"America the Not So Beautiful" - GCR/RV/GESARA Update - Friday - 4.6.18


The historical fact of America being the most powerful nation on earth was true for over 74 years, but that truth is over... and that period in history shamefully passing with limited suffering.

American soft power, while still loaded with tremendous strengths and unique virtues, is a rapidly changing organism headlined by an irreversible trend backwards, marked by the orange dignity wrecking ball known as the Trump Administration.

Western world diplomatic power and negotiating advantages have retreated, in large part because the United States of America, Inc. went bankrupt back in 2012, as the Federal Reserve Bank charter to print IS Treasury money supply expired without fanfare; driving the American economic into a deep ditch, forcing sovereign bankruptcy proceedings in Brussels.

The 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change included the American settlement with terms hidden within the larger GESARA compliance (Global Economic Stabilization and Reformation Act).

These harsh but unknown facts have forced a five year sovereign bankruptcy work through package to take effect in April 9, 2013, which included a new gold backed currency (agreed to by African and Asian Elders) as the Fed Board publicly approved a newly designed series of USD bills.

This USD also became the sovereign valued TRN at the time. And just recently in the Congressional omnibus budget signed on March 23, 2018 became the cash and carry currency known as USN—which will go into force 30 months later on September 23, 2020–conveniently right before the November 2020 presidential elections.

Republic House Speaker Paul Ryan will get credit and won both the 2020 and 2024 elections as a result. As this too was part of the American bankruptcy work brought package.

Meaning, the gold standard re-occurred as a Congressional secrete because of the rapidly declining American image which is crippling USD and UST Bond values globally, effectively ending American dominance in all fiscal areas—publicly and permanently.

So instead of putting the nation through an undignified international embarrassment and ultimately tragic economic depression, Africa, China and Russia agreed to allow America to make all the necessary structural reforms behind the scenes or risk social chaos.

Hence, the need for artificially inserting Trump as US president—as he’s a perfect villain to absorb all the pain that comes along with sudden governmental and economic structural change.

In fact, the entire fake Trump soap opera that is airing every day, on every channel, has actually been an entertaining distraction versus revealing what is really happening behind the scenes and transition America into an eastern world conception of society “on the fly.”

However, at some point, maybe this April perhaps, these disruptive and massive structural changes must come front and center.

Sure Trump will absorb the majority of the blame initially—that’s his role in this Soap Opera—but over time it will come to be understood that the true masters of the United States took control of their prized asset, lovingly, as to pull their prized consumer based asset out of the economic and moral ditch.

All be it using an obnoxious and immoral presidential pulpit headliner by the name of Donald J. Trump.

Truth really is stranger than fiction because we are living such madness daily!

Know that Trump is consciously exposing all American weakness per the bankruptcy work through agreement, which was originally triggered by the October 2008 financial collapse, then agreed by December’s end 2012 and now competing in early April 2018.

Mercifully, this ten year cycle of American structural reform had scheduled to wrap up over the weekend. Hopefully this will allow the RV to commence in its banking release.

We shall see. We shall see.

All because after WW2 it was decided to elevate United States currency (USD) to the world’s reserve status—the benchmark by which all other currencies are valued.

This was a hard fact at the time forced upon the rest of the world.

Hence, why the USD was designated as equal to $1.00, by which all other world currencies would be measured above or below this defined and accepted benchmark of monetary value.

Most folks alive today have lived their entire lives with this consciousness as America being on top. America as the best. America as beautiful.

The opposite is now true and real, and precisely why we’re all experiencing the Trump phenomenon—which is the controlled shaming of America so that we never forget our societal transgressions.

Most know the USD is no longer the benchmark of monetary value by which all other global currencies are measured, but few know . And we about the new trading and financial system backed in hard assets about to be revealed.

Thus, western world soft and hard power not only has receded, but eastern world philosophies and systems are now being released as to govern all sovereign nations; which global media outlets do their best to keep the big global secrete that power is in fact transitioning.

Yet there’s just too much digital access via the internet and mobile devices to keep anything so historically vital a total secrete.

In fact, it’s ignorant to believe that such a secrete could ever be fully hidden.

Fortunately, the new powers that be got way ahead of the American economic collapse as to do their best and not upset world populations with a sudden monetary depression due to the bankruptcy of the USA, Inc..

This decade long transition process has both rescued and undermined American authority. And the US has slowly but consistently lost global trust in its long-term solvency, regardless of the well known behind the scenes forced structural changes.

Thus the days of printing an endless money supply (USD & US Treasury Bonds) is over, and no longer a primary obstacle to achieving fiscal parity.

Plus there are no more overt military campaigns and covert media propaganda operations to replace governments in emerging markets and countries.

Those days too a long gone. Whew!

This doesn’t change the fact that America has done a lot of really bad stuff.

And when we say a lot, we mean he majority of bad stuff all over the planet due to USD economic superiority, which created American military superiority, which created unequal USA diplomatic influence at the United Nations.

However, quietly and not so subtly now, new eastern world powers have banded together (BRICS) to create an asset backed monetary system that effectively replaces the 1944 Bretton Woods which abandoned the gold standard officially in 1971 with then US President Richard Nixon.

His impeachment proceedings were begun by Congress and forced his resignation, as will be the case with Trump led by Paul Ryan after the first Mueller Report is issued.

The good news is that the new asset backed financial system out of Beijing returns the world to fiscal sanity (end of fiat trading, currency, bond issues) and eliminates the United States as the globe’s de facto benchmark of economic value and military power, which will allow the new USN to flow freely.

This includes the release of all gold back currencies including long suffering Vietnamese Dong, Iraq Dinar, Iran Rial, Turkish Lira, Venezuelan Bolivar, Afghanistan Afghani, Zimbabwe Dollars and Indonesian Rupiah.

The final erosion of all existing remnants of American diplomatic power is what we are made to witness now. As the big change rocks have long been in the transition jar thankfully.

Very soon, we will all bear witness to the return of the international gold monetary standard, which will be announced as collateral backing all global currencies and trades, managed from Beijing and agreed to by the rest of the free and sovereign world, including its worst historic violator... America.

The vast mineral reserves of Africa will quietly underpin this new monetary system for all nations remaining in good GESARA compliance standing—which means no war or private treachery.

Technologically, this new digital and quantum system has been created to be hack proof, and will now be openly implemented and overseen by the Chinese.

All good standing GESARA nation’s will protect by all other nations also of good standing, led of course by Russia, the new global police officer replacing the United States military (see Syria).

This why America is “not so” beautiful anymore. Or better state, America is what it is. As is the rest of the world (people of color) who may now reveal their individual and national beauty on an equal, fair and balanced platform of economic, military and diplomatic engagement.

That truth alone hioefully allows America’s true beauty to blossom. Let us pray such truth holds for all eternity.

This means that American (and European) dominance has indeed ended, less any tragic Goliath-like thud.

NATO nations will just have to adapt or die, as this how and why the new system of global governance is collectively designed and structured.

Which individually is also a harsh fact of life for anyone unaware of the massive transition taking place worldwide.

It not only pays to live an awakened life due to your currency revaluation, but spiritually potentially a life saver for yourself, family, community, city, county and continent.

And honestly, what’s more beautiful than equatable prosperity and lasting peace... regardless who controls what?

God is with us