The final Wakeup Call - Gold in the Spotlight

The money system

Consider this, everyone lives in a world of lies and deception, eating poisonous foods, that make them sick, going to doctors to receive dangerous medication making them even sicker, falling ever deeper into the hands of the medical mafia and remaining there until they die in pain and utter poverty, totally fleeced by the Deep State insiders.
Retirees are seen as the most useless eaters, infected on purpose with diseases, like Alzheimer, Parkinson, etc. turning them into more profitable vehicles for the elite. Wake up everyone, put on your yellow vest symbolically and share this message with everyone you know. If we would unite as one, we would be able to remove these criminals out of our society, and will be able to live in the Paradise that the Creator had originally envisioned for all of us.
The Deep State tricked us into this disastrous status quo, through multiple forms of deception and lies, ultimately usurping the money system in 1913, in order to issue debt money, reliant on continuous debt-creation, actually money made out of thin air, which is complete and utter fraud. Before the dollar became the world’s reserve currency, gold was the reserve controlled by nobody.
Gold has always been valuable

Money is simply a medium of exchange and must have the function of a medium of exchange, by unit measure, and of a store of value. This should be based on natural characteristics, such as the fact that it is intrinsically valuable, durable, divisible, uniform, portable, scarce, and broadly accepted; these characteristics are essential for a medium of exchange to become a standard of widely accepted payment.

Think about it this way; Gold has always been valuable, while debt is someone else’s burden with unreliable promises attached, which could end up not being honoured. Money, backed by debt is a crime against humanity. It is the Rothschild’s invention who regard money as a flow of energy generated from raw materials, goods and services, whereas labour-energy is the key to the value of all activity on Earth.
In order to achieve a monopoly over all the energy, they instituted a world system of slave labour by issuing debt money through their privately owned central banking system that has permeated the entire world. This creates for them a first strike opportunity in the field of economics. By bribing governments, they are able to fleece the outsiders of their valuable energy output, filling the pockets of a few insiders.
In essence, money created out of nothing, backed by debt should not be allowed to purchase valuables, as it is plain fraud. But as long the illusion is kept alive that debt-money has value, and as long as we, the sheeple, believe in this fantasy, this fraud will continue.
What are the advantages of a gold-backed monetary system? The first little-understood advantage is that a gold-backed financial system is almost completely immune from any large-scale booms or busts. That’s because the supply of credit is strictly regulated by the size of the economy. Bankers are limited by their gold reserves from granting too many loans.
The fiat reserve currency days are numbered

The US Central Bank is caught in its self-created, insolvable problem. It cannot stop creating more money, in other words expanding its balance sheet, whether or not the President of the Fed, Jerome Powell says that they should be expanding the balance sheet or not. What he says is irrelevant. If they stop creating more money, this will mean the total collapse of the global economy and their fraudulent system. So, the days are numbered for the US dollar as a reserve currency, and the world is going back to gold backed money, as it was in the past, prior to 1913.

The prime cause of the increase in the Central Banks’ monetary reserves from 1971 onwards has been that gold, as a component of monetary reserves, was abandoned. And the US, with its useless pieces of paper, could buy everything other countries produced, causing a huge trade deficit for the USA.
Importing monetary inflation

Around 2014, the exporting powers of the world came to the conclusion that the US, as a purchaser with fake money, was in permanent, serious trouble. The US Trade Deficits would have to grow year by year, to create sufficient reserve currency for the rest of the world. The Exporting Countries had to put an end to the increasing growth of their own Monetary Reserves – mainly of US-Dollars earned through exports, because these also increased their own monetary reserves, resulting in an increasing volume of their money in circulation. In other words, they were importing monetary inflation from the US.
The decision taken by the exporting countries, was to put an end to the increase in their own monetary reserves, made up, almost exclusively of irredeemable digits of US Dollars.

However, trade continues, and dollars were paid to cover export deficits, but the exporting countries of the world were not holding on to dollars any longer. So, the total of their monetary reserves has been frozen since 2014 in most cases, and in some cases, it has even declined. This actually marked the end of the US dollar era in general.
The exporting countries pass on their dollars to subsidiary government entities, to purchase gold. The existence of these subsidiaries, are not reflected on the Central Banks’ Balance Sheets. In effect, these exporting countries regard the dollar as an “IOU” of a business that produces an endless supply of “IOUs” – debt notes. That is why they are cashing in these debt notes, as long these still represent some value, by buying-up natural resources or hard assets wherever they can.
These actions should decrease the value of the US-dollar and send it into an uninterrupted decline, as dollars are being exchanged for gold, being regarded a more desirable asset in their Reserves.
Why Gold is manipulated downward

However, the US Government believed that by manipulating the price of gold, keeping it low, and by continually driving it down when it starts to rise, that the world would be dissuaded from investing in gold. But they did not realise that instead of dealing with simple and ignorant private investors, they were dealing with intelligent individuals, who could easily see through the charade mounted by US authorities.
The low price of gold has been an excellent incentive for investment on the part of the Russians, the Chinese and other Orientals. This created a constant flow of gold from West to East, as China, India, and other nations wanted to divest themselves of dollars and obtain gold, which is a physical asset independent of any political entity.
The Chinese Central Bank has distributed its claims on dollar balances earned through export trade, to various entities, who will be doing whatever they can to obtain tangible assets around the world with their dollar balances. Perhaps the Chinese are colonising Central Africa and buying up its agricultural land and mineral deposits, with US dollars that they earned on their exports to the US? Quite ironic, that the US is advancing the interests of China in this way!
The Russian Central Bank has reduced its holdings of dollars to a bare minimum, and is constantly buying gold, to be held in Russia by Russians. In a significant move, Russia has recently eliminated the Value Added Tax (VAT) on gold purchases by the Russian public.
The End of Khazarian-controlled Central Bank debt monetary system

President Trump with his magic wand, will delay the economic collapse for a while, until the new QFS, with gold-backed money officially goes into operation worldwide. That will be the new global network for the transfer of gold or asset-backed money, to replace the Rothschild-Khazarian controlled Central Bank debt monetary system. The waiting is for the completion of GESARA compliance by Iran, Britain with the Brexit, and Venezuela when the cabal remnants, including Juan Guaido are kicked out.

On the Iran issue, Q-Anon has made many posts that suggest the Iran deal was a cover for Iran to secretly develop a nuclear weapons program in northern Syria, with funding being facilitated by the Deep State working through a multilateral international peace framework.
The Rothschilds, House of Saud, and George Soros, use the enormous funds at their disposal, to manipulate national elites, organisations and even nation states. The Deep State plan was to secretly assist Iran in building nuclear weapons using uranium that could be linked to Russia, and subsequently used in a false flag attack on U.S. territory.
Moreover, several other nations are still under cabal control and refuse to sign for GESARA compliance which is delaying the transition. These nations are Israel, Mexico, and Hong Kong. As Hong Kong is a major financial centre it is important for the Cabal to maintain control of it. However, all of these nations are being actively liberated by the Earth Alliance. Meanwhile it is said, the dismantling of the fiat financial system is in progress.
It is clear that the Rothschild clan is losing control over the monetary system given the recent false flag attack event on oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz. This attack was set up by them to take advantage of a previously made bet on a higher oil price, which was not obtained. Even worse for them, Iran is ready to issue a new currency free from their control. That also part is of the plan to dismantle the fiat financial system.
With the QFS, the world will easily be changed into a world with gold-backed currencies that completely eliminate the SWIFT-transfer facility of the Cabal central banking system. The advanced QFS-structure makes the system unique without any equivalent or comparable technology anywhere on the planet.
Gold-backed monetary systems accomplish other things too, which are of equal importance to an economy and society. Most people don’t realise that a gold-backed currency is one of their birth rights, due to its inherently controlling structure. Traditionally, the financial system has always been backed by gold.
So, knowing all these gold-related facts, let us look at the implications for gold:
Basel III was approved in early March, which acknowledged that gold is officially considered to constitute money again. That is the reason why Central banks are buying record amounts of gold today. Furthermore, excessive U.S. sanctions have pushed countries to use gold.

Also, China’s “Golden Alternative” allows for large-scale oil-for-gold trades.
This is important as the Fed dramatically returns to the open-faucet policy of easy money, which bodes well for gold’s strength against the dollar. President Trump favours returning to the gold standard and is reorganising the Fed with pro-gold leadership. On the flip side, the Democrats’ embracement of socialism guarantees more currency debasement.
Gold-backed cryptos would make owning and using gold easier. Any of these means alone would be great news for gold. But the fact that they are all converging at the same time, means an epic gold bull market is on the menu for 2019. Now is your last chance to buy gold and silver on the cheap.