Messages from Ann & the Angels - 06/09/2018 • Time to Take an Honest Look...

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

The world is topsy turvy now! In mid-May you were catalyzed to bring to the surface that which you have ignored within yourselves. As a result you may suddenly notice old patters of behavior that no longer serve you, feelings that you've stuffed, or it gifts, talents, and desires that you no longer wish to ignore.

The emotional pressures within humanity had risen to such an extent that your Mother earth had to release them in volcanic action. As above so below. Now the lava continues to bubble up and find find its way back to the ocean, cooling, and forming new land.

What is rising up inside of you is helping you find your way back to oceans of love, and changing the landscape of your hearts and lives as well. It is not a time to ignore what is rising up from your depths, but rather a time to explore those previously dormant feelings, desires, and dreams.

It is a very good time to "take inventory" of your minds, hearts, and lives. It is a good time to take an honest look, both within and without, to become clear about what behaviors, thoughts, people, and circumstances contribute to a loving and joyful experience of life vs. those which do not.

All choices eventually lead you back to love... Why not pick the paths that allow you to experience it now?

Look at your lives now with great self-honesty. If you like, take time to reflect upon the following questions:
  • What thoughts about life bring me great joy?
  • What thoughts cause me pain?
  • What in my life brings me great joy? How can I do or be around more of that?
  • What in my life causes me pain? How can I shift out of that reality? Do I need to change my own thoughts? Do I need to speak up kindly? Do I need to move out of a situation that is no longer working?
  • What have I always wanted to try or do but have put off? How might I start taking steps to manifest those experiences?

Your lives, dear ones are in your own hands. However as your human saying goes, "If you do what you've always done, (and we would add, 'if you think what you've always thought'), you get what you've always got."

It is time to evaluate both in our inner, and your outer world, and begin to make appropriate changes.

You need not grow through pain. If have the willingness, the courage, and the faith, to release what no longer supports your joy then, like lava laying down new land, you will have allowed your past to pave the way to a more beautiful and joyful future.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels