Life in Atlantis


There were many wonderful things about life in Atlantis. It was beautiful and for hundreds of thousands of years it was harmonious. Atlanteans didn't really marry as you think of marriage today. Atlanteans could live for a thousand years if they chose or they could live for ten years. They lived for as long that they chose to experience life in the particular set of circumstances they had chosen. It wasn't the same as your structure today. Many times there would be a union formed by a couple for a while and then one would choose to leave. There would then be a union with another soul. Unions seldom dissolved because of disharmony. When there was disharmony, it was always taken before a tribunal unit of philosophers and usually the disharmony was resolved. Seldom was there anything that was not resolved among the populace. It was a time of great peace. This Golden Age of Atlantis was a time in your distant memory of peace that you vaguely remember. The physical birth of children were unusual in Atlantis because the populace had come to understand how to leave their bodies and come again as they chose. But when children were born in Atlantis it was a great occasion. It was joyous. When a soul chose to be physically born as a baby in Atlantis, it was usually their first earthly incarnation. The parents were carefully chosen that their energy was totally compatible with the new soul entering its earthly existence. They were nurtured not only by the parents, they were nurtured by the whole community. All the souls in Atlantis taught, loved and nurtured this new soul as it grew. They helped them to understand Earth and their physical existence on this planet.

An animal kingdom existed in Atlantis. All animals lived in harmony. There was not any devouring of life to sustain life in Atlantis in this time of peace. The animals that came into this community were so nurtured by the energy of the love, divinity and the crystalline power that their very nature was changed. If the animal was of a carnivorous nature they were no longer carnivorous once they were in Atlantis. Yes, it was a wonderful golden age of peace.

The philosophers continually advanced in their philosophical understanding. They extended their thought processes beyond life on this planet as they came to understand life in all of the galaxy. They had much more knowledge of your solar system than you have today. They understood much more about the universe then you understand today. They shared this understanding of the vastness and the beauty of life with all the people.

What did you eat in Atlantis? You never considered eating meat in Atlantis. You did consume fruits, vegetables and nuts. Many of you today have that inward desire and it's usually at a time when you're at a higher spiritual awakening that you do not really want to devour meat. You do not choose to intake that vibration. It has little to do with the fact of taking the life. We're talking about taking the vibration into your vibration.

Atlanteans had a vast knowledge and understanding of energy. They knew how to create from raw energy. This is why they could create art with light and why the art form would change as the thoughts of the soul observing the art changed. Energy was something they thoroughly understood. Today you have not even begun to uncover in your scientific community nor your technology what the Atlanteans understood about energy. Atlanteans had the ability to form from pure raw energy whatever was needed to sustain their existence.

When they ate, it wasn't for nourishment. It wasn't to sustain life. There was a vibration to every fruit, vegetable and flower, for Atlanteans did consume flowers as well. They primarily consumed not only for the enjoyment of the taste but they consumed for the vibration taken into their body. Many times their body's energy was balanced by this consumption as they had the knowledge of the various vibrations.

So eating had more to do with energy balance then it did because they were hungry or than to sustain life. Never, never would they have considered consuming anything other than plant life into their own vibration. Why? Because those vibrations were not in harmony with the vibration of their own body. They knew it would change the vibration of their body to the point that they would then have confusion. We would say to you, Atlanteans were very careful that whatever they consumed was of a vibration that was in harmony with their particular vibration. They would actually meld with the vibration before they consumed it. And if that was not comfortable then they would bless that vibration but they would not consume it within themselves.


Atlantis was vast in size. While the population of the community was very small for a time, it became quite an intergalactic population. That is interesting for if you remember, we told you the Healing Temple became very intergalactic. It was known to be "the healing place" within the solar system. This brought quite an intergalactic population and a need to understand the different cultures and varying energies. Earth was the place where souls intermingled gaining greater understanding of each other. Atlantis gave a great opportunity that had not been available before. Not only was Atlantis advanced as far as its culture was concerned but it also had a very peaceful environment that allowed acceptance. There was a great acceptance of all life. There was very little judgment at that time of who was better or who was right. All things were pretty much accepted just the way they were.


Let's talk about the transportation systems in Atlantis. Much of how the populace was moved from one point to the other took place in crystal chambers. When they entered these crystal chambers their molecules were transferred from one crystal chamber to another crystal chamber. There were no transportation systems, as we know them today. There was intergalactic space travel. While there was physical spacecraft, often the travel was by energy transference. Remember that Atlanteans were the masters of energy. They understood energy as it has never been understood on this planet before or since.

When you understand how to use energy, when you understand the vibrational form of energy, you are totally unlimited. There is nothing you cannot achieve once you understand energy and the vibrational form of energy. There is not anything you cannot create. Atlantis became the Mecca of that understanding. Atlanteans became superior in their knowledge to those beings that had established Atlantis. Those that founded Atlantis left behind enough knowledge that the great human resourcefulness of the human soul, was able to evolve very quickly. When humanity is not diversifying your energies with conflict, you have no idea of how superior your ability of creativity is nor how far reaching your possibilities. We would say to you, "You have not been willing to give up your own inner conflict let alone the conflict in your world and therefore you are not aware of your own greatness." Atlanteans did not experience conflict in their Golden Age they came to be masters at understanding and using energy. Others no longer came from distant galaxies to help the Atlanteans, but rather they came to learn from this great culture. The Atlanteans developed the technology that brought beings from all through the galaxy to Atlantis. Many had not developed the technology to travel to Earth. The Atlanteans had the technology to bring them here. Atlanteans became the superior masters of their time and gods of the universe, so to speak. They were known for open-armed embracement of all things. They became known for understanding of life. They were also known for their beautiful Healing Temple. We do not have the words to convey to you the beauty, the power and the simplicity of the Atlantean Healing Temple.


Sadly the time came when the Atlanteans began to use their knowledge of energy in ways that became self-serving to a few. This self-serving use of energy sowed seeds of disharmony that began to grow. Discord arose as to the proper usage of creative energy and so did the lines of division between the two sides of the river. The Philosophers, Healers and Communicators on the left bank and the Scientists and Technology community on the right bank began a struggle for power. The Master had long ago vacated the Holy Temple in the center of the Great River of Life.

The struggle for power that lasted for several millenium finally found the power falling into the technological and scientific community. They were very knowledgeable in manipulating energy for their own purposes. As the power fell into their hands, more and more they created things that were not for the benefit of all, but for the benefit of a few. Those in power felt as though that there were cultural differences between different beings, those they perceived to be of different levels of understanding. They felt they were superior to those that followed the philosophies. The scientific and technological side of the river felt others were inferior or of a lower class. And if they were of a lower class then they could not have the understanding or the ability to govern Atlantis.


The philosophers were the first to be attacked by those on the "right" bank of the river. The philosophers were isolated into one area of Atlantis. You say, "How could this happen?" The scientific and technology leaders gathered the philosophers together for the pretense of a joint meeting on Atlantean affairs. The scientific and technology leaders then placed an energy field around the philosophers. They could not go beyond the energy field that surrounded them, nor could others enter into the energy field. While all was provided for the philosopher's existence they no longer had an influence on the culture.


Then the scientific and technology leaders began to divide Atlantis into sectors. They began to re-locate different cultures in isolated pockets of communities. Sectors were developed. Energy fields were placed around these sectors of division to eliminate cross-culture communication.

Those leaders that evolved into the control of the government began to use their knowledge of energy; their knowledge of creation in a way that they felt would create what had never been created before. They became intoxicated with the prospect of creation. Realize that when you know how to manipulate energy into a vibrational form creation is not difficult. There was no limitation or thought of the common good as they built upon the creation of technology.

There was a huge, huge crystal obelisk erected that sent out energy pulses that kept everything subdued. The population was not unhappy. Nobody wanted to rebel. It was like the energies just said, "You're happy," and that was accepted by the population. There was a total control over the population. What you must understand is that this was less then ten per cent of the population. In fact actually it was about 8.9 per cent of the population. The group on the right bank of the river, the scientist and technologist group began to take control of Atlantis, they became more and more intoxicated with their own power of creativity.


It was the third generation of the isolation of the population of Atlantis or about three or four thousand years in your time frame when Atlantis and this once beautiful culture began to collapse. At that time, the vibration of energy was so heavy that the energy form of the mass of land could not sustain the heaviness of the vibrational energy that was being created. The landmass began to fall apart. Divisions in the land occurred creating splits and forming new continents. There were eruptions in the land for the land itself was not strong enough of a vibrational creation to sustain what was taking place.

The beautiful Healing Temple no longer was in service as Science had replaced the Healers. Others of the intergalactic community no longer visited the once beautiful Atlantis. As Atlantis fell rapidly into decay, the Atlanteans sent out a cry for help. The very people who were responsible for the destruction taking place, by what they believed was their creative right, sent out a cry. And they said, "We have done a great wrong. What can save the culture that was once here?" But at that point nothing could.

At the time of Atlantis' demise, Atlantis was void of spirituality and that was the saddest part of all. It was not what had happened scientifically, not even what technology had brought about; not even the obelisk that subdued the people with the vibration that it sent out, not even the energy fields that separated them. The saddest part was the void of spirituality.

Now, as in all things, there are always survivors. In Atlantis there were a few survivors. At the end all of the energy fields ceased to exist. There was no more control of these energy fields nor did those that set them up desire to control them. For they truly cried out in agony over what they realized they had created. There are always survivors and the souls that survived took the story of Atlantis to a distant land. In that distant land they told them of what they remembered. However it was when they were put into a state of suspended animation that the true story of Atlantis and its greatness came forth. Your legends of Atlantis came from the handful of survivors who told a story of the wondrous Atlantis and how their land was destroyed. There was a great love for the populace of this planet. Those very beings that had created Atlantis took a handful of souls who were the most pure in spirit, who were the least encased in their own fears and transported them from that point of consciousness and placed them in a distant land. This land has become known as ancient Egypt.


There are many myths around Atlantis, many myths because of Atlantis, for it was a great, great time on your planet. It was zenith of understanding of humanities greatness. A promise was given to Atlantis by the Master that once resided in the Holy Temple in the middle of the Great River. The promise stated when humanities consciousness once again rises to the mass consciousness level that was the consciousness of Atlantis at the height of its Golden Age, again you shall know the beauty and the peace of Atlantis. Those souls were told at that time they would be the ones with the greatest responsibility to restore what was once the beauty of the Golden Age of Atlantis on your planet.


If you have a great interest in Atlantis then you've been there. If a great desire to know more about Atlantis haunts you then you've been there. If you feel a great responsibility to humanity, your soul may feel you have an unpaid debt to humanity for your time lived in Atlantis. You may have incarnated to help the restoration process that is taking place. If you at times feel confused or searching for direction in life, being uncertain, then I would say you probably lived in Atlantis sometime during that time when many souls were subdued. It was a very sad time. Atlanteans are the ones most likely to have contact with intergalactic beings. If you feel connected somehow to intergalactic beings, intergalactic travel then you probably lived during that time.


Is Atlantis rising? Yes but it's not as a physical land mass that's going to rise. It's a state of consciousness. Your existence is only because you have a point of consciousness right here, right now.

Atlantis is a point of consciousness. You could relive Atlantis today if you chose because time is an illusion. What we think you're going to do is to reconstruct the Golden Age of Atlantis but do it better. Maybe you will come to a clearer understanding of the greatness and the beauty of who you are. Every time you meditate, every time you send light, every time you pray, every time you love without condition you are bringing back that point of consciousness you knew in the Golden Age of Atlantis into your mass consciousness.


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