The Final Wakeup Call: Power and Wealth, Not Economics

It seems incomprehensible

The root of today’s problems, clearly show that history has not been a random series of events, but rather a carefully planned and executed ‘design’ of land-, wealth-, and resource-grabbing by a small number of wealthy and privileged individuals bent on world domination. This has been done on such a massive scale that it seems almost incomprehensible, but as the old saying goes, “The best kept secrets are the ones hidden in plain sight.”
Let’s begin by going back to the early part of the 17th century, to the formation of a company that would eventually become that of the ruling elite and, ultimately, the engineers of history.
In the year 1600, Queen Elizabeth I presented a charter to the East India Company. History tells us that their goal was to establish trade relations with the Eastern world, namely India and China.  Officially, the business involved trade in tea. While this is certainly true, there is a much darker side to the story. The true goals of this company were twofold: To study the banking and financial systems of the Eastern world, specifically India for eventual manipulation, and to introduce opium to the Far East. It is through the latter, that the East India Company, owned by the bloodline families, was able to amass massive amounts of wealth that was stored in royal coffers. Since 1606 the Cabal’s three city states: District of Columbia Washington –  City of London – Vatican in Rome – have ruled over the world economic system.

Today, the bloodline families are moving trillions of dollars a day around the world stock markets and they dictate if the markets go up or down, boom or bust. Market crashes don’t just happen – they are made to happen. If it is known in advance that the crash is coming, because they are going to cause it, they know to sell high and buy back low once the crash has happened. Nathan Rothschild increased his holdings massively by acquiring companies at a fraction of the cost from before manipulated collapses.
How England was bought and paid for

A classic example of the aforementioned covert and devious methods, was that of Nathan Rothschild during the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, when he ‘bought and paid for’ England, which went as follows: “On the early morning of June 20th, 1815, Nathan Rothschild, one of five sons of Mayer Amschel Bauer, pulled off one of the most devious financial schemes in history, to take over the Stock Market. Less than two days prior, in the late evening hours of June 18th, 1815, Napoleon was defeated at the battle of Waterloo by an allied alliance led by England. This ended the Napoleonic wars. Nathan Rothschild, at that time an already wealthy and influential individual, was able to get word of the allied victory through a private messenger, several hours prior to the official announcement to the rest of the public.

In a bold and deceptive move, Rothschild began selling off vast amounts of British consuls or consolidated annuities, what would today be called stocks. When other investors throughout the country noticed this action by Rothschild, a wave of panic began to set in. Everyone assumed that Rothschild’s actions signalled that Waterloo was a victory for Napoleon, and not for the allied forces, with the implication being that the value of the consuls would drop, in the case of a French victory.
A large number of folks followed suit, selling off their consuls in anticipation of a French takeover of the country. Then, moments before the official announcement was made that Napoleon had been defeated, Rothschild bought up massive amounts of consuls at rock bottom prices.
The announcement was made, the value of the consuls soared, and Nathan found himself with an increase in wealth of 6,500 times more than what he had previously owned. In essence, he had robbed the country blind, and he became, for all accounts and purposes, the owner of most of England. From this point forward his family, with more wealth than they could have ever dreamed of, became an influential player in the government, and they steered policy decisions going forward, politicians from that time onward being bought and paid for. It also bears noting that this scheme by Rothschild was historically important for another reason:  It showed how ‘fabricating’ a disaster could lead to massive financial gains.

How the world economy is controlled by a few insiders
The world economy is controlled by the issuance of fake money. By controlling the issuance of money through credit, the Rothschilds control the entire world economy. They can expand it or crash it at will. The depression that began in 2008 was yet another Rothschild creation to further their agenda of centralised global finance and to introduce the long-planned world central bank.

They have been engineering booms and busts for centuries to advance their goals. Simple to do once you receive interest on money and control the creation of money out of nothing. The difference between a boom and bust is the amount of money in circulation and its perceived value. The Rothschilds dictate both. They decide how much money will be issued and circulated through their control of banks and governments. Stimulating a boom by making credit easy – more money in circulation – and this stimulates the population to become deeply indebted during economically good times. Then the economy is crashed, by finding an excuse to take money out of circulation, making credit harder to get.
They manipulate Politics, making it always and everywhere, the arch enemy of civilisation, and of economic progress. Most importantly, it is the enemy of dignity and critical thinking.
Then Donald Trump became President

Many will want to blame Donald Trump. It was he who brought politics front and centre with regard to economics, trade, immigration and monetary policy. Rarely had a U.S. president intervened so directly in the affairs of ordinary businesses and consumers.
He started trade wars with Canada, Europe, Mexico, and China; by his own command, he raised prices on imports for all Americans. The Fed is supposed to be independent of politics. One constant feature of the politicised economy is the lack of legitimate questions. The more control these banksters have, the poorer people become.
Over the past 10-years, central banks have by no means created a strong recovery. In fact, it has been the weakest real GDP gain in history over the longest expansion. Reflating massive bubbles in housing and shares, those prices are way beyond sustainable levels and that’s the problem. What will be the catalyst that is finally going to trigger the huge correction that is inevitable with all the manipulation by the central banks? Many think it will be the trade war. Which could turn out not to be the case, as Trump’s trade wars constitute the dismantling of the cabal’s WTO, World Trade Organisation, that all only favour the elite.
Nevertheless, it is said;
“President Trump is an unhinged protectionist, a nationalist advocate for trade policies that will eventually disrupt the entire global economy, bring on the recession that’s around the corner, and then markets always collapse when the recession actually arrives.”
Ambitious politicians want to control everything. Typically, they come up with colourful banners, fabulous new Programs, Five-Year Plans and more. In the Soviet Union, Stalin went so far as to dictate how land would be farmed – under collectivism – and how and when the seeds should be planted.

Attracted to the foolish theories of agronomist Trofim Lysenko 1898 – 1976, Stalin had the farmers converting winter wheat to spring wheat by planting soaked seeds directly in the snow cover. Sometimes it worked. Often it didn’t. But at least Stalin himself never went hungry.
How would a president know when to “devalue” the people’s money, or when to loosen monetary policy? How would anyone know? The constant feature of the politicised economy is the lack of legitimate questions. Politicians have no idea how an economy works and they don’t really care. Price fixing doesn’t work. Central planning doesn’t work. Stimulus doesn’t work. Never did. Never will. But politically, in a late, degenerate empire, “Trump with his plan” grows ever bolder.
For nearly half a century, the central banks have twisted and corrupted the economy with fake money and fake price signals, mostly interest rate related. This has nurtured grotesque, disfigured capitalism where the average worker hasn’t had a raise in 45 years, but where the rich and powerful have gained approximately $50 trillion in illegitimate wealth.

The corrupted elite now dominates politics, the bureaucracy, the universities, the military, the press and major industries. And they use their influence to make sure real capitalism is suppressed. Instead of dynamic, creative destruction, old, zombie companies are kept alive on easy money.
Politicians are only doing what any rational person would expect of them. They’re trying to make good sound bites for the voting masses, as if the political process had all the depth and meaning of an Alice in Wonderland trailer. “Coming soon: Hope, Change, and Reasonable Profits!” But most of the time, they come up with bad ideas that are destined to fail.
As tax revenues fail to meet projections, deficits grow, deficit spending soars, and debts mount. That’s where paper money comes in. Paper money isn’t only good for financing a war. It’s also perfect for closing the gap between government’s income shortfall from taxes and over-spending.
Money – created, not earned – is up for grabs

The central bankers use inflation to wipe away their bad debts. That is their only hope. They believe they’ll be able to control inflation and think or hope it won’t get out of control, destroying the monetary system they’ve built. Eventually they’ll be proven wrong. Their actions with for example “quantitative easing” have committed them to an inflationary policy to save the banks and continue the monetary system as it exists today. This means the world’s largest banks will keep getting bailed out via continuous manipulation of the money supply. These policies will cause the value of many assets – including gold and silver – to rise substantially. Inflation is the lotion that heals all financial wounds.

These central bank policies and the resulting inflation will cause a huge rise in income inequality as real wages decrease and financial profits increase greatly. These policies will ultimately cause a severe breakdown in civil society, through the lost confidence in paper money. It has happened in dozens of other countries over the last few decades. It is the inevitable result of paper money systems and Central Bank-led governments.
“The central truth of economics is scarcity. There can never be enough of anything to satisfy everyone. The central truth of politics is patronage: promising to give everything to everyone. Paper money is the bridge between economics and politics”.
The unpaid debts of an entire generation of people in Western countries are almost due. The so-called “baby boomers” grew up in a world dominated by Marxism and Keynesian economics. Both are bad ideas. They are destined to fail.
The personal freedoms that we know as civil liberties, rest upon sound money. The Central Banks cannot actually bring forth more resources, more real capital, more skills, more jobs or more output. They can only put out more paper money, and they subsequently end up giving it to their ‘friends’, thus debasing the money that everyone else holds. This inevitably lowers the real value of wages and the real price of exports; in short, the real wealth of the citizens of the world.
You work all your life, and you are worth, say, $1 million. Then the Central Bank prints $40,000 million more, just like that. If this was widely understood, it would undermine faith in the entire system.
Suddenly, people don’t know what they’re worth. The hard-working saver, who has worked his whole life in order to save a million dollars and put it in a savings account at the bank, now finds his banker, who speculated on banking shares, is worth twice as much as he is. He wonders what will happen next. Money created, not earned – is up for grabs. And who grabs most? Those closest to the source: the insiders. The more money the central banks distribute, the more the insiders get. So, the rich 1 percent get richer.
Historical Cabal Events

In 1871, the US Inc. was incorporated so it could function outside of the Constitution. In 1933 the US filed for bankruptcy. By 1936 Social Security was formed to pledge ‘The People’ as collateral to the Rothschild bankers. On June 4 – 1963: President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110 which gave the US Treasury the ability to issue its own money; treasury notes, instead of relying on fiat Federal Reserve Notes. After Kennedy was buried, those $4 billion in silver notes were pulled out of circulation and destroyed, except for some collector samples. Kennedy’s Executive Order has never been withdrawn or annulled, in spite of that, it would not be implemented for another 55 years when, in preparation for a gold/asset-backed standard, President Trump introduced the HR Bill 5404 in March 2018.

On August 1971: President Nixon signed an order whereby the US abandoned the gold standard. On Oct. 10 – 2000, the Freedom from Debt NESARA Law passed in the US Supreme Court, and was signed into Law by President Bill Clinton, which he only did under gunpoint of the Delta Forces. NESARA has not been implemented by any US President since then – until Donald Trump came in office in 2017. In March 2018: President Trump returned the US to a Gold Standard US Note (USN) by reverting Nixon’s Executive Order via the introduction of the HR Bill 5404. Public disclosure of the USN will occur after NESARA/GESARA has been announced.
In the beginning of 2019, 209 nations met in Europe to put their stamp on the Global Currency Reset. Zimbabwe’s RTGS Currency became internationally recognised.

On June 3, 2019 Queen Elizabeth signed papers that handed back to ‘The People’, US Inc.-British Crown-Vatican-Central Bank’s control over US taxpayer monies and the global monetary system. On June 6 – 2019 D Day: Queen Elizabeth signed papers with President Trump, who then declared that the US was no longer hostage to the British Crown and Secret Societies.

On Thurs. July 4 2019: It is expected that the Restored Republic and NESARA-GESARA announcements will be made, and it could be revealed that John F. Kennedy Jr. is still alive and behind the Q movement. It is also believed he may accept Trump’s invitation to become his running mate for the 2020 election. This could possibly be a Fourth of July to remember, forever.