HOW TO CREATE MIRACLES Part 2 ~ Sananda via Adele Arini (24 June 2019)


Sananda speaks:

"Greetings beloved friends,

The time has come for us to continue our higher dimensional teaching series, designed to help you master your Mastery. All the 7 Precepts we had discussed in Part 1 (the 5th Precept encompassed the following three attributes: Acceptance, Gratitude and Joy) are essential in your ascension journey to fully become Master and Architect of the Matrix. 
Humanity had used many different labels to describe souls who had successfully attained this Christ-Creator Level.

Those in the spiritual circle called these souls: Ascended Masters; others called them Master Alchemists, Master Magicians/Wizards/Witches. Those in the religious communities called them: Saints/Prophets/Gurus. 
In the ancient past, these evolved souls were often called Gods/Goddesses by people who worshiped them, i.e. by those who had forgotten their own Sovereignty/Divinity. Some of these higher-dimensional beings (who happened to appear/disappear whenever necessary, whilst on a mission to assist humanity) were also called angels. 

This tendency; this third dimensional habit of using those labels to put highly-evolved, higher dimensional beings on a pedestal, or, in a 'special' category, to indicate their seemingly higher status above yourselves must stop now. This type of supplicant behavior, is a clear denial of your powerful God-Selves; your Sovereignty as someone who is equally capable of creating any miracle that you can think of, without limits. And when you label/point at a specific Light-Being as God, and not label/point towards yourself as the same God, you are actually sending a powerful, crystal-clear message to your Matrix. 

What kind of powerful message you might ask? You are practically telling yourself; telling the powerful Matrix that surrounds ALL who inhabit the physical universe, that you are not powerful. That you are often a helpless victim, to those who are seemingly 'higher' or, better than you. That you are weaker than them; less capable than them. That life is not under your control - i.e. life happens To you, instead of, created By you. 

This powerful denial/false belief will then provide you with plenty of leeway to then blame those 'higher-ups' whenever something happens in your life that is not to your liking. After all, it is a lot easier to blame God; to blame your spirit team, Higher Self, the people around you or the world, if something 'wrong' happens to you, or, if what you wish for has not appeared in your life. 

We have heard many similar prayers such as this, for eons:  'I have been praying for a miracle for a long time now, why is it still not appearing in my life? What's causing the hold up? God, my Higher Self, my team, do you not love me enough to give me what I have greatly desired? Why did you let that happen to me?'

Many of you here who have been on this ascension journey for quite awhile are well on your way to permanently eliminate this dis-empowering 3D habit, once and for all. But once in awhile, it can be more comfortable to walk around as your 3D-self, rather than as your uncomfortable 5D-Self. Sometimes it feels cozier to wear old, worn-out clothes more often than shiny, brand new clothes which at the moment, you feel they don't fit quite well, or that you are not used to wearing just yet.

As a result of your discomfort, many of you have continued up to this day, to send mixed signals to: your matrix/the Universe. The signals sometimes said: 'Yes, I know and believe that I am as powerful as God/Source is'. At other times, (especially when you were feeling: low/powerless/impatient/desperate), you might have completely forgotten to think/say/feel/act like the powerful, loving and harmonious God that you truly are. 

And in that moment when you had forgotten who you truly are, you were very effectively sending signals to your Matrix/the Universe that contradicted your inner knowing/belief in your: Divinity and Infinite Power (that is yours to command by birthright as God). You were back to (habitually perhaps) programming your Matrix once again with the 3D language of: fear, scarcity, disharmony, separation and dis-ease. 

Loved ones, how much longer are you going to let your circumstances dictate what you think/say/feel/do to yourself or to others? It is now past time for all of you to learn how to be accountable for your day-to-day vibrations.

If mastery is your goal, then you should actively choose Peace/Harmony in all of your interactions with the world around you - so as not to create more Karma for yourself that will then become obstacles to your path of Life/Self Mastery. (Remember the channeled message 'Right Vs. Wrong - Who Decides?' from Portia & Pallas Athena, stating the importance of complete adherence to Divine Cosmic Laws, in order for all chelas to successfully ascend to higher dimensional playgrounds). 

Therefore if Mastery is your goal, you must learn to always choose the higher vibrations of: Love, Joy, Harmony and Gratitude, until they become second nature to you.  Until you proactively choose only these higher vibrations, instead of constantly being reactive/feeling triggered by the many challenges you face in life.

Let us now use a car as metaphor for your life. This motor vehicle (that symbolized your physical body; the vessel and sacred temple of your God-Self) is none other than you. You are (hopefully) sitting at the driver's seat with the steering wheel at the ready - symbolizing the car is under your control. 

How long you and your car will take to reach your desired destinations (i.e. how fast your goals/dreams are manifested) will depend on several factors:


1) Who is driving your car (i.e. your life)?

Is it truly you doing the driving, or, are you feeling as though you had oftentimes lost control of your life? Are your parents, your loved ones, your finances or the world, currently dictating where you are headed - by driving your car for you? 

2) What is the condition of your car/your physical body?

How often is it serviced and how well is it lovingly maintained? Do you fuel your car with premium petrol (i.e. do you give your physical body high vibrational foods/drinks to keep it at optimum condition?) or, do you always give your car junk, cheap/old fuels with zero vitality? Do you habitually push your car/physical body to the limits often, by driving non-stop without regular maintenance? Or, do you take the time to have plenty of rest at regular intervals, for check-ups and recharging activities?

Remember loved ones, just like many of you here looked after your cars really well (since your life depends on it when driving), you now also need to learn to love your physical body as well. When you powerfully use love as the fuel to run the 'engines' of your physical body, vitality, perfect health and even immortality are easy to achieve. 
Your car's parts will eventually malfunction without regular, loving automotive maintenance.

In much the same way, the original design; the Divine blueprint God has created for the human body is for it to last forever and never decay/age. If someone were to die from illness, disease, or old age, suffice it to say that (most of the time) it was due to non-adherence to the Cosmic Laws of Harmony, Karma, Love and Energy - the Divine Laws that govern all physically-embodied souls. This person's consciousness had adopted lower-vibrational beliefs foreign to the God-Self personality within him/herself, which then led to eventual decay and death of the physical body. 

3) How expertly are you driving your car/your life?

For example, do you follow the directions coming from a 3D-GPS that represents the voice of your old, fearful, little-self, or, do you follow the directions coming from a 5D-GPS? The voice coming from this 5D-GPS will be that of your Higher Self's. Your Higher Self will choose routes/life paths aimed to assist in your growth and expansion; encouraging you to go outside all comfort zones and all 3D-prisons of your own making; always creating yourself anew whilst at the same time integrating all Past, Present & Future aspects of yourself - with Ascension as the Ultimate Goal. 

Dear friends, would you consider yourself to be an expert driver? Do you drive fairly smoothly - by faithfully trusting your 5D-GPS? Or, are you constantly self-sabotaging your journey by often applying the brakes unnecessarily (perhaps out of fear/low confidence in your driving abilities, i.e. in your natural, God-given manifestation abilities)? 

Whenever you are loudly broadcasting the 3D programming language of: fear, lack and separation, you are in fact putting your foot on the brake - stopping your car's journey; i.e. stopping the momentum of the physical manifestations of your dreams/desires. If you keep applying the brakes (or, if the pendulum of your daily vibrations kept swinging back & forth from 3D to 5D often) when are you ever going to reach your destination, loved ones? No one but yourself, is stopping/slowing down the manifestations of your desires. 

Prolonged broadcast of negative signals coming from your thoughts, words, feelings and actions will ultimately produce in your reality (in your car's journey) that which you do not wish to have/experience in life. Your cells are always listening. Your own DNA acts like powerful radio receivers/transmitters; constantly broadcasting signals to the Matrix/Universe that consist of: all positive and negative thoughts, words, feelings. 


The signals that you send out will soon become the life experiences that you receive, with precise, mathematical accuracy. 

The physical Universe has been perfectly designed to obey the precise commands coming from all Source-Beings living in it; coming from the energetic signals that you/everyone transmits externally, out into the world at large. In other words dear friends, all you have to do now, to be able to create any miracle, is to practice broadcasting only positive signals that are completely focused on what you want. 

Simple, isn't it?

It is perhaps easier for you to imagine the entire Universe is listening to you, just like an impartial Genie would. Always obeying all of your commands, giving you everything that you had asked for, according to your most dominant(positive/negative) vibrations. 
Remember that accountability is the key here. For you to be: a powerful Creator; a Manifestor of the highest level; God-in-action, you must have a powerful desire to release ALL resistance to the God-Self within.

In other words, from now on you have to be fully responsible and accountable for your daily vibrations; for your ways of Be-ing, no matter what triggers/provocations/challenges you may encounter in the future. 

It is time to choose to express harmonious, peaceful and loving thoughts, words, feelings and actions - that demonstrate your Unity/Oneness with the collective energies of ALL-THAT-IS in existence. Decide right now, loved ones, to choose whether to react: as God, or, as a hapless victim, in the face of all present/future life challenges that you have consciously/subconsciously created for yourselves - to help you master your mastery. 


The depth of your passion and desire to permanently be the God that you have always been within, will be the deciding factors that will influence the speed of your I AM-integration process.  

If your desire to: outwardly express your Godliness and truly be the living God in embodiment, is lukewarm, then your integration process will be equally as lukewarm/slow in its manifestation.
However, if you are passionate about becoming your God-Self now and are completely devoted in this sacred cause by staying highly disciplined with your daily practices (e.g. using Invocations, Decrees, Mantras, Meditation etc. to purify your consciousness from the inside out), then you will soon return to be the blazing, bright Light of God you have always been, before false 3D consciousness took over, interfered and covered your Light (just like clouds in the sky can temporarily block out the powerful sun). 

Why do you think saints, angels, or ascended masters are often depicted in images surrounded by Light (eg. with a halo around their heads)? During their lifetimes, oftentimes the Light of God-Self within them became easily visible for all to see; usually after years of daily devotional, higher-vibrational practices. 

When your desire to be and act as our loving, benevolent Father/Mother God is strong, the Universe will orchestrate behind the scenes many things/people/circumstances to give you plenty of opportunities to rise above all challenges; to practise being your God-Self in action. Think of these Mastery tests as fun, no matter how difficult it is to accept such a concept - because what you think and believe, you instantly become. If you think those challenges are fun, they are. If you think they are too hard, and so they are. 
Many teachers we had sent among you, to teach humanity the concept of: You become what you think, believe and feel about. No more needs to be said about this concept here; as a small reminder is all that is needed in this moment.

And if you ever wonder why we make the final phase of your I-AM integration process so highly challenging, the answer is quite simple. For you to be able to act like God - i.e. enjoying full access to the presently incomprehensible, immense powers at your disposal - first you need to become someone who can be completely trusted with these Godlike-powers. 

You need to genuinely and permanently become a person with a pure, loving and compassionate heart; someone who has the higher good of ALL as their only focus and top priority; someone who has successfully passed all the mastery tests we send their way. In other words, to be able to completely master Source Energy, master the Universe, and master the Matrix, you first need to successfully demonstrate your Godlike attributes/characteristics whenever challenges arise. 

This is to prevent younger, immature, negatively-polarized, or, service-to-self souls from possessing complete command/control over all of Creation - to the detriment of many embodied souls. 

When you have consistently proven that you have become someone who always acts in loving Oneness and Harmony with ALL-THAT-IS, that is when you will find that you have the entire Universe at your command. 

The ever-present raw energies of Source, infinitely abundant in the Universe, are constantly at the ready to shape themselves into whatever forms, the 'I AM' desires to create next. 

4) How well do you know your road rules?

The laws and regulations of the land; the environment in which you have found yourself in? For example, if you live in one country and you intend to drive all the way to a different country (for over there lies your final destination) - do the 2 countries have the same, or, different driving laws/regulations? If different, what do you need to do, to adhere to the laws of both countries? Do you need a new, international driving permit, or, do you perhaps need to gain more driving experiences/upgrade your skills (e.g. by learning to drive on both the left & right sides of the road)?

In much the same way, for you to master the fifth-dimensional environment your planet has now become, you first need to learn the 'lay of the land'. Adjust your modus operandi to the Laws of the 5D-OS (operating system) so that you can easily thrive within this 'new' higher-vibrational playground you have found yourselves in. Those who refuse to do so, and stubbornly cling onto their old, 3D ways of serving self rather than serving ALL, will soon find themselves in 'hot water'. 

The world is changing, loved ones. Non heart-based actions/activities that used to be acceptable to society will soon become completely unacceptable - as many awakened souls are now recognizing the Love & Harmony that are their True Nature (successfully found within themselves) and have no problem expressing these externally, for the Higher Good of All.
'For the Higher Good of All' will be the motto; the only rule to live by, on 5D-Earth. The time has now come for you to make a strong intention to abide by Divine Cosmic Laws, in all of your interactions with the world. When you are always harmonious with those Laws, you are undoubtedly serving the higher good of all in your ways of be-ing - thus demonstrating your Mastery.

And when your Higher Self can see many evidences of you having mastered your Mastery - by always choosing to react with Peace, Love, Joy, Unity and Abundance no matter what - your I AM will reward you with 'hard'-earned God powers by granting you permanent access to the Zero Point Field; the vortex of co-creation with God, and, as God. 

Inside this vortex, just like Neo (Matrix Trilogy movies), you will become Master and Architect of your Matrix. Just like the master potter can expertly shape his clay to assume any form he wants - the clay remaining compliant and pliable to the image/vision the Master has in mind for it - so will you have the infinite, Electron-ic Light Substance of Source at your disposal. To be wielded, shaped into whatever form you wish; and used for whatever purpose as set by you.

The fantasy, magical genre in your books/movies is a popular one on your planet due to one reason alone. Think how popular the Harry Potter series was, during its heyday. At the core of your Collective and Individual Consciousness, stored within everyone's God-DNA, (often labeled as 'junk' DNA by many scientists in the not-so-distant past) therein lies the memory codes; the inner-knowing, of the immense powers you hold within. 


Children are naturally more attracted to all things magical, since they are closest (in terms of age) to Source. They can more readily believe in their 'magical powers' before the world 'beats it out of them' figuratively speaking. For as soon as the children grow up, 3D mainstream-conditioning coming from society states that 'magic is pure fantasy'. It is only useful for entertainment purposes and nothing else. 

Let us now compare this to the education of children within higher dimensional civilizations such as the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Venusians, etc. in your galaxy alone. The children from these races of beings are trained and highly conditioned to believe in their own greatness; in the magnificent power of their thoughts, words and emotions as tools of Creation - ever since the day they were born. These children are also taught how to put into practical application, the seemingly abstract concepts of: Oneness, Freedom, Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Abundance and Harmony, straight from the 'kindergarten phase, primary and secondary school all the way to college/university phase' - to use Earth-based educational expressions to express these children's coming of age; their graduation into society as adults.

Your galactic family will soon render assistance (led by your Lemurian brothers and sisters in Telos) to share their knowledge/experience only with those who genuinely wish to learn how to transform all aspects of your society into a fifth dimensional society - one with Love, Harmony, Abundance and Unity at its Core. 

Let us now return to the topic of how to master your Creation/Manifestation process, to the Ascended Master, Christ-Creator Level. 

First and foremost, it is time for all of you to realize that the phrase 'creating miracles' is actually oxymoronic. There is no such activity in higher dimensional civilizations. The word 'miracle' itself, is in fact often: non-existent, foreign, or archaic (rarely used) in their native languages. To them, miracles are simply natural byproducts of their higher ways of being. What many of you would consider as miracles here on present-day Earth, are in fact their regular, day-to-day, 'normal' activities. 

And thus, the two words: 'creating' and 'miracles' are vibrationally/energetically contradicting one another. 

For one cannot actually create something when one fully believes and feels that it cannot be created easily, or, that it doesn't happen often in life. 

Extraordinary events are often categorized as miracles, because they are usually considered difficult to create/obtain/experience in life (i.e. these phenomena have not become the norm). For example, when a person is sick with a life-threatening disease, their loved ones often pray for a miracle to occur. Or, when a person is heavily drowning in debts, he often prays for a financial miracle of any kind to help him out of that challenging situation. 

A dictionary defines the word 'miracle' as follows: an extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency. 

It is crucial for all of you to change your perspectives; your beliefs and ways of thinking now. You need to believe in your own magic; in your own powers and majesty. Neo became Master of the Matrix because he finally believed. At first he was in denial that he was 'The One' but when push came to shove, he simply decided to abandon all that he used to be. Once and for all, he surrendered to become all that he was meant to be, by believing in himself and by believing in his own powers and abilities. In other words, he fully embraced his destiny.

Are you now ready to embrace your destiny and once again feel free to express your true, divine nature as a powerful God/Goddess - loved ones?
You are now facing another crossroad; about to decide which life path to choose from, out of the 2 available routes as shown below. The path to the left, labeled as 'God' definitely is an accelerated path that will assist you to become your God-Self in action, sooner rather than later. The path to the right, labeled with a question mark, symbolizes the 'scenic' route; the longer, slower path that will eventually take you to the same destination, some day, in a more distant future.


The majority of you reading Our messages here belong to a group of souls who would eagerly choose the path to the left; the one labeled as God. You are passionate about life mastery and Ascension, and are willing to do whatever it takes, each day, to fully integrate with your God-Self within. You possess a strong desire to shine your Light brightly and strive to lead by personal example. 

To all our chelas in this group of souls, the following is Our Collective message for you:
Your wishes have been heard, loved ones. The challenges you are facing right now are nothing when compared with the magnificence of your Higher Self - they are but pebbles in the road; ones that you can easily remove. Stay aligned to us always and be receptive to our guidance. For we are constantly monitoring your progress; ensuring that you will have/experience everything that you need to have/experience for soul growth and mastery; these will always be arriving at the perfect, divine timing - at a (faster) pace that you have set for yourselves.
Adele had recently expressed a prayer of gratitude to God. She gave us her thanks, for everything that we had arranged/orchestrated to assist her in mastering her mastery. She also expressed her strong desire to once again be completely free, to be the living embodiment of the Christ within her - sooner rather than later. Not long after we heard that request, we sent her several life challenges; giving her ample opportunities to act as the loving, benevolent God/Goddess that she is within. How do you think she reacted?

Not well, dear friends. She had made the request; which we then answered and fulfilled. Then not long after, she got annoyed with us (*laughed) for sending her those difficult tests. We are not sharing this with you all here to criticize our beloved Adele; far from it, dear friends. We are sharing this, as a reminder to all of you here, to be careful about what you ask for, from the Universe/God/your Higher Self.  For we take and consider all of your heartfelt requests, very seriously. 

Be sure that you are ready for the accelerated life path towards your God-Self; ready for all the 'tests' and challenges such a path will bring you. Choosing this particular path may sound scary and exhausting, however, once you have started walking the path you will find that your easy success will depend upon your willingness and readiness to completely: surrender your old, fearful, ego-based 3D-self, and eliminate all negative 3D habits that you are perhaps still stubbornly clinging onto right now.

Let go and let God. Your complete surrender will then be richly rewarded with many powers and positive abundance in all aspects of your life. 

For those of you who are our devoted chelas, walking the accelerated path of mastery-over-self, the time has come for us to reveal the next steps to assist you in becoming Master of Source Energy; Master of the Matrix.  

The precepts in Part 1 are all about your ways of being. 

For you to successfully be a powerful Creator at the highest, Ascended-Master Level, you have to consistently achieve a score of 100% for all 7 precepts; 100% of the time without fail.
If you are satisfied with being a 3D-standard Master Creator (manifesting all the usual things people love to have in abundance, e.g. Prosperity/Wealth, Health, wonderful friendships, romantic love, amazing career, expensive assets, etc.), all you have to do is to: consistently maintain a high score (for most/all of the 7 precepts) at least 70% of the time. 70% of the time is enough for you to be viewed as a successful person - from the human collective's 3D-standard.

If however, your goal is to eventually become a: ‘5D-standard’ Master Creator, (mastering your magical: Precipitation/Etherealization abilities and other spiritual abilities e.g. clairvoyance, telekinesis, healing, traveling in your Merkaba, etc.), just like all the Ascended Masters who had once lived on this planet successfully achieved in their lifetimes, then you need to permanently embody ALL the 7 precepts, 100% of the time.

All of you reading this message had lived in the Golden Age of Atlantis and Lemuria in one (or many) past lives. The people living during this great age, were naturally walking around as their Christ-Selves. They were the personifications of God in the physical body. They lived and breathed the 7 precepts, naturally. And as such, the 'magical', or 'miraculous' acts of Precipitation and Etherealization came very easily to all of them. For example, whenever they needed to build a house, they would work together in a group to precipitate said house, out of thin air; using nothing but the combined powers of their will, third eye and mental strength. 

Let us begin by providing you with the simplest explanation of the two terms above.

When you precipitate an object, you are essentially drawing upon the raw, electron-ic light substance/energy that is Source. By the power of your focus/intention, you are shaping/moulding these raw energies to create any object that you desire, into physical materialization. In other words, you are transforming the pure, light energy that is God, into any solid matter/object of your desire. 

When you etherealize an object that you have previously precipitated, you are technically transforming solid matter/the object back into the raw, electron-ic light substance/energy that is Source. This is in accordance of the Law of the Use of Energy that states: all Light-energies loaned to mankind, must one day be returned to the Universal Light-substance that is Source. 

Once all 7 Precepts are fully demonstrated in your ways of Be-ing, 24/7, the process of Precipitation will be as follows:

1. Clearly visualize the desired item/outcome. Place the image clearly in front of you; in your mind’s eye.  You need to be as specific as possible so that the item you are creating will materialize exactly as designed. The more complex the item, the better it is to write down all the important properties/characteristics of the object.

It is recommended that you begin your precipitation training, by having a drawing (of the object) ready on a piece of paper in front of you. It is important for you to make a strong intention to imbue the object with any specific quality that you wish to enjoy/experience, when using the item later on.

2. Focus on your feelings -> how you would feel once this item you are in the process of creating, physically materializes in your reality. Feel those feelings now. For example, if you are precipitating a glass of water out of the Universal Light substance, imagine how drinking that refreshing glass of water would feel for your thirsty body. Imagine and feel the weight of the glass/cup in your hand. 

3. Merge with the magnificent spark of Light; the Golden Sun within your heart chakra that symbolizes the God Presence within. Feel your intimate connection; your constant Oneness with your Higher Self.
4. As the Creator of All-That-Is in existence, make a simple but deeply profound declaration: ‘Thank you God for this gift of Light.’

5. And then, as Source Itself, feel the existence of the Raw Energies/Raw Powers of God – contained in the Universal, Electron-ic Light Substance available throughout the Universe. Mentally 'reach out' to these raw energies and simply make the intention to send/direct these energies into the image of your desire (step 1). Fully aware that by doing so, in that moment you are acting as God; you are using the powers of God, and, you are collaborating with God to create the object of your desire. 

6. You don’t have to know which colored flames/what elements/energies should be the ones sent first to the image, or, in what order. Simply believe that your God-Self will automatically do that for you, because by the time you have reached this 5D Master Level of Creation, the process will have become so automatic.

We are talking about the specific energies/elements that make-up the chemical composition of your object; the building blocks/sacred geometries of the item you are in the process of precipitating. There is an original, divine blueprint for everything that is already created anywhere within the physical universe. And your God-Self will have access to ALL of these blueprints of Creation. 

For example, for you to create the glass of water (see step 2) that you so desired, you need to be able to combine hydrogen with oxygen (H2O) to precipitate water, out of the Universal light substance. The glass itself will be made from several substances, the most common ingredient being: silicon dioxide (SiO2).
Once again, we remind you that you do not need to know exactly what is contained within the item you wish to precipitate. Your job, is to be as clear and specific as possible, about how the item will be like, look like, feel like, or taste like, once it is fully precipitated into a physical form.

7. Keep your focus on continuously sending these raw energies; the Universal Light Substance of Source, into the image of your desire - fully expecting the object to physically materialize in front of you. Adjusting the speed and the intensity of the Light accordingly, as instinctively guided by your Higher Self. Do not let fear, worry or doubt to enter your mental, emotional bodies when you are precipitating. For in that moment, thou are acting as God, the Creator. You are One with the energies of Source; ever present in the Universe. During the act of precipitation, you are acting in your natural capacity as Master Wizard, Master Alchemist, Master Creator, and, Master of All the Elements. 

8. Once the object has physically materialized, simply tweak it in any way you please (with the powers of your mind) until it fully fits your requirements. Give thanks.
When you are finished with using the item you had previously precipitated, it then becomes your responsibility to etherealize said item, so that it can once again return to the state of pure light energy, from whence it came.

The process of Etherealization:

1. Clearly state your intention (out loud, or via mind) that you wish to etherealize, or, to make an object completely disintegrate. So that the energies that make up that specific item can return back to the Raw Energies of Source to be recycled/used for something else, by you/by someone else. 

2. Merge with your God-Self within.

3. As God/as the Creator of All That Is, simply say: ‘Thank you God for the gift of this item, which I now no longer need. I now return this, back unto you.’

4. As Source Itself, simply send Light into the Core of the item (that contains the Threefold Flame), with the intention to disintegrate it. Bear in mind, for every living (animate) or, non-living (inanimate) object, there exists the Threefold Flame that lies in the center of said object. Simply use your inner eye to find out the location of your object's Core. For when you send laser-focused Light into this core, the etherealization process will be completed faster. 

5. Keep sending the Light; adjusting the speed and intensity accordingly, until you can feel/see that the item has fully disintegrated into nothingness. Give thanks.

Just like when a beginner driver may feel awkward/unsure about what steps to do next, when getting his car ready for a drive (e.g. adjust the rear view mirror, put the foot on the brake, release handbrake, etc.), at first you may be feeling out of your depth during your first few attempts of precipitation/etherealization. The entire process will one day become automatic, the more you become fully integrated with your Higher Self. There is nothing to worry. All is well. You will come to remember how easy and natural, precipitation and etherealization truly are, to your God-Self. You will find yourself gifted with 'inner knowing', or easy downloads of information from within. You will definitely know what to do when the time comes. 

A member within one of Adele's groups recently asked, how long would it take her to reach the 5D Master Creator Level? The true answer to this question is: it depends on you; on your commitment and motivation. Your ascension journey is as unique as your DNA. For those of you reading this channeled message (in the Now moment), you may take anywhere between 20 to 80 years to re-master your Precipitation and Etherealization abilities. This forecast is based on our observations of your past behavior/habits, and your past dedication to the ascension process. We deliberately highlighted the word 'past' to indicate that your future can change anytime, whenever you decide to adopt new, positive habits that will align you more with your powerful Higher Self. 

Harry Potter was born with the magical potential of a wizard, however, it took him 6+ years of thorough study and practice at Hogwarts, for him and his friends to successfully wield higher, more complex magic. In other words, he left his home and stayed at Hogwarts to give his utmost focus to his magical studies.

Since it took Harry many years of devoted studies and practice to train his magic, how long do you think it will take you, to master your 'magical' God-like abilities? Especially when you take into account the many, seemingly unending distractions you often have around you - coming from work, family, friends, the challenges you are facing now. In light of these distractions, perhaps our above forecast was a little bit too optimistic. 

Simply tune in to your Higher Self to get an individualized answer to this 'how long' question (if you wish to know), and ask us to guide you, so that every day you are walking closer and closer to your desired 'future' reality where you are Master of all the Elements; Master of Source Energy; Master and Architect of the Matrix.

Today's message is designed to empower you, and to expand/broaden your definition of Mastery. So that you can from now on set the bar really high, in your goal of full integration with your God-Self. There are plenty of wondrous, amazing self discoveries for you to look forward to; in the not-so-distant future!

As Yeshua ben Yosef, I had made the following promise to my disciples back then: 

"Verily, verily, I say unto you. He that believeth in me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father." (John 14: 12-14)

With today's message, I have once again fulfilled my promise to all of you here (some of you reading this were my past and present disciples) to share with you all the keys to the Magical Kingdom of God.

Call upon me, your Higher Self, or members of your own spirit team, anytime, for personalized assistance and guidance, so that the way forward is crystal-clear for those of you who are strongly interested in becoming a 5D-standard Master Creator sooner rather than later." 

With all my Love and Devotion,

Your brother in Light, Sananda.

Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2019.
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Thank you and Namaste.