Mother Gaia Via Ann Dahlberg - 04.04.2018

Dear children on Earth, it is Mother Earth who speaks to you today. I know that many of you have gone through a rough time. This is what you took on when you came down to Earth. The burden you have carried you have carried both for yourselves and for your planet, dear children. I am most grateful for this and know that you are much loved by me and also by others who have followed you.. throughout your life. It is and has been a bewildering time in the world we live in.

The surface of Earth is now heading into a period of restructuring and this is also true for your bodies. Inside Earth and inside your bodies small suns are shining, but it takes a while before they shine through the cover that surrounds you. In certain places on Earth it shines more powerfully than in other places. A higher development has begun there and it will benefit the rest of the world that you are in.

You are heading towards a lighter era now dear children. The dawn of the light is here and the light rises ever higher on the sky. Have trust in yourselves dear children on Earth. The wisdom that you have hidden within yourselves is now slowly beginning to emerge into the light.

Trust that what you see and sense is true. It is a gift that you have and which now is being revealed. This can be expressed in many different ways, for instance in singing, music or pictures. Wisdom has many expressions – it is the source of creativity and many ideas flow from it. You all have this source within you and it is a gift from God.

Follow your own wisdom and you will build your world with new and creative forms. The higher wisdom and the higher love go hand in hand. Nothing is impossible for this combination. They change all that you touch and only good things can come from this combination of wisdom and love and this.. you now have within you, dear children.

You are strong and powerful and nothing can stop you when you have your hands on this source within you. You are the force, the light and the love. You have the same characteristics as I do, your Mother. We are invincible when we together drink from the power of our source. It is our holy grail, it is within you, so look for it dear children and you can turn a new page in your lives – A life in love and beauty.

It is love and beauty that lead the way in your lives. It is laughter and joy that makes your life more worth living. It is the memories of the light moments that you live on and which gives you the hope and trust to change what you want to change.

Without laughter, joy and hope …life becomes grey and it is hard to see through the grey. In worst cases it can become completely dark and a stronger effort is then required to again see the light and have hope again. So, dear children, do not forget to enjoy the day and try to get in some joy and laughter in your lives. It can lead to more joy, light and love.

What you seek you will find…which treasure is it that you seek? What is it that your gaze is looking for? Is it looking for more problems that you can sigh over or is it looking for more joy and beauty that you can enjoy? It is important to focus on the right things now, dear children. Focus on what makes you glad and harmonious and you will get more of it. Focus on feeling love and more of it will be delivered to you.

Focus on seeing the problems as solved and also this will befall you. Your focus is important now my children – your focus of love and joy… for you and your Earth. I, Mother Earth, am grateful for all loving and beautiful thoughts that now are flourishing on Earth.

These are beautiful dreams and visions that give me much joy and it also benefits the earth that you live on. I want to thank you for all the joy that you spread, for all the happy laughter that echos across the Earth, for all the beautiful music and all pictures that are helping people to find themselves.

Everything that is thought, said and done in the spirit of love is a gift from God for all to share. You.. dear children are in service to love and we bow our heads in humble gratitude. You are the light on Earth and it shines clearer for each day.

In gratitude and love,

Mother Gaia

Ann Dahlberg

Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan