A Message to Lightworkers – June 4, 2018

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, Bringers of the New Earth!

We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today. Our writer has a question, which we shall share with you now:

COR: Dear ones, I have been wondering, and people will often ask me, about the children being born now. We call them Rainbow or Crystal children—some people will state the years that one or another group of enlightened children came to Earth.

I am wondering, How are these children different from those born 30 or more years ago, or even 20 years ago?

Do they have special sight? Special abilities or wisdom? A special path or mission they are coming here to fulfill?

People are asking, How do we raise children with more strands of DNA than we may have? Are they here to teach us, instead of the other way around?

And have they come in from other galaxies and other planets, because they see how badly they are needed now, in this Ascension process we are in?

THE COLLECTIVE: You are in fact inquiring, dear ones, about far more than the children being born now.

You are asking about your own development, your own Earth mission.

For those coming in now could not do so if the way had not been paved by several generations ahead of them—those of you now living as young or middle-aged adults, who have seen many drastic changes in the world and experienced so many great shifts in energetic resonance and outcome.

You have seen, for example, increasing openness and heart-based concern regarding the daily workings of education and health care.
You are seeing now a growing awareness of the need for self-aware, active-voiced participants in government and spirituality (once called “religion”).

These are all areas of life once left to self-appointed authorities, who are now reeling with shock to see their old power positions dissolving beneath them, as millions reclaim the power they gave up eons ago.


You are seeing your own awareness shift to the point where it would be nearly impossible for you to birth children who were Not Universal in outlook and origin.

Due to your bravery and hard work, they come forward now with a mission of the highest order—to create the next steps in developing those paths and inroads you yourselves have created.

You came not only to assist Earth in Ascending into the fifth dimension, but to do so yourselves, which you are doing.

And so, yes—they have astounding abilities.

You have already seen children upon the Earth who understand automatically, upon birth, that there is No object or situation that is solid or unchangeable—that all is energy, and energy is by nature malleable.

Unlike the mystics and sages of old, these children need not enter deep meditative states for weeks or months at a time to guide their bodies’ cellular design to move from assumption of density to assumption of liquidity or etheric lightness.

They are born with that knowing, and can exhibit it openly.

You hear now of children who are able to move or reshape objects with their mind, to walk through walls, to manifest what they need when they need it, to send and receive messages telepathically, to see through walls, mountains, buildings, and tunnels over thousands of miles, and to report what is occurring there.

Your old power systems have foreseen all of this, and thought they could capture and engage these beautiful spirits for their own purposes, as they often have in the past.

But the powerful tidal wave of electromagnetic pulses—of Light data coming to you from your Sun, via the Great Central Sun—is too powerful for their limited consciousness to grasp, or to block.

In keeping themselves rigidly to their own narrow objectives, they are missing the central Truth of what is occurring.

Which is that human sovereignty is developing on a galactic scale unlike that which this Universe has ever seen.

That is because the sovereignty you once had and decided to relinquish for a while was natural to you before this era you are now in.
This time, things are far different.

This time you have actively claimed it as your truth and your path, staking that claim against the very great odds of 3D density, establishing it within this new astrological era of Peace and prosperity.

You will not relinquish it again, for anyone.


That is more than a significant moment—it is astonishing and unprecedented, considering the level of density to which Earth and much of this galaxy fell.

You had fallen to depths unimagined even by those who supported the decision for Earth souls to explore the physical on a third dimensional level.

And so yes—they are most assuredly here to teach you, dear ones!

They have come for that, from every corner of this galaxy, for you are returning to being an intergalactic society, not a quarantined one that denies the reality of the vast expanse of lifeforms in this Universe.

Yes, they have a powerful and important mission, these children.

And yet—when you speak of how to raise them, you must realize that Love is the central reality of all that is molding your Earth life into new and higher levels now.

There is no worry regarding how to teach a child to Love, to remember that they are Love itself!

For you have seen how they watch everything that happens around them—how their brilliant young minds absorb and then play back all they see and experience.

Part of this tendency is the passivity that has been taught and deeply ingrained into Earth souls for eons.

But part of it is also how you as human beings have chosen how to learn about and adjust to the environment you are born into.

So there is no need, for example, to go into detailed explanations that state, “You are special and unusual,” because every child is such, and always has been.

There is no need for long-winded explanations of how important it is to Love and respect others—they will already judge for themselves the importance of Love, by the presence of it in your own energies, words, and actions.

They will already have come to understand, from your treatment of them, and the energy you carry, that they are expressions of Divine Love itself.

That Love is not something that one Does so much as something that one IS—something that flows naturally from one’s essence and presence.


This has been a teaching shared by the great spiritual teachers of your world, including the poet known as Shakespeare. 

(“Love is not love / Which alters when it alteration finds, / Or bends with the remover to remove. / O no! it is an ever-fixed mark / That looks on tempests and is never shaken . . . “ [Sonnet 116])

And yet—you see how the left-brain obsession with dogma and “using the right ideas” to express something has moved the reality of Love out of experience and into pure mental concept—into the narrowest possible channels of understanding.

Does the tree Love the Earth as it draws its nourishment from soil, air, and Light?

Of course—and in like manner, all you need do is Exist, dear ones.

To live, to breathe in the present moment with a thankfulness that well outruns the days’ to-do list, the chores of living, the pressures and pains of the workday, of bill-paying, of keeping family relationships positive—that feels to be a tall order, and yet you came for this!


As they see you enjoying Nature, taking time to listen to what they saw and did today, taking time to read them beautiful stories of inspiring hero’s journeys, encouraging them to leave screens and gadgets behind for many hours each day and to express their own creativity and true nature.

They will know they have come not to the same cold, strange place you yourselves were born into, but to a beautiful Earthly iteration of the higher realms, seeking to move higher at every moment.

As they feel the warmth of your smile, noticing how brilliant and irreplaceable their presence is on the Earth, and realize that you know you do not own them, but are simply a help and a guardian for a while, learning with them as you go—they will far more easily remember Who they are, and Why they came.

We would only hope that you will likewise take that same time, consideration, respect, and nurturing for yourselves, whether you are raising children or not.

For you are also special children in the highest sense, dear ones!

For Love you came, and Love is all you are!

Namaste, dear ones!

We are with you, always.
Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan