Mike Quinsey's Higher Self Message, March 09, 2018

As always much is still happening that it is out of sight, and the good news is that most of it is in preparation for the coming time when the details can be given out. Activities continue in Antarctica but you will recall that they were soon subject to a cover up about new discoveries, following those that were sensational inasmuch that extremely tall Human Beings were found encased in the ice. However, the facts cannot be hidden from you indefinitely, as work in those areas will go on for many years due to the sheer size of it that needs to be uncovered. Freedom of Information has its place and should be fully applicable in peaceful times.
Your history is far from accurate and even today there are those who would falsify the facts that challenge old history and would rather keep you in ignorance. You have a right to know your true history, and be assured that before long it will start to be revealed. The discoveries that have been recently made push back the dates when humankind was present on the planet as intelligent life. Already much evidence points to civilisations that existed prior to the Great Flood, and some artifacts prove intelligent life was around some 30,000 years or more. The facts cannot be denied even if some people have reason to ignore or dispute them.
There are various changes that have come about since the New Age commenced. For example you are no longer bound by old karma, and you now have a “clean slate” meaning that there is nothing to hold you back. Now you can all have a say in how your future works out, and as you project your thoughts you are having an influence on it. Naturally there are time lines that have already been established but by giving power to positive actions, you will have a say in how things work out. Those who guide your affairs will still have influence, but it is you and your freewill that is honoured and will determine the final outcome.
The old will eventually have to give way to the new, and that also applies to Humanity. You have new generations of souls that are now ready to take their place in directing the path for Humanity. They are the “the new thinkers” that see the better ways of doing things that are far more suitable to tackle the problems that confront you. They came into life bringing so much experience with them, and their opinions and knowledge should be well respected. You also have those with what you might call “specialist knowledge”. Take notice of what they are saying, take care of them and apply their knowledge to the problems that are being thrown up. Know that now you are well onto the Path of Light, you have given those Higher Beings who oversee Humanity’s progress full authority to guide your actions. In the distance yet not too far away is Ascension, and that is the goal of all Lightworkers whether they are aware of it or not.
Remember that you came into this lifetime with a life plan that covered your needs for your spiritual advancement. It also included the experience needed to ensure that you overcame the challenges that confronted you. All being well you will also complete your life plan successfully and further your evolution. From here on things should start to go ahead in leaps and bounds, as you break free from the obstructions and delays caused by the dark Ones. Their influence is waning and they no longer have the power to affect the course of humanity’s progress. Once the new Republic can be established in the U.S. everything will go forwards in a positive way, and it will be a wonderful and exhilarating time for all of you. You will see actions taken that will leave you in no doubt that you really are on the way to Ascension.
Some of you are finding it hard to understand the significance of what is happening on your planet. They see only chaos and feel uncertainty about the future, as most Leaders of the world only seem to be involved in confrontation. Peace seems remote and far away, and the future seems to be uncertain, yet plans are evolving very quickly whereby world peace is becoming a distinct possibility. The good news is largely ignored for that which is sensational and it often takes the headlines. However, there is a movement towards reporting the real news and revealing that which has been held back from you for eons of time. The truth will no longer be a rare commodity and anything less will be seen for what it is. The public of late have become aware of the deceitful and false news, and beginning to demand the truth and to be treated as intelligent citizens of this planet. Those who do not respond to these demands may find themselves being removed and replaced by those who do.
After many cycles, and many lives that have advanced your knowledge through your experiences, you are soon to receive the rewards for making it past the marker of 2012. It will also allow more open contact with humanoids that have an interest in your progress. They will visit you but only when the energies on Earth are more positive than they are now. They will have much to offer in friendship, and admiration for your achievements. Certainly with the passing of time you will draw close to each other, and share your knowledge and experiences. Once you are in the higher vibrations you will truly become a Solar Being and able to travel the Universe. The changes in your experiences will be entirely different to what you have encountered so far. You will enjoy what you have yourself chosen as your next adventure. They will be the most exciting times you have ever had, and also the most rewarding.
So, whilst you find your feet in the midst of all that is happening, never lose sight of the fact that you chose to incarnate in the end times. In doing so you would have been given an outline of what to expect, so subconsciously you are prepared for whatever comes your way. Naturally your freewill decides where you go and what you do, but you will be prompted to follow your life plan, as it has been made with your evolution in mind. Without guidance there is no doubt that many opportunities to progress would pass you by, but guidance is always at hand. Life on Earth is a wonderful mixture of challenging experiences, and undoubtedly when you are successful it is a most satisfying feeling.
You have had a long journey since you first started out, and you are currently about to reap the benefit of all the hard work you have put in. Ascension will be a milestone in your evolution and there will be no need to return to the lower vibrations ever again. You have completed one journey that put you through the most trying challenges, and you have now come through them ready for your initiation as a Galactic Being. You will be helped all the way and guaranteed of success.
I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.
In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.