Massive Repression in France against Peaceful Citizens

Georgia Pouliquen, a French female lawyer, a "Legal sniper for the "Yellow Vests", exposes in this video above, the massive repression from the criminal, illegitimate and fake president, Emmanuel Macron!
She shows you several "Yellow Vests" wounded photos by the French police forces (At the orders of the government or something else), during the peaceful "Yellow Vests" demonstrations that your TV media don't want to show you!
Be careful, photos may be embarrassing. Don't showing to children.
She needs your help.
In order that the whole world, know exactly how the Rothschild's family slave Emmanuel Macron, would like soon, to proceed the martial law on the French people without condition!
This courageous female lawyer will explain to you how the current French fake government imprisons innocent people without any legal reason!
You can click on "settings", for activate the English subtitles on this other YouTube video exposing you, why this female lawyer has been fired by her Boss, and how the French government work now!