The Storm Before the Calm


January 11, 2018 By Steve Beckow

Thank you for the time off.

That was a nice and needed break. Happy New Year to you all!

While I was away, large numbers of U.S. airports were shut down due to burnt bagels and a variety of other amusing reasons. Undoubtedly something was installed or removed or something similar. I haven’t a clue what that might have been.

Unusual numbers of airliners were turned back in mid-flight because someone smelled a funny odor and other colorful explanations. One turnaround was to return a fleeing Clinton-Foundation official.

Large numbers (200, at last count) of executives of companies, police forces, media organizations, etc., have stepped down. As many as fifty members of Congress are not standing for re-election.

Guantanamo is to receive 1,000 marines and some high-profile guests.  Seventeen new interim U.S. attorneys have just been appointed. I imagine many people have had their funds sequestered or confiscated.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the middle of what Matthew Ward called “the storm before the calm.”

This storm has been brewing for as long as I’ve been aware of Ascension – which would’ve been Aug. 2008.

From the very beginning of my reading about events, special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald was gathering information to build cases against the deep state. Now it’s Robert Mueller’s turn.

I believe it was SaLuSa who coached us years ago that the White Hats would build their cases according to human law and universal law.  If needed they could resort to the Akashic Records.

Justice will be aimed at rehabilitation, not retribution.  But the momentum of the deep state – on and off planet – will be stopped and the Golden Age allowed to unfold unhindered.

We’re watching an event of monumental proportions. The entire world is transitioning in power from those who wanted to dominate the world to those who want it free.

Those who know are watching the departure of the old order and the beginning of the new.

Tomorrow I’d like to look more at the significance of the meme change from “terror” and “national security” to “human rights.”