! In the meantime, Papa Force led the Mushaba Warriors on mission to find these dark beings and their secret hideouts as well as their bases and manufacturing plants where they were making clones and soulless beings to do nothing but fight and attack and give their life for that purpose. They had no emotions and no fear of losing their lives.
Other warriors joined the battle from The Cha Order, The Khan Order, and some warriors from the first universe and the Dimension of the All That Is. The battle with these dark evil beings took about 6 months to defeat them totally because it took time to find and destroy their advanced technologies. However, up until about 30 days ago, we encountered resistance from dark beings that were hiding in the light. Eventually all of them were discovered. Let me tell you how they were not able to hide.
Mushaba, one day came to us the Mushaba Family and he gave us a new course and along with his input and our input, we came up with what was called The Galactic Soul Clearing, Healing and Retrieval Training. This is what Mushaba dictated to us to put together. We at first thought that it was a galactic level course but we cannot teach it on earth. However, we were very surprised that it was a part of the well laid plans of him, Creator and Papa Force to teach us this and train other family members to perform this process. We came to find out that this is what was the death blow to the dark evil beings!
When we performed these Galactic soul clearings, it was far beyond our expectations what was accomplished. When we conduct these clearings, we have at the helm not only the Mushaba Family, but also many beings in the higher dimensions, for instance our twin flames, The All That Is, His Son Prince Tudor, Creator, Mushaba, Papa Force and a host of others. We were able to use that to discover the most deepest secrets of any of the beings in creation. We were able to track the problems to its source. We were able to use this method to put a light over all dark beings that were hiding their true intentions. For instance, during the soul clearing we asked that any beings that are of dark evil intentions, or convoluted thinking, or keeping secrets, a light is to appear over them that constantly blinks and it cannot shut off and they cannot hide it no matter what they do. Lights started showing up everywhere. At the time we did it there was a major strategy meeting going on with All That Is and Creator and many beings of high level.
The moment we made that statement some beings in the meeting started blinking and they were caught red handed. They submitted and told their true intentions and they were dealt with. I know the question on many people’s mind is that if they're meaning All That Is, Creator etc are beings of high level advanced knowledge, how is it that they could not know the true intentions of these beings! Well it was because the dark evil beings got advanced knowledge from the beings that are amoral and they gave the dark beings technologies and knowledge on how to usurp the will of the Creator, or how to hide their true intentions and appear in every way that they are telling the truth. It was technology that was never supposed to be made available. They had technology that could reverse engineer the Creator's orders, and mimic the All That Is as I said before. It was very advanced tech and the dark beings spent billions of years perfecting it while the light just got complacent.
This soul clearing was also used to upgrade, evolve, and clear any beings, no matter how high or how low their level of evolvement was. It will accelerate their evolvement. We also were able to clear beings of all kinds of trauma, and issues that they have been carrying for millions of years. We were also able to use it to solve problems that went unanswered for millions of years. It does so much more. We have used this method on earth for about 20 individuals and it is truly amazing! It works so powerfully that it is just simply amazing. We will be teaching others in the universes how to do these clearings to help evolve planets and people everywhere. There is a lot to it. We now have permission to offer this service to beings on earth. Because after we cleared the earth, the vibration sky rocketed!
When one goes through this clearing we see all kinds of activity taking place. For instance we see beings removing old programs and records and cleaning off shelves and adding new records etc. We see them returning soul pieces and fragments and chips. We see them remove all kinds of things from the being of a person. We can see the exact issues one is having and what to do to solve it! And that is just a small portion of the entire process and what it can do. It is truly life changing.
Now let me say this; I have given you the very short, quick version of the entire story. This story needs a book by itself with deeper details. In essence the evil dark beings in the second universe have been eradicated. The New Era of Evolvement has been set up with entirely new protocols, for all the old protocols will be dissolved and no longer used. That too was changed through the galactic soul clearing! Those advanced beings in high dimensions that sent bad codes and changed the protocols that stopped the people of earth beings able to manifest, as well as not allow beings in high dimensions to assist anyone on earth, especially their own family, have all been dissolved and changed. The being Thoth when he was on earth used the laws of manifestation to manifest whatever he wanted at will to serve the people he was helping. Many beings in high councils got disturbed by this so they set up a trap. They called Thoth back to the High dimensions they say for an important meeting. However, once he arrived there the council would not let him return to earth. Then they stopped all the abilities to manifest, and removed the laws and made them secret.
They assigned beings to be the keepers of the secret and not to ever let them out. Guess what! Through the galactic soul clearing, we were able to find the hidden secrets and release all the codes of manifesting and removed all the guardians of the secrets. It was amazing to see this almost like a wall that was holding back a damn, and then when it was opened everything came rushing out! We did an experiment today December 4, 2017 to see if the laws were active once again on earth. We were told to manifest something so they can see if the laws were working properly, and we did and they worked! This will now open the potential for all of us on earth to begin to manifest what we desire no matter what it may be. However, there are new laws set up that will not allow people or any beings to use any of these laws for dark and evil purposes.
We are in a wonderful position now on earth and in the universe! We are all falling back on line and you will very shortly and I mean shortly see all this taking place on earth as above, so below! Life will change, leaders of dark agendas will be removed and it is happening already. The RV will be released in the very near future because Creator no longer has to worry about his orders not being carried out for he has re-established himself as the Creator of this universe and in full authority over everything that takes place in his creation! In fact it can take place most anytime now!
Pain and suffering as the most prominent way to evolve is no longer going to be the go to method for evolvement. Through the galactic soul clearing we helped to establish a new system of evolvement that is not riddled with pain and suffering. That is old thinking and no longer relevant in the new era of evolvement!
There is so, so much great news I can share from all these last 15 months of change. But I better not draw this out any longer. It is best that you live it for yourselves and you are already in the beginning of it all! I hope that in this stripped down version of the story, you gained something useful. We have no idea what truly goes on behind the scenes or out in the universe. But we all must be ready to know because we are stepping into our galactic community very, very soon! The universe in the new era of evolvement is about only evolving and serving in light, love, truth and integrity! All the new DNA has been released all throughout the creation to dissolve all dark evil and convoluted intentions and actions.
These last 15 months has been the most difficult, the most thankless, the most unimaginable life that many times we thought we would not make it. It was the most difficult thing we ever had to face and we suffered greatly for it. However, it is over and we are very happy that we were able to do what our part is to serve all of creation. We all have a part to play and whatever we think our mission is, we must let that go, for everything has changed! No one’s mission is the same now as it was even 3 months ago!
When we get this money, enjoy it while you can because not long after we will move to a place of evolvement where we can manifest all of our needs and wants and desires! We will be able to retool our own dna and genetics and change how we look, our age, no illness, no lack, no evil, no darkness, no convoluted thinking. We will have command over ourselves and we will begin to call back parts of ourselves, or other of ourselves that may be in the first universe and bring them back to reunite as one! We will have full recall of our origins and the total truth of our existence in this creation, where we began, when we began and the journey through countless life times everywhere in the universe.
With the Utmost Love and Blessings!
Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba
Grandmaster of the Mushaba People