There is a new buzz phrase circling throughout the spiritual community. People are anticipating an occurrence that many are referring to as ‘The Event.’ This phrase has been around for a while now. However, we had a mass expectation of ‘The Event’ taking place back in 2012 when the term became more socially familiar. Recently, there have been further discussions on this apparent phenomenon that are increasing the collective curiosity and igniting more compelling conversation on the matter. In short, ‘The Event’ is the collective manifestation of our inner worlds. Together we have been creating a new state of consciousness. You are no longer here to just perceive, but rather you are to know that this event is going inside of you.

We are co-creating a new way of thinking and living together on this benevolent planet. Lightworkers are at the forefront of this, helping to guide this energy and lead others to purge and release their own karma. Lots of acceleration is taking place for many of us right now. A lot of challenges we are facing are helping us to mould into the person we came here to be.

Contrary to popular belief that ‘The Event’ is our entrance into a far-away paradisiacal land that will eventually arise, this is a misunderstanding, and it is not necessarily something that is coming. Rather, it is already here. Such an Event is said to occur as a utopian paradise for those of us who are awake, and we will eventually shift into this paradise. This opposes tales told of the ‘end of the world’ and that akin to a Revelations type story—for a good reason; it’s no longer our destiny. As much as this event is telling of the good work that many of us have been doing within our communities, it still is not the whole picture.


To put things into perspective, the whole picture entails the realization that this event is taking place right now—it’s happening within and all around us already and not something to wait for. Thinking that we are to wait for a miraculous event to take place is only going to take away from your personal power and responsibility to co-create this shift. Instead, it is something that is transpiring through you and as you. This event is being facilitated right now and is not necessarily something to come in the future. Throughout history, this prophecy has always been living in the hearts of those in the know. In short, it’s about our journey towards a more beautiful life here on Earth, should we carry on co-creating a positive trajectory—for ourselves and for all sentient beings here together in this universe.

Mother Earth is currently on a beautiful trajectory—these changes have been happening for a long time. Many of us who can feel her living consciousness know this, and one thing is clear: living as the divine consciousness we truly are is possible now more than ever. This event is what many of us have long wished for, and it will be a reality if we make it so…


1 – Have Faith

First comes belief, then hope, then finally faith. We come to faith through our own inner reflection and introspection, which is that of the divine feminine. Then we go from believing that life is just happening to us to hoping we have a say in the matter, and finally to knowing our faith in Source, and ourselves. This allows us to have faith in the concept that we are not only able to engage with life fully, but co-create it!

2 – Be Authentic

Authenticity is active, and it requires action. No longer do you just talk the talk; you walk the walk. Authenticity is the courage to act and conquer. Through authenticity, we know what is right and what we stand for. You are now able to channel life/source energy more readily. Through integrity, courage and honesty come a purer and more truthful source of information—that of our higher self. This is divinity living through and as you more fully.

These first two steps act as the divine masculine and feminine, the yin-yang through which the child, Christ Consciousness, is born.

3 – Live as Your Divine Truth

You understand that you are the embodiment of God, and you live as life itself, connected to all things. You become the archetypal fool but with the wisdom, experience and love of the world card in the Major Arcana found in Tarot.

Many of our inner beings are waking up now; you are finding it easier to tell truth from lies, shadows from light. Everyone has his or her own version of the truth. You take part in this event by creating your own paradise here and now. Now is the time to come into your power, keep on keeping on my friends. The more you live as your own truth, the more success you generate within relationships, your career and within all endeavors within your life!

These three steps allow you to be rebirthed as the ‘mature child’, they each ultimately lead to self-awareness/realisation, so that you may live at ease with life. Just as the breeze gently blows the leaves, so too the water of life flows in and out of you, you are oneness, timeless and infinite.

Peace, love and bliss beautiful soul brothers and sisters.

Blessings from Miss Synchronicity.