Mushaba Platinum Light - Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba, December 08, 2017

Mushaba Greetings!

Since my release of the past five Mushaba Platinum Light Articles, I have been receiving an incredible amount of requests for information about the New Powerful Galactic Soul Clearing, Healing and Retrieval Protocol. There are those that are interested in learning the protocol and others that are interested in having a session on their behalf or the behalf of someone else. I will address this but before I do let me say this.
I am very humbled and grateful by so many wonderful responses to the information in the articles. This is a very difficult subject for most people to accept and to address. However, we are all standing in our own truth and power and that is what is at stake here. We have been giving away all of our own freedoms and discernment for far too long. If I didn’t offer this to you in truth, light, love and integrity then I am not doing my service to all creation and that is to bring, to offer, to teach and to live the true awesome power of Freedom and Empowerment and what that truly means! So I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your strength and standing in your own power!
Also a quick update on what is taking place in the universe:
After the entire 2nd universe was cleared, we did some tests to see if certain things were working properly such as the laws of manifesting, healing and a few other tests. It worked but it worked far too slowly. We felt that something was still wrong, out of balance. We thought about it a lot because we cleared the entire second universe what could possibly have been missed. Then it hit us! We decided to do another Galactic Soul Clearing to find the issue. So we called in the team, All That Is, Creator and many other beings that conduct the session with us. Almost immediately before the first word was spoken, we, my brother Amunn and I started to see where the problems lie. We discovered that the Amoral beings that I spoke about had done some things that they were keeping secret.
We saw that the secret was being kept, and we sent the clearing energy to that being and all of the secrets came to light! The Amoral beings had worked with the dark beings and took many of them to other universes and some of them set up technologies and sent out bad codes to the 2nd universe. They had anticipated that at some point their technology in the 2nd universe would be found out and destroyed and the evil beings eradicated. So they sent beings to another universe through these Amoral beings that had the knowledge to do it, and they set up shop secretly. Creator’s of these other universes didn’t even know they existed there!
So we lit them up, and to everyone’s surprise in these various universes, they saw all these beings started to blink on and off or light up! They didn’t know what this meant because they never experienced a galactic soul clearing before. Beings from the Realm of Existence went to all the various universes and sent to source all the dark evil beings, and those that were redeemable were sent to a place to be retrained and taught about love, light, truth and integrity! All their technologies were destroyed as well and now the entire creation is evil free! The tech was being used to reinforce the blockages in the 2nd universe to prevent anyone from evolving higher and using the laws that is our right to use and our freedom to do so. So I am reporting that today the entire creation was the recipient of a Galactic Soul Clearing and it was extremely powerful! All has been set right and now we will see a more rapid increase in the light on earth and in the new leaders coming into power or those that are in place but dormant will come to life! We also cleared the RV for release and set in place the energy to remove any opposition to its release. Look for and expect some wonderful and exciting developments to come to light!
End of report!
Now before I talk further about the Soul Clearing. Let me allow my father Porda, better known as Papa Force share his words with us:
I am Papa Force (Porda),
I come to you today to offer my thoughts about the Soul Clearing Protocol because from my station in the universe, I can see how the energies work and how the movement of one’s soul is reacting to the clearing. It is something unlike what you have ever seen. If you could see what I see, it would just humble you and excite you and move you to action! As I look at the soul during this particular protocol, I see the soul in its pureness of creation and during this soul clearing, we on this side of the veil along with those that are conducting the session on earth, we can see the journey of one’s soul and how long the soul has been on this journey! We can see when and what caused the soul to start to take on trauma to the point to where the soul begins to shatter and fragmentize.
We can see the holes where pieces, fragments, chips and chucks of the soul that have been lost by breaking off of the soul. Basically the way it looks is that it looks like pieces of energy of the life force of the soul that are being chipped away or broken off. This happens due to many things and a huge one is the trauma. Through our incarnations in many planets and universes, we have taken on so much and have lived through so much and all of it was not very good. Those lifetimes where we were burned at the stake, murdered, beat or stoned to death, or imprisoned and tortured just for daring to believe in something different than what man thought we should believe, have caused deep soul trauma.
Then you have the life experience of pain and suffering and illness and drama and loss of life and death and so much that we as humans face on earth. All this affects your soul. We all know that huge thing that we all suffered was the Maldek experience and that has followed us that were on Maldek for eight thousand million years! That is why the Mushaba Teachers were taught the Maldek Clearing protocol.
In going through this Soul Clearing Protocol, things show up that may have been hidden for millions of years. You get down to the crux, the core of your soul’s issues. It shows any attachments, any energies or entities that may be around you or interfering with you that need to be removed, it shows up things that have been a burden to you without your knowing it. Every single time new guides and teachers are assigned to the person being cleared. It deals with family issues and generational issues, it shows where health issues are based, as well as what may be blocking you from your greater evolvement, or interfering in it or your opening to your higher abilities etc. It covers a variety of things far beyond what I have mentioned here. I have witnessed this same clearing protocol clear entire planets, and races of beings, councils, Gods and Goddesses, Creators, etc. all throughout the universe. I have witnessed its great power to transform. I am also personally on the clearing team, along with Creator, Mushaba and a lot of highly advanced beings who have been cleared themselves of galactic issues that they have been carrying for millions of years. Problems have been solved that were not able to be solved for millions of years and this clearing shows them up and where they are hidden.
So I thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you. I am eager to work with many of you through the soul clearing protocol.
I leave you with only Love, Light, Truth and Integrity!
I am Porda –Papa Force
As to the soul clearing session and or training that many asked about, this can be learned, however there are so much other trainings that are necessary first before one gets to this galactic soul clearing. There are also clearing protocols that need to be learned first as well for many reasons. The galactic soul clearing changes you deeply in the most loving profound way. It affects your cells and DNA and genetics, and you have to be trained to take on such awesome galactic power! Actually having this clearing session done for yourself is a huge step in raising your vibrations very extremely high! I am going to let you on the inside of today’s galactic soul clearing session. Just a peek into what happened.
An excerpt from today’s session:
This is from a Commander from outside this creation:
“During today’s soul clearing session, you just impressed me greatly and showed your awesome power to command the energies of existence and the highest of the Mushaba Energy possible. I thought I was going to lay back and relax and just observe how you do your clearing! To my great and wonderful surprise, my vibration went up, and up, and up, and I felt such a powerful surge of new energies in me that I had never felt before! It was simply amazing! When I saw how the energies came through the four Vortexes to cover the whole universe as it just dissolved all kinds and levels of technologies completely that was set up in many universes, and many were hidden and some were in plain sight. Then I saw so many beings sent to source and so many others were lighting up with both blinking lights and lights that just stayed on due to some evil hidden in those beings and they stayed that way until they were all arrested and I have to tell you that it was truly a wonder to see”.
Commander Da.
Lastly, if you are interested in knowing about the Galactic Soul Clearing, please follow this link
Mushaba Blessings!
Many Loving Thanks