August 2018 Message from Dianne Robbins: Underground Passageways

Electromagnetic Vehicles and Underground Passageways

Saint Germain: “Beloved Ones! Does it sound incredible to you, when I say the Masters of Light and Wisdom have passages through the Earth in all directions, just the same as you have highways for your automobiles in going from coast to coast on the Earth?”

(From the book: The “I AM” Discourses, page 202, The Saint Germain Series)

Q: Will you tell us about the tunnels and your transportation

A: We greet you from Telos beneath the Earth.  We are not that far away, and it will only take us minutes to make the trip from our homes to yours!

There are tunnels intertwining throughout the planet, connecting every large city or state. Therefore, we can reach most of our destinations within hours, if not minutes. You, on the surface, will be surprised at this underground network of passageways that have been used for eons to connect us from below. We are more connected below than you are above. We use Electromagnetic Vehicles to travel anywhere and any distance, freely, and within a very short time span. You, however, must make reservations, pay large sums of money, and spend days at airports and train stations, or in cars—along with all the air pollution your vehicles create.

We, however, use Electromagnetic Energy and Crystal Energy to navigate our way around the inside of our globe. Our energy is all free and “clean”, causing no air pollution, waste materials, or debris.

Our transportation system is the same we used when we were above ground. We brought the plans and technology with us to establish beneath ground. This gives us great latitude in our travel, and allows us the freedom to be at any location we choose at any time. What a wonderful way to experience freedom! We also travel anywhere we choose through our thoughts. We are capable of astral projection to any locality of space or time. So, we experience freedom on many levels, not just physical. Freedom is the issue of the 21st century, and experiencing freedom is what we are coming to teach you.

So keep your minds and hearts open to our existence, for very soon you will find us on your doorsteps, beckoning to you. We look forward to joining you in your homes on the surface, where we can work together as one to bring freedom to all who choose to experience it. For it is only through choice that freedom exists, and when enough people consciously choose this way of life, then we will be able to come forward from below and teach you how simple it is to achieve. For with freedom comes the true joy of living. Without freedom, there can be no evolution; and without evolution, there can be no continuation of life. A species either evolves or dissolves. There can be no stagnation involved. So here is your opportunity to evolve in ever-swifter spirals.

Just focus your thoughts on freedom, and experience how rapidly your life changes, for it is all in your thoughts. It is your thoughts that bring about the material changes. For thoughts are light, and light is energy, and energy becomes matter as density solidifies.

Freedom is a tangible thing that can be felt and seen and experienced. And soon, with our help from below, all on the surface will be experiencing the glory that freedom brings. We, here in Telos, experience this daily, and are always joyous, jubilant, and excited about life. For once you taste unlimited freedom, and I mean unlimited in all areas, then you cannot but feel the expansiveness of creation. And feeling this spaciousness moves you into its expanse, and you experience the joy of creation—you experience the God sense of creating a blissful existence right here on Earth. So this is what we intend to bring to you, once we surface and contact you in your homes. So please wait for us, and don’t ever despair. For we are near, and can communicate with you at any time. Just open your hearts to us, and you will hear us. Just go into meditation and call my name, and I will be there with you, and will listen to you. Speak with your heart, and I will hear. Listen with your heart, and I will respond. I am Adama, your brother underground.

Continue to pour unconditional love from your hearts to all you come in contact with. This is the key to the success of the ascension. While you patiently wait, LOVE ALL UNCONDITIONALLY, and this Love will further hasten your reuniting with all who wait for you in the Higher Realms.


Copyright © Dianne Robbins