Starseeds: Waiters at the Banquet of Ascension

December 31, 2017 By Steve Beckow

This article is one of my favorites. A blast from the past of 2011, to be exact.

I think I may have said earlier (maybe not) that most people reading this blogsite and all the other sites on 2012, are in my estimation Starseeds.

Terrestrials reading these sites, I believe, might mostly say, “Hey, these folks are nut cases. I’m outta here. Stanley Cup’s on tonight.”  Terrestrials may feel no resonance or they may not feel it until after Disclosure. Starseeds feel more resonance, perhaps for a reason they know not.

But we all feel a tug when we encounter this information, and that’s probably as it should be.

We Starseeds signed on to wait tables at the banquet of Ascension so we’re supposed to feel that tug. We’re going to carry the food from the chefs (angels, ascended masters, and galactics) to the banquet guests (terrestrials). It isn’t our banquet, I believe. We’ve already had ours and now it’s time for the next group to have theirs.

I now believe that most Starseeds are already ascended. Why would the hierarchy and the star councils ask people to leave their home planets and come here who were unascended? To be part of the problem? No, we’ve come to be part of the solution. Why add to the number of unascended beings a whole bunch from Andromeda who also have not ascended? It doesn’t make sense.

Invite Starseeds who’ve ascended, lock them up in these darn heavy Third-Dimensional bodies, give them medical ailments to keep their attention “down to Earth” and show them what terrestrials have to deal with, and program them to awaken when their service begins.

So no need to worry about Ascension. Only a need to worry about our terms of service. And no need to worry about your children’s Ascension or your kitties’ or puppies’. Your kids’ Ascension, in the event they’re terrestrials, is a surer prospect than that of most Gaian adults! But children born today are probably the new crystals, rainbows, magentas and others who are destined to lead the New Society anyways. No need to waste energy worrying about them.

Moreover, and here is the radical suggestion, most Starseeds, I’m willing to bet, have come from dimensions higher than the Fifth. Coming from higher dimensions, if God enlightened us, we’d probably leave this Earth and go back to whence we came.

Matthew Ward suggests this is the case: “The souls who came from fourth, fifth and higher density worlds specifically to assist Earth in her ascension—when their mission is completed, they will return to their homelands.” (1)

So it just very well may be that no Starseeds should expect to experience enlightenment before their terms of service are over. That would seem to defeat the whole purpose of our being here. Awaken us, yes. Enlighten us, maybe not. Of course this is only a hunch.

We’re wearing blinkers and, even if we’re given an experience of ourselves, I think we’ll still be wearing at least dark glasses. If we know truly who we are, again we might be outta here. Vamoose the ranch.

Another hunch: I don’t think many of us will be early risers or ascenders either – perhaps some terrestrials will. But we’re supposed to remain here and serve the guests.

And we need worker bees as well as queen bees. Some Starseeds like Drunvalo Melchizedek and Lisa Renee have signed up to sit at the head table and make speeches.

But many more of us have left our sublime existences and regal homes to serve in rather menial capacities, serving food, planning finances for the banquet, and rigging up the lighting.

Some need to be the spiritual teachers and some need to meet and greet. But all come from higher dimensions just the same. We have a lot of high-priced talent wearing bibs.

Gabe says he was hired to be a guinea pig, a banquet taster. Let him sample the food first and see if he keels over. So they took an archangel and made him a food taster. Ellie was sent here to create the mood and environment. Take Pleiadian royalty and make her a step-down transformer. My heavens, what we aren’t called upon to do!

Don’t diss the janitor. He may be a Seventh-Dimensional being who agreed to come here from Lyra.
We all of us think the Fifth Dimension is the end-all and be-all. I predict that many of us will find that we come from much higher dimensions than that. But they asked us to sign on the dotted line and made us all Men in the Iron Mask, dumbed us down, saddled us with asthma and fibromyalgia, took away our abundance, memories, and capabilities and said “Thank you very much.” Later on we get our galactic Mastercard back.

Why are we doing this? Serving the One in the many. Ensuring that the Divine Plan unfolds. Doing unto terrestrials what other galactic civilizations have done unto us in the past.

We take time out from our wonderful lives in the Elysian Fields and don our waiters’ bibs and dish washing aprons and see that the feast of Ascension comes off without a hitch and then we clean up, close up shop and go home. Job well done.

So I just encourage us not to worry about Ascension. We’re already there. Just worry about opening websites and building blog sites like Laura, Jean, and Quinn, starting radio shows like Maarten and Geoff, opening discussion groups like Darran, spreading the word, providing the answers, reassuring people who are about to see a legion of angels descend with wheels in wheels and chariots of fire.

Very soon the joy will spread and infect us all. And we’ll begin a steady march to the banquet. Let’s help the terrestrials fill their lamps with oil and prepare to meet the bridegroom. We’ve eaten our fill already and married the Spirit before we came here.

Let the joy spread. Let there be peace on Earth and happiness among men and women, the beasts of the field and the birds of the air. A new era in human civilization is about to begin and we Starseeds are an important part of the crew welcoming the rest. We have nothing to worry about, save doing our job well. This is not our time. It’s the time of terrestrials. This is our opportunity to serve.

(1) Matthew’s Message, Feb. 14, 2010, at