The More the NWO Pushes Their Dark Agenda, the More It Awakens People Worldwide

Signs that the Deep State Is Being Dismantled

As you may know, the cabal has pursued its dark agenda for centuries if not millennia, but there are signs of hope that the Deep State is finally being dismantled and we, the people worldwide, are taking back our power. We do it by exposing the truth, because the truth and nothing but the truth will free us.

Democracy is Exposed as a Hoax

The more the cabal minions expose themselves as such and that countries are shown to be not democracies but actually oligarchies, the more the elites are losing. See the Yellow Vest protest in France, which despite the violent attack on protesters by the Macron government, this protest only increases ten-fold by the week!
One of these recent signs of this awakening and people pushing back the cabal’s dark agenda and tyranny masquerading as democracy include the voting of the first minister for direct democracy Riccardo Fraccaro, a member of the Five Star Movement who is now in charge of direct-democracy issues in the newly elected Italian government.

The Paradox of Censorship

The mass awakening has led to massive censorship of the truth on all social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook that all operate as a DS [Deep State] thought police.

They are not doing this only “for profit.” But the cat is out of the bag and they cannot “delete” or “undo” the great awakening. And the more they censor, the more people launch and use alternative social media and broadcasting channels.

One word according to David Wilcock’s recent video will get your channel closed or other content removed. Guess what word it is? Well, I’m going to write and say it and, if this post is removed, you’ll know why. It’s “PIZZAGATE.” If it’s BS, why do they need to censor it?

The French Are Awakening En-masse

In 2017, when I started writing my book, I had already noticed that the French people were realizing that the globalists are controlling their country. As they did so, they suffered a wave of endless terror attacks, whether it was in Nice or Paris.

After these false flag attacks, which have been happening since 2015, there was an indefinite state of emergency declared in this country to thwart any resistance. It was dubbed the “Second French Revolution” and it was before the Yellow Vest Protest that started at the end of 2018.

Not only did more French people join the Yellow Vest protest; we now see this movement spreading throughout Europe, Canada, and even Australia. Think also how fast the Frexit and Brexit movement are spreading across all EU countries.

“We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for” and you can see how this shift in consciousness proves this saying. We’re our own saviors by awakening to the truth, pressing for the disclosure of every dark agenda hidden from us, and reclaiming our inherent rights.

Signs of the Global Awakening

According to Aaron Doughty, there are 5 signs of the global awakening and that you, yes, you the reader of this article, are a part of it. I’ll mention several:
1. Awareness that the old systems don’t work anymore.
2. People being drawn to spirituality, yoga, meditation.
3. The expansion of the consciousness of the existence of extraterrestrials, including NASA admitting it. Breaking our old belief systems.

It seems that fake news is falling fast. Remember the shootings in Las Vegas in the beginning of October 2017? People immediately started sharing information on the crisis actors, who participated in other “attacks” as victims or eyewitnesses.

They discussed and exposed the real goals of this attack, which were to disarm Americans and leave them unprotected, just like the plan to disarm the Germans and Austrians in Nazi Germany and Austria in the 1930s.

Other Signs of the Awakening

This mass awakening is also displayed in the “unlearning” of our age-old conditioning, like blindly accepting the dictates of the medical system (doctors with their prescription pads), the educational system, and any other such authorities.

Have you seen how many comments there are about vaccines by concerned parents or class action suits filed against big pharma over vaccine injuries? There is one today even in Israel; information about it is highly suppressed.

My friend and activist Shabtay Avigal told me how his wife, who was totally pro-vaccines, started questioning them and was amazed that she talked with the doctor at the pediatrician’s clinic about them. Yes, tiny steps, but consciousness is contagious, and every good act is multiplied exponentially.

Social Media as the Accelerator of the Great Awakening

This is how social media helps awaken the masses. The censorship of information pushes people to look for alternative social outlets and ways to spread the truth via memes, that bypass the AI’s censorship. I think Q talked about this “meme war,” as memes aren’t tracked by social media.

Look at the brilliant infographic that shows the dispersion of information: Look here how the fake news outlets are trying to thwart this dissemination of truth
“From Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Pinterest; from YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and dedicated news networking platforms, social media helps news spread faster than ever because every post is commented on and shared over and over across vast networks of friends.” (

This is a comment by Jolene le Roux, a devout Muslim, taken from Facebook that for me shows the power of this awakening:

“What you don’t realise is that disclosure is occurring. Pedophilia, Satanism, child sacrifices, Vatican crimes, political crimes and more. We are being fed the truth but with so much ‘fake news’ around it is hard to discern it. We are also seeing releases of AI, cars that can fly, medical breakthroughs, and more. Yet we don’t use our independent critical thinking to sift through all the garbage to see the underlying truth . . .  Being awake means recognizing snippets and dumping the garbage.”

Mass Awakening Is Reflected in Music

This great awakening is even displayed in the comments the lyrics of the track Uprising by Muse on YouTube

or people fiercely commenting on Madonna’s track Illuminati

that shows people are awakening worldwide. Read the comments.“You rebel by doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. You rebel by standing up and voicing your opinion when you see injustice. We rebel by uniting in the face of adversity and saying we will no longer be divided by a small group of people who think they deserve everything at our expense!” (
Hang on, because the best is yet to come.

Copyright (c) 2019 Shoshi Herscu