The End of the European Union
The NO-Brexit-Deal
The start sign for RV-implementation
Knowledge is Power

The EU has grown into a malignant, economic cancer

Will the fall of the EU be the biggest event in modern-day financial history? Most likely yes.
When the Brexit domino does fall, it will unleash a series of unstoppable events that will culminate in the fall of the EU.
Most likely the majority of people, at least many of them, have no idea how radically this shaking-out process is affecting their prosperity. The entire global economy is going to suffer a massive transformation. Because today’s

markets are so interconnected – as information travels much faster – the effects of any big economic shock will immediately flood across the world. In other words, no one, wherever they may reside on the planet, will be safe just because they don’t live in Europe.
The EU experiment has grown into a malignant economic cancer. And like all malignant cancers, this one has spread throughout the entire union, causing great suffering for every single citizen. And that’s why so many European voters want to try something –anything, as long as it’s different from what the EU is doing now and as long as their financial sovereignty is guaranteed, based on autonomous arrangements and home-grown culture. Think about it this way; Once the EU-nations introduce their own asset-backed currency again, the corrupt Rothschild-owned and controlled EU will disintegrate.
This will grant every nation their own tools to abandon the Eurozone straightjacket rules. In turn, nations will regain their sovereign independence, instead of dictating the severe restrictions on freedom of action or expression by the unelected EU-clowns. All nations will be able to rightly reclaim what never should have been sacrificed in the first place, the right to govern themselves.
Commonly, presidents, prime ministers, congresspersons and parliamentarians worldwide contradict the democratic will of their nation’s voters by refusing to support legitimate referendum results. Strangely, their treasonous actions continue without serious reprisal or punishment by voters. This emboldens them to continue.
The reality of referendum votes cast and the procedure of “democracy” does not bode well for the people of the United Kingdom, their future as a nation or their hopeful return to sovereignty. Once declared, “Brexit” will become like Grexit, on the road to oblivion.

The British don’t want an unelected bunch of individuals telling them what to do. The EU is owned and run by the Rothschild-crime-cabal, and they are now in a deep panic. The EU-Council thought they had the situation under control, but they now realise the people are taking back control. These unelected puppets don’t want a NO-BREXIT-DEAL because it would expose them.
Meanwhile, the EU-commission slashed the economic growth forecast because their central bank economy is slowing. It is hitting a tipping point where the entire system could implode on its own weight.
The puppets in Brussels are afraid, scared and panicked as they realise they have lost control. their panic is palpable in their tweets. European Council President Donald Tusk recently took a swipe at some Brexit-backers in Britain, wondering out loud what “special place in hell” might be reserved for those who have no idea how to deliver the country’s exit from the European Union.
Tusk tweeted the following “I doubt Lucifer will welcome them, after what they did to Britain, they would even divide hell.” His insult was met with an avalanche of comments. It is another confirmation that the EU puppets are completely out of touch with the people they claim to represent; they don’t care about ordinary people but only about themselves.
Nigel Farage sums up why they are so afraid and nervous about a no deal.
Brussels bureaucrats are scared of a NO-deal. They claim an ensuing recession …. They don’t want the NO-deal to happen, because they themselves will be exposed. This is why they are not budging on their proposal for the deal.
Every time they mention disastrous consequences; if you leave the EU, the economy will implode or similar fear-mongering scenarios. One must be aware of the fact; it is always the opposite of what they state. It is projection they are demonstrating; it is all about what the EU is going to experience resulting from their very own disastrous policies, and from the way they run the system. What they are truly afraid of is that the UK, once out of the EU, will prosper.
Leaders across the European Union offered a united chorus of “No” to Britain’s belated bid to negotiate changes to the Brexit divorce deal, so Prime Minister Theresa May could regain the backing of her Parliament. Back in London, PM May acknowledged that her government hasn’t decided exactly how it will change the deal to address British lawmakers’ concerns about the Irish border.
Ireland border issue

Ireland obstructed the deal by expressing fear about border controls, complicating the Northern Ireland issue even further, which was done on purpose. Specifically initiated by the Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar.
The so-called backstop is designed to preserve the open border between Northern Ireland and EU member state
Ireland, in light of the fact that PM Theresa May has insisted that the U.K. does not remain either in the European single market or the customs union.
In the meantime, the Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar (40) has been interrogated by the Earth Alliance for deliberately trying to thwart Brexit on February 7th. He is the son of an Indian immigrant who admitted to being gay, becoming Ireland’s first gay prime minister, after he was voted leader of the country’s main governing party in June 2017. – To avoid his deportation to GITMO, he agreed to resign as Irish Prime Minister in March next, using the excuse of ill health.
Like Obama in GITMO, Varadkar ‘sang like a canary’ and gave the locations of the last 2 Cabal underground facilities in Ireland and Wales. He also gave details of Cabal operatives operating at the European commission in Brussels, and at Westminster in the United Kingdom.
Germany, the EU-power house is crumbling, and heading for the EU-exit

The German economy is the largest on the European continent, larger than those of the UK, France and Italy.

Germany is the pivot around which all the other member nations revolve and under Angela Merkel, it has consistently been driving in high gear to strengthen the union at almost any cost. But now Merkel herself is headed for the exit doors and in her wake, powerful forces are pushing harder than ever for Germany’s withdrawal from the EU.
If Berlin decides to leave the EU, or even if it just shifts into neutral, it will inevitably set off a rapid chain reaction of withdrawals by other EU-members. Even more so, now that factory orders are plunging, at the highest rate seen since 2012. The European economy is hitting a wall, the ECB is stuck and there isn’t a way out of this.
The surging Alternative für Deutschland party (AfD), voted to campaign for the country’s exit from the EU. They also want to shut down the European Parliament in its entirety.
Anyone who thought the party would always remain on the fringe of German politics was shocked to learn that in 2018, it had become the second most popular party, even outdoing the mainstream Social Democratic Party (SPD).
To oppose this movement, the EU-responded with the help of the Soros-sponsored Radical German Antifa that published on their website Indy-media, their 2019 detailed election strategy for the assassination of specific AfD-politicians as part of their 2019 Euro election campaign.
Germany has done the most to build a united Europe, but is clearly now ready to leave the EU.

Anti-immigration Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Mr. Salvini, is evidently calling the shots. Meanwhile, his alliance is firing strongly against Brussels and with good reason, as Brussels is attempting to impose rules on

Italy’s budget, while the same rules do not apply equally to all EU member states.
The economic hardships in Italy go even deeper than this, because 100% of all Italians have suffered a loss in disposable income coinciding with the period of its membership to the union. Disposable income means, income after taxes and transfers – put simply; a depletion has occurred in their take home spending money. This is total economic destruction of an entire country, in real terms. There’s simply no other way to put it. This is the reason why tens of millions of Italians want to leave the EU.
Minister Salvini is in the process of stopping ‘Open-Borders Activists’ by telling them he will send all migrants to live in the Activist’s Homes. He is suggesting to have the migrants housed with the people that want them in the country, letting them pay for it.
He is now being confronted by leftists who call him a murderer for rejecting mass immigration to Italy. But Salvini has turned the tables by asking the leftists for the names and addresses of everyone wanting to take migrants so they can be sent to them. And he tells them that the real murderers are the migrant smugglers who buy weapons and drugs with their ill-gotten gains.
Salvini provides for Italy a different vision, away from Theresa May’s and Macron’s governments. He fights for the future of his country and calls for the elimination of the central bank and their financial regulator. He says correctly, Italy’s gold belongs to the Italians to their nation, and not to the government. Italy has in the western hemisphere only after the US and Germany the third largest gold reserves. He says; monetising the nation’s gold would bring a windfall of cash to solve the Italian banking and national debt crisis, once gold is valued on its free market value, away from cabal central bank interferences.
Grexit Pillage

Greece perhaps represents the epicentre of global pillage. Through the Troika formed by EU, ECB, IMF, the solution was dictated to ruin its economy even further. Of course, paying bankers first matters to them the most, after having created Greece’s economic crisis in the first place. When chaos arrives, it enables them to take full advantage, facilitating their grand theft; otherwise described as financial terrorism through debt entrapment. This generates mass impoverishment, high unemployment, neo-serfdom, to be followed by human misery.
Remember that Greece on June 27, 2015 once voted to leave the EU as well and also to renegotiate its EU existence in their own “Grexit” referendum. Thanks to their own set of dishonest and treasonous politicians, this did not go well for Greece.
Looking at the Greek result, and understanding divisive UK Conservative Party control that exists in the hearts of PMs on both sides of the House of Commons, the next parliamentary vote is not looking good for Britain.

France’s exit-push from the EU, has been in the grip of the furious Yellow Vest movement since Nov. 17, 2018. In protests all over France, over 3,000 protesters and police have been injured by grenade debris, rubber bullets and police beatings. This movement has now spread to Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and other countries worldwide.
The anti-government yellow vests are preparing for their 15th consecutive weekend of street protests all over France and many other EU-member nations, with their universal demand to dump the EU.
The French are very unhappy with their current government and especially the arrogant Macron himself. They have never given up their socialism, which is the root of most of their problems. They can change whatever they want, but until the free market is embraced, the problems will not go away.
A study claims that up to a quarter of the French population not only believes in a conspiracy of “elites” but they also believe that those same elites are using mass migration to replace European populations.

The British woke up to the fact that the ideals they had fought for, for over 2000 years to stay out of Europe, was being enacted on them without their consent. The tyranny and contempt of Brussels, by ignoring the will of the people has finally brought them to an irreparable breaking point.
The end of these globalist criminals is coming. However, in the meantime, they may still use every possible means at their disposal to force their will on the population of the EU.
Nevertheless, many more nations are preparing their own process to follow, like; Denmark with Dexit, the Netherlands with Nexit, Poland with Polexit, Sweden with Swexit, Finland with Fixit. And don’t forget the East-European countries like Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Austria, with their strong anti-EU leaders. Also, Bulgaria and Moldavia, are talking about leaving the EU. Eventually all EU-nations, except the Jesuit-controlled Spain, will leave the EU.
Don’t forget; the City of London is a separate entity from the UK, owned by Queen Elizabeth and controlled by the Rothschilds – just as Washington DC and the Vatican City are controlled by the Deep State. In spite of this, the Queen has agreed and signed to end London’s control over the global financial system, along with the possible implementation of Martial Law.
The Brexit vote would end the Deep State’s, the Queen’s and the Vatican’s control over taxpayer monies and it could trigger the financial collapse of the rest of Europe, which would result in the Elite-owned and controlled EU dismantling. Now that Brexit has been voted down once again, martial law is expected to be declared in the UK.
The Cabal were extremely afraid of Brexit being passed as it was expected to cause a cascade of events for the UK. Amongst others, Northern Ireland would be forced to leave the UK and unify with the rest of Ireland. Scotland would vote to leave the UK and join Europe as a sovereign nation. According to Q, these events were already planned, as those fall under the GESARA compliance terms, and were prearranged for the UK via Brexit.
The declaration of a National Emergency in the US and Martial Law in the UK, if Brexit was not agreed upon would wipe out the Deep State’s Military Industrial Complex (MIC), while their financial capital – City of London – that supports their global control over we the people, will be completely disassembled. The declaration of Martial Law would make the UK GESARA compliant.
Start sign for RV-implementation

In the intervening time, President Trump and the UK simultaneously ended their sanctions on Zimbabwe. Implicating that the Cabal’s Federal Reserve, IRS, City of London, Vatican Bank, and all other privately owned Central Banks have become obsolete. Making Zimbabwe GESARA compliant, which could be being the start sign for RV-implementation, making the new monetary QFS-system operational? While general currency revaluation RV could begin shortly thereafter.
Cabal remnants that refuse to surrender will be tracked down and apprehended. The Earth Alliance is willing to do whatever it takes to begin the transition into the New Financial System QFS.
How it should have been

If, the EU had stuck to its original beliefs of just being a strong coalition for trade purposes, it may still have been a virtuous idea. But since the global elitists decided to pull the levers on their political puppets by pushing the One World Government onto the citizens who did not want or need these ideals, the whole idea of European Unity came unglued and obsolete from the time of its conception. Anyhow, the EU is soon to be history because among other things, its funding is forcibly drying up.
Knowledge is Power

This proves again that all that is being told to the public are great lies. Hopefully we have arrived in the final delusion
of modern times. Watching this tragedy unfold is alarming, regarding both those involved in pushing this mass-deception, as well as the painful awakening process of the masses living in blissful ignorance. There will be no way out without a massive awakening of the populace. Every responsible adult is requested to assist in the re-emergence of their new sovereign society. Upwards from the bottom of general deceptiveness. Take advantage of the guidance provided in The Great Awakening Part One and Part Two, both are filled with numerous detailed case studies in point, supplemented with suggestions for adequate solutions and augmented with countless links for extended individual in-depth research.
All historical information has been researched and compiled thoroughly, more extensive than ever before in an easily readable synopsis. This knowledge is indispensable if one wants to fully grasp the enormous criminality and fraud we and our forefathers have been living with. These are imperative guides for the restructuring and implementation of necessary changes in local societies across the globe. Only then can the total destruction of these criminal malpractices be assured and prevented from ever re-emerging again. Be wise and never forget; Easy money printing is the root of all evil on our planet. It has made our world completely corrupt to the bone.