11:11 Magic Unfolds


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Since the powerful 11:11:11 Activations last Sunday, the energy feels different. We experienced a massive shift into a much higher bandwidth of frequency and expanded Soul Life Plan. This was a HUGE shift! We are just starting to discover what that shift is bringing us. I’ve been feeling held in a potent void space the past few days, as the triple 11 upgrades enter my system. It is still streaming in.

This morning as I hiked in the wooded park along the creek, I felt like I stepped into a potent field of magic. It was vibrating all around me and streaming into my chakra channel. I was giddy with waves of magic! We are still receiving 11:11 activations and upgrades all through November. Be in mindful silence and absorb the cosmic waves into your field.

As I worked with clients since Sunday’s big shift, I started noticing common clues to how 11:11:11 affected us. Every time we pass through a powerful Stargate threshold more of the enslavement Matrix loses control. The Triple 11 Gateway created a new wave of awakening. More and more beings will become aware of the collective oppression.

 In 2012 the Time simulation unlocked, opening our perception beyond time and linear sequencing. The Matrix lost hold of the collective mental programming, as we see people’s minds now roaming in parallel realities. When mind control dissolves, there is a period of disorientation. Therefore, we are witnessing an infusion of alternate facts and explosion of conspiracy theories. Being drawn into disclosure of ETs, the Secret Space Program, or the Qanon alt-right propaganda is more evidence of the Awakening phenomena. But it is NOT Ascension!

It is this reversal of mental lockdown that is unleashing your capacity to explore alternate holographic realities and timelines. As the Time Matrix dissolves, the quantum field of all possibilities opens before us. Also the hidden trauma of early childhood and past incarnations start rise to the surface of our awareness for healing. Now the Ascension process begins. Everything is being revealed in the intense Light for transmutation.

As the hidden rises in global awareness, I’m observing a collective ripple effect into the lost Atlantean Armageddon timeline occur.  All Souls with incarnations during this highly charged timeline are being triggered to heal and clear deeply embedded Atlantean conflict patterns, misuse of power, toxic masculinity, stuck trauma and emotional heartbreak. The United States is in the throes of ancient Atlantean conflict scenarios, power grabs, paranoid conspiracies, and false realities. The Cosmic Ascension Plan is triggering all of this to be transmuted to Light.

Not only are we clearing traumatic timelines from our field, but many Light Bearers have incarnated into Elite/cabal bloodlines to be dismantled on the planet. Since 11:11:11 I’ve been receiving guidance that I can now remove the Hapsburg bloodline code from my system.  As we dissolve these parasitic bloodlines from our field and the global power system, we start the process of reversing the damage and destruction of rampant colonialism, slavery and the parasitic stealing of resources from all around the world. The New Earth timeline is replacing it.

This past week I’ve also witnessed the crystalline Soul Star activating in clients 3rd Eye and Heart Center. This is extraordinary progress as our Merkaba Light Body is appearing and activating. This is what the Ascension is all about! It is a very powerful internal transformation of our biofield. Each Galactic Gateway event is contributing to the gradual transfiguration of our physical body into luminescent Light.

And finally, the cosmos is still digging deep into the hidden unconscious, flushing more and more to be revealed. This week Jupiter moved into Sagittarius for a year, Mars entered Pisces, and Venus turns direct in Libra while Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius today! Wow! That is a lot of movement in the ether. More is being dug up for review as a 2nd 11:11:11 occurs on November 29th. It is not as explosive as last Sunday’s Gateway, but it is another pass-through to receive additional activations. While the Gateway is open, focus and receive the divine inflow of Christ Consciousness into your heart. We are being blessed with the Christed codes for becoming Divine Humans!

I will be joining Manette for our New Earth podcast on Wednesday, November 28th to assist with integrating all the magical 11:11 upgrades and activations. We will take questions from the listeners. Join other Gridworkers, Gatekeepers, and Star Beings from all around the world, as we form a ‘group mind’ and receive Christ Consciousness into our being.
The show is recorded for replay.  If you would like to participate, register here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=206997
Lovingly, Meg

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