Connecting with Gaia - A Lightworker's Tale - Received January 10, 2018

Note from DD:  Some of us Lightworkers are very connected to Mother Earth, or Gaia.  We bring galactic energy in through our bodies and anchor it deep into Gaia for her healing and to help her Ascend.  We do this work in this lifetime consciously and unconsciously; but according to Gaia, we've been doing this work for a very, very long time!  Checking in with Gaia on this winter night was a delight.  Her energy is incredibly strong and I almost felt like I was melting into the floor; super grounding!  So much love! 

* * * * *

Greetings, dear heart, it is I, Gaia. I do believe you feel my energy now, dear Sister. I am deep and strong and heavy, what you would call deeply grounded. YES! It is no coincidence that a song featuring one of my whales is playing in your ears right now. (Gaia smiles).  

Yes, I am so massive in scope in this form and I know you cannot imagine what it would be like to exist in this big body. Well, you are here with me, dear heart. A big piece of me is in you too as we are all one. This is why all my children do feel connected with me and if you travel off world, you will miss me and my beautiful body. My clean beaches, oceans, mountains and abundant animal life. 

I wish to convey my deep love for you, dear heart and all that you have done to assist me. Thank you for the healing energy and light codes and plasma discharges that helped to clean the muck and dross from my bones--my inner workings and support system if you will. This was no easy feat and many, many of your Lightworker buddies assisted as well. You ALL chose to come here to help me because of our mutual love for each other. You ALL have been here so many times before, since my beginning experiences in this form. It was the grand experiment and you all have been here throughout the eons with me. In the current role and body you inhabit at this moment in your now you do not remember this, but it is so.

Layers and layers and layers of dark thought forms were piled up inside me and covering up my grids of light. The dark ones did this intentionally to stifle the life forms that you would become. We always knew that love would win in the end and it has taken many millennia for us to get this far. I have seen many years come and go, dear heart; many more than your history books know about. But it has been my pleasure. My service to the One. My greatest joy! My Starry Brethren and the Company of Heaven have always been there to support me and of course, I have my planet family too. We communicate quite often and support and love each other also.

I was honored to spend time with your dear brother CH yesterday in your time. He conveyed to me his deep love for me and all humanity and I am blessed to have you all here again with me. For you, he and many of your tribe were here with me since the beginning. You brought the light codes from our Universal Mother to me and helped hook me up to the divine grid. You and all of us are multi-dimensional, dear heart. Just as I have many pieces of myself scattered around the Universe, so do you and everyone. It is actually very exciting and a thrill to be a apart of such a wondrous life.

Gaia, I am so happy to connect with you again. It has been quite a while since we spoke. How are you feeling these days?

Let me say this, dear Diana. I am riding high on a mountain breeze! I am soaring with the eagles and swimming with the dolphins. I am free and alive and full of love. I am ready to ascend!

Dear Gaia, what will life be like for you after the Ascension?

Plenty of people do ask me that and I cannot say for certain. I will be cleansed and clear of all negative thought forms. I will be ever so joyful that all my children inside and crust-dwellers will be able to live together in harmony. I believe that your galactic family will be stopping by to visit and I've been told that I will become a great hub for space travelers in the era to come. I am a beacon of light and a light that will be a welcome reprieve for weary travelers who wish to rest on my grass, lay on my beaches and drink clean waters. My air will be pure, free from smog and dirt. Happy people of all races will come and go and be free. I believe I too will expand a bit, to let out some more breathing room and provide more layers to those who wish to explore. I will be able to hold more inhabitants than I can now. I am greatly looking forward to this, dear one! As you can imagine.

Yes, dear it was so pleasurable to speak with you again. I can feel that you are tired and need rest. We will connect again soon. Love to you, dear heart!!

Thank you Gaia, I love you too! 

Messages of Love Through Dancing Dolphin