Mushaba Platinum Light - Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba, December 14, 2017

Mushaba Greetings!
I want to thank all of you that have responded so positively to the Galactic Soul Clearings and to the 5 part series of the Mushaba Platinum Light speaking about the various issues facing not just us on earth, but also beings throughout the universe. So many people have responded with such conviction and knowing within their own souls! I first want to speak about the 5 part series. We as humanity on earth, and as universal beings throughout all of creation, we have all come full circle and we are all ready to step fully and completely into our total freedom and empowerment. We took on so much not only for ourselves, but for many others. Many of us carried a heavy burden for the greater good of everything! We have carried the burden of helping to clear other people’s karma, and have carried the burden to clear the karma for mother earth. Many of us have carried universal karma to help clear the karma for the universe.
We all have lived so many lifetimes of suffering and pain, lack, degradation, fear, and being whipped, murdered, burned alive, tortured, and starved to death. This is just on earth. We all suffered the Maldek Experience and the eventual destruction of Maldek that threw so many millions upon millions of souls out into oblivion that had to be recovered, rescued, from being fragmentized, broken up and scattered all over the universe. We all lived on many planets throughout creation and served many great missions for the benefit of All. Why is earth so important to the evolution of everything in the universe? It is because no other species of beings have endured as much as we have? Pain and suffering was the way that all those in high dimensions felt was the best way for evolvement and we on earth have been the poster child for pain and suffering!
Let me tell you what this has done for us, all this terrible suffering that many of us have done in many lifetimes. Let me tell you what has come and what will come of the great sacrifices and service that we have given. Earth has been important for a very, very long time and from what I always understood, so many beings in high dimensions were lining up to have the opportunity to come to earth for the experience of growth and evolvement. Why would someone want to come into the fires of hell? Why would someone want to come and willingly step into pain, suffering, sickness and death?
Human beings are like no other in creation. This was the most difficult, the most thankless mission one could have embarked on because this was one that required us to leave the knowledge of why and what we are behind. We left our families and friends; we left our galactic abilities to live fully in our knowing and our power. We left our abilities to manifest and create at will out of universal substance. We lost the knowledge of ourselves and what we could do. We fell into forgetfulness and despair. We fell into darkness and had to walk in the dark blinded by so many various elements that we faced on earth as human beings that went from being deeply savage to sublime. We walked with both darkness and light within us and they were fighting for supremacy over our lives.
We lived through all of it and we evolved through all of it, and we came from the dark ages to the age of light. You all know the story of Merlin. He said that he was the last of the age of magic and miracles because now we are living in the age of man. This is when the ability to step into our supreme power was lost totally for some time. Now and then some of us would discover something and gain some ability however, when we were discovered, we were burned alive, tortured and murdered because we dared to be different. Because we knew things and this struck fear into the hearts of everyone.
The learning and growth that we all endured is incomprehensible and now we are on the precipice of receiving our due rewards. Yes, what we suffered on earth is unlike what others have suffered throughout the various universes. The earth experience is the faster way to evolvement in this creation. What we on earth have done as human beings was for all of the beings in all the universes. They had hit a point of stagnation in their evolvement and they needed us of earth to break through and shatter that stagnation so we all can move onward in our evolvement. We did that, and we are now clearing the final obstacles to our welcome home celebration!
Soon, and I mean very soon, we all will see great and magnificent change occurring in our lives and in the lives of everyone we see. We have yet, personally within our soul, so much to clear and this is why we on earth now have access to the Galactic soul clearing protocol. We have done a lot of work over the years; however we never seem to get to the total root of it. This Clearing protocol will do just that. However, all the work we have done on ourselves was important and we were able to survive and keep moving forward because it was all good work and a job well done! We each should congratulate ourselves because we deserve it!
Our souls took a terrible beating over millions of years of abuse. This clearing is unlike any other on earth and it goes to the total crux of the issues, to the root core and cause of all of our grief and suffering and lack in being able to use our abilities. Yet we bravely stood our ground. We fought with all the love and light we could muster. We will all be honored as heroes by our galactic families. We will be the story tellers in the universe because everyone wants to know what was it like being human, living in forgetfulness and having to struggle from total darkness to the light. All of it is so near an end that you can taste it in your mouths.
I would like to share one more thing with you. We have been asked by numerous people about are we able to find a person’s origin and help them to reconnect to it, to find out their original beginning. They wanted to know for instance where did they have their beginning, what planet, what universe, who were they and what was their purpose. Could the connection between them and their origin be cleared etc, etc. A lot of questions. The reason for all this is because we are waking up and we are tired of going the slow way and by providing this information, it jumps starts one on their way. Sometimes we all can use a little push. You are given enough to stimulate you into your own knowing and this is important because it is our foundation belief that you must stand in your own freedom and empowerment and that is what Mushaba represents. Helping one along the way is a natural normal thing to do when people are searching and awakening. Even if you gave them all the answers it wouldn’t stick because it would not be fully understood and they still would have to search and discover within. I remember being given answers to things that took me years before I truly understood it. Some I got immediately and others it took days, weeks, months, or years. However with the acceleration of the evolvement energies, we are finding out things a whole lot quicker and that is wonderful. What used to take years can take weeks or even days to discover!
In this session of your origins, it will cover who you are, when you first came into being, and where did you come into being, what was your name, and what did you do, and what was your purpose for coming into being. Also certain points along your journey that is important to you now and who and what you are will also be included in the report!
This session can be a life changer for many. Connecting with your origins, it can open your inner doors to your being and it can also verify and give clarity to what you may have been feeling or sensing about yourself. Sometimes we all seek validation. And a little validation does not hurt! Also any other pertinent information that comes up will be included in the report.
After consulting with Creator and other beings of advanced knowledge, it was decided that we can offer this service for those that want it and it will be called “My Origins!”