Messages from Ann & the Angels - 06/02/2018 • Loving When Other's Don't

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Divine love wants to circulate throughout the entire universe. It wants to flow to you and through you into every area of your lives.

It wants to help you find perfect health and well being, abundance, and beautiful relationships. It wants to gently guide you away from that which hurts and towards that which expands. The Divine lives within all creation, dear ones, as surely as the ocean lives within each wave. It desires harmony within, and that means it desires harmony in your lives.

You were made in the "image and likeness" of the Creator, not in terms of appearance, but rather in terms of essence. The Creator is infinite love and potential and has no form outside of its own creation. You are the "cloak" of the Divine... can you imagine? Within you lives the power that creates universe. Within you lives the potential to observe, and acknowledge any possible reality you wish to experience, and thereby to experience it. Within you lies the power to permit the creator to enjoy its creation... or to deny it the very same.

All pain, all problems, and all sensations of lack stem from restricting the flow love that wants to stream to you and through you.

You block the in-breath of Divine love when you criticize or belittle yourselves, treat yourselves with less than dignity and respect. You block love when you neglect to take care of your body, mind, and soul. You block the in-breath of love when you view yourself as "lesser than" any other aspect of creation, or when you forget to enact healthy boundaries.

You block the out-breath of Divine Love when you judge and criticize, hate, and fear others, when you refuse to forgive, let go, and let live.

Dear ones if you block the flow of love you are not a bad person... You are all simply growing. Every single soul upon your planet earth is learning to open to and share this stream of love that wants to circulate throughout universes. You always have been and always will be nothing less than the source taken form in a unique and beautiful soul. However your experience of that will be limited until at long last you learn to let love flow.

Treat yourselves with loving kindness. The Divine lives within you. Treat others with kindness and if their behavior does not warrant attention or is unkind, simply withdraw yourself from either the situation, the conversation, or the energy of unkindness.

You need never "dignify the darkness" with your attention. You can choose instead to love the light within all beings. You can lovingly set healthy boundaries and withdraw your energy from those who can't honor them. All souls, no matter how lost, are doing the best they can in any given moment. You are too.

Breathe dear ones, deeply. Feel the Love of the Divine flowing into you bringing you the energy of all that you might want or need. Breathe out, releasing your love into the universe. Bless you for your love and service. You have just allowed the Source to breathe more deeply throughout creation.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels