Right Vs. Wrong, Who Decides? - Portia, Goddess of Justice & Pallas Athena, Goddess of Truth


Greetings dear friends,

In the light of what has been happening, what is happening now, and what will soon happen in the future, it is important that this message becomes available to all who are ready and willing to be an agent of Light/Love. More and more dominoes had fallen, as the ascension process continues to intensify, within many groups, organizations, industrial sectors, nations, religions etc. The world as you know it right now, will soon be turned upside down and inside out, and like we had said often, we need our light-workers to get ready. Ready to lead from the front lines and always be our voices of Love, Peace and Harmony - encouraging Unity even in the face of many seemingly irreconcilable differences/diversities. 

Adele recently wrote in her Facebook post: 'Unity doesn’t mean living with one voice, one united belief about anything. It means living peacefully, harmoniously even with others whose beliefs/opinions are different from ours.' All of you by now may already know the above statement very well, deep within your heart. Now it is time that you, as leaders of our fifth dimensional movement, to demonstrate and act out this belief, through your very own shining examples. It is time to 'walk your talk' and be the kind of person who always 'unites all', rather than one who occasionally 'feeds the energy of Separation/divisions' through your predominant, expressed thoughts, words, feelings, or actions. 

In other words, always be someone who includes/embraces those who are different, rather than someone who excludes/rejects those who are somewhat different from you. Different skin color, different beliefs, different cultures/nations/languages, different professions, different sexual orientation, different educational backgrounds etc. - the long list continues.
For those of you here who have never heard of our names before, just like Kwan Yin, we are members of the Karmic Board. This Board is responsible for assisting all embodied souls currently on Planet Earth to fully integrate with the I AM presence within themselves - by sharing much information/knowledge with all Ascending souls about how to, naturally, always adhere to Divine Cosmic Laws. 

We are also known as the Lords of Karma; a group of eight ascended masters who are assigned a sacred responsibility by Source, to help each soul find ways and means to:

1) make spiritual progress, 
2) balance his/her karmic debts,
3) master, wield, or control energy, and
4) complete the goal of all life: the Ascension. 

All souls must come before the Karmic Board before and after each incarnation on earth. Prior to embodiment, souls receive their assignment for that lifetime. At the conclusion of each life, there will be a complete review of their life performance before the Karmic Board. The tremendous fear of 'judgment day' currently still existing within the Collective consciousness of humanity, is unwarranted, unfortunate and based on falsity. It is important for all of you to know, that We are not beings who are waiting around to mete out punishment for the bad, or for those in the wrong. Eternal damnation, a.k.a. hell, or, purgatory does not exist. 

During the life review process, you will be watching each scene of your life plays out, from the perspectives of everyone else experiencing that life scene together with you, and from Our Higher Perspective. How each careless, or harmful thought, word and action, combined with your uncontrollable feelings, had affected the people and the world around you. And how each thought, word and act of kindness/love had beautifully rippled out into the universe. If you had been playing the role of someone who (most of the time) adhered to all Cosmic Laws, by the end of the review process, you would probably come out looking/feeling happy and satisfied with your life performance. However, if in your last physical life you had created much suffering in the lives of others, the review process itself may perhaps feel hellish in every way. 

You are naturally a being of Divine Light and Love. You are an individualized aspect/spark of God. Whenever you have returned from an adventure in physicality, you will automatically return to your True Nature of Light and Love. And thus, if, in your last incarnation you had chosen to play a 'dark role', you (just like many other souls who had chosen the same) will most probably be feeling so much regret, anger and deep grief; blaming yourself for the words/actions you had said/done in that incarnation. After your life review, we will simply send you off to get training and prepare for your next embodiment.

Members of the Karmic Board had worked very long and hard together - in harmonious collaborations with many brave, courageous souls such as yourselves, to keep alive the flames of Justice, Truth and Freedom in what used to be a harsh, challenging environment that was 3D-Earth. We must always ensure to achieve the proper energetic balance between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine; and between all the 7 Sacred Rays of God (each Ray must be equally represented by all embodied souls, in any time period - we cannot have more souls whose origins are from the Blue Ray and less number of souls from the Green/Pink/Violet Rays etc.). 

Overall, the Karmic Board's most important sacred duty is to ensure that all souls embodied on Earth (and souls who are in a state of 'in-between-embodiments') have an equal opportunity to accelerate their spiritual progress by incarnating on Earth. We carefully monitor each soul's progress, between what was planned, what actually transpired during the physical incarnation, and what more needs to be done in order for you to achieve your own spiritual evolution goals. You are and always have been an Energy-being; a Light-being who is always in a constant state of expansion; creating yourself anew in your journey back to Source. 


Your planet successfully arriving at the beginning of Ascension phase in 2012, was very much due to the successes of many past collaborative projects between you and us. Many of you kept dreaming and actively choosing to participate in creating a peaceful Earth where one day, all living beings can live in love, unity, abundance and harmony. This dream had long been your goal and focus, and your own past lives are living proof of your tenacity, determination, and perseverance in making this dream come true.

Now, let us talk about the Cosmic Laws briefly. We had mentioned the existence of these Laws here several times, however, with the exception of Adele's current group members, everyone else here may not know yet what the Laws are and why adherence to these Cosmic Laws is extremely crucialfor all members of higher dimensional civilizations. 

The primary Cosmic Laws are as follows:

1) The Law of Harmony - intrinsic within this, is the Law of Forgiveness.

This law is the most important, and the most basic fundamental law upon which, all the other Laws rest on. You are all energy beings. And energy is always in constant motion. This law requires that all energies loaned to all embodied souls (e.g. your physical, mental, etheric and emotional bodies are made up of the raw energies of God, shaped into matter/form that made up the current physical vessel of your soul) must always be used in a harmonious manner, with All in existence.
Your ways of be-ing must always be in a constant state of Harmony in order for you to live in adherence of this law. 

To give you an example, let us say that there is a person who plays the role of a religious leader, a servant of God, serving many people at a place where a regular ritual of prayer/worship is held. When leading the ceremony, he maybe standing there in front of the audience in a complete state of disharmony, coming from his angry thoughts, or emanations of any negative feelings about: himself/the people around him/the world. In this scenario, not one electron of his energetic vibrations contributed to the creation of a harmonious environment. And as such, during that brief moment in time, this person (who was supposed to have been a role model of Peace, Love & Harmony) had failed to comply with the Law of Harmony.

To give you a different example, say there was a young woman (who had just given birth to her newborn baby) sitting on her rocking chair; putting her baby to sleep by singing a lullaby softly. Her entire vibrations emanate pure unconditional love for her baby, as well as a sense of wonder and gratitude for the gift of life that had been entrusted to her. She was feeling very much at peace and harmonious with whom she had become, and as her feelings overflow out into the world - merging with the collective energies of mankind - she became our role model of Love and Peace. 

Everyone presently embodied on planet Earth, is our agent of Light, Love and Harmony. That is your Essence; your True Nature. Adhering to this basic law can be easily done by making a powerful intention right now to permanently let go of the need to: be involved in any drama, or create drama of any kind - by living as One with all. Respecting each other and treating one another the way you yourself wish to be treated. 

2) The Law of Karma, a.k.a. the Law of the Circle.

When the Law of Harmony is broken, the embodied soul will be immediately subjected to the Law of Karma. The word 'karma' is always used in a negative sense. There is no such thing as positive karma. A person who has continuously been doing positive, wonderful and loving deeds throughout his entire lifetime, is then said to have created 'accumulated good' - which is the polar opposite to karma. 

The Law of Karma states that all energies in any form (e.g. thoughts, words, feelings and actions) originating from you that you send out to the Universe, will travel to reach their intended destinations. And once they did, the same energies will then begin their return journeys back to you - often gathering momentum by attracting more of the same (thoughts, words, feelings or deeds) with same vibrational frequency - and when they reach you, you will receive/experience that which you had originally sent out, with accurate mathematical precision.
Please remember dear ones, the Law of Karma is not at all about retaliation or punishment. It is about creating and maintaining a state of balance; a state of harmony - the foundation upon which the entire physical Universe exists. 

In order for you to repay the remaining karmic debts you may still have, first you must stop creating more karma for yourself. Adhering to the Law of Harmony starts with the realization that you are ONE with All That Was, All That Is and All That Will Be. You are one with Mother Earth. What you do to another, you are ultimately doing it to yourself. The enemy who is perhaps standing in front of you, is not your enemy. He/she is just another aspect of yourself, playing a different role. He/she has probably been requested by you (pre-birth) to play the low-vibrational/dark role for you, for the purpose of soul growth in both parties.

There is always only ONE of us running around everywhere in the Universe. All are God; expressing themselves as God in myriad different ways. When you have deeply embraced this Truth, that is when you will be able to consistently treat everyone: people, animals, trees, flowers, lakes, rivers, rocks and Mother Earth herself with so much love. Knowing that they are you, and you are them. There never is separation. The illusion of separation used to be so powerful, but now in the year 2019, it is no longer the case. 

3) The Law of Re-embodiment (this law mostly applies when you are in a state of 'in-between-embodiments')

As this law mostly applies when you are back in your true form as a being of Light/Energy, thus further explanation is quite unnecessary at the moment, to keep the length of this message as short as possible.

4) The Law of Conservation of Energy

This law states that you must conserve your energy, whenever possible, to ensure that all energies are expended by you in a constructive manner: to support your soul's mission and purpose for each incarnation. 

Remember, that all energies loaned/given to you, must be returned by you, towards the Universe/the people/the world in equal proportions. And as such, if you are using the energies given to you in non-constructive activities - such as: idle chatter/gossip, badmouthing someone, complaining/blaming the world for whatever that went wrong in your life etc. - you are exhibiting behaviors that are non-compliant of this law. 

(Highly recommended readings about Cosmic Divine Laws: "Bridge to Freedom" by Werner Schroeder and "21 Essential Lessons Volume 1" by Werner Schroeder.)

If you are wondering why is it important to adhere to the above Cosmic Laws. The answer is quite simple, loved ones. 

Different planets, different dimensions, different Universes will often have different rules, regulations, or guidelines to follow. Although the Cosmic Laws on 3D Earth remain the same as the Cosmic Laws on a 5D Arcturian planet for example, however the intensity and velocity of the naturally-occurringconsequences/repercussions of non-adherence to these Laws are completely different. 

Understand, loved ones, that once you fully reside in a fifth-dimensional environment, everything that you individually and collectively create via your thoughts, words, feelings and actions will be manifested instantly. Simply use the power of your imaginations to visualize living in an environment when there is no gap/time delay between your creations, and your manifestations. Living in this type of environment will certainly be ideal if you (and everyone else on the planet) have mastered your Life Mastery, by always having the higher good of all as the basis of your words, thoughts and actions. 
With the consciousness of the human collective as it is right now, if planet Earth were to fully operate within the fifth dimensional environment of NO TIME (where whatever you think immediately gets manifested the next moment) - chaos will probably ensue, as most people today haven't yet learnt how to fully manage their thoughts, words and emotions so that they always reflect their Higher Selves. The time period you are living in right now is in fact your training ground; your golden opportunity to master your vibrations, i.e. mastering thyself. 

Rule-breakers do not exist in a higher dimensional environment, because everyone deeply knows and understands really well what the consequences of breaking the rules are, and how it impacts ALL within that environment/planet. In fact, younger members of higher dimensional civilizations are trained from birth, to always naturally adhere to Cosmic Laws in all their ways of be-ing. 

And so with this message, we - members of the Karmic Board - come in Light, and in Love, riding on the wings of nothing but the Highest Truth, meant only for those whose hearts are open and ready for such Truth. Adele sensed that this message can be a potentially 'touchy' issue for many, and what she was sensing was nothing but the core, or the root cause of the human collective's Separation Consciousness.
Simply put, your planet is divided in the many different ways, or, in the state that it is right now, because of humanity's natural propensity/tendency to mostly congregate with like-minded souls. Many times, in numerous occasions, as a race, you all had loved to exclude those who are a little, or, a lot different from you. When/if there is someone within your group (e.g. at work) who is walking around with a physical, mental, emotional or financial disability of any kind, chances are a lot of people in your workplace will be consciously or subconsciously avoiding this person and/or, not feeling interested in forming any kind of friendship with this colleague. 

You can easily observe this happening in other daily activities. For example, in a party/gathering you had attended, where people of the same age, same sex, same economic/educational backgrounds, same language/skin color tended to form their own cliques/groups. This may also occur in your own home (e.g. children who are closer in age usually gravitate towards each other, often leaving out the oldest/youngest to play by themselves). 

For within the hearts and minds of many souls incarnated on Earth right now, there exists a need to be right. To never be wrong. To be 'in the know'. To be accepted or acknowledged. To belong. To be loved. To have approval from those in authority. To conform to the majority and not create waves. To be important and be paid plenty of attention. To shine so brightly and be admired, respected or adored by many. 
You are probably asking us/yourself right now, is that so wrong? Is it wrong to want to be any one of those things? Our answer is: no, loved ones. It is not wrong to want/need validation, love or, approval from sources outside of yourselves.

However, if your goal is Self/Life Mastery, then your conscious/subconscious behavior of seeking love, respect, admiration, acceptance, validation or approval from sources outside of yourself is definitely NOT  the road to mastery. 
A master doesn't need another person to validate the information received from her own inner guidance. 

However that being said, a master will not proceed to brag about his own accomplishments/acquired knowledge; nor condemn others for their opposing beliefs; nor put people down in their places by perhaps labeling them as ignorant/uneducated/spiritually un-awakened. A spiritual master would never insist that his/her way is THE only right way. And that everyone else was wrong, because his inner guidance said so. 

A master knows that everyone she encounters in life is at different stages of spiritual development, and thus their expressed beliefs/words/deeds will always be a mirror reflection of the attained consciousness of the soul within. As outside, so within. So why would a master take offense at someone expressing themselves in a way that is completely different from him? A master does not take anything personally. He does not feel the need to 'have the last word'. She knows that it is completely unnecessary to be right all the time, and that it is even okay to be wrong! 

The master himself wisely knows that there is infinite learning/expansion to be had. She will never stop learning nor expanding. And thus, being wrong is perfectly okay. There is nothing wrong with being wrong. A master is also quick to apologize or make amends, if his wrong words/actions had inadvertently created disharmony in any way. 

Insisting that you are right and another person is wrong only serves to perpetuate Separation Consciousness; to create drama or conflict, which will then inevitably lead you down the path of breaking the Law of Harmony and/or the Law of Karma. 
This means, whenever a master encounters opposition/adversity, from someone whose attained consciousness is less evolved than his, he will always respond to this person's provocations only with love, patience, compassion and kindness. Never needing to prove that she is wrong and he is right, or vice versa, for such a need will simply serve to illustrate (or bring into light) an aspect within the master's inner self that still needs healing/releasing. 

Whenever you are feeling the need to win an argument, or to defend your beliefs/actions about anything under the sky, please stop and ask yourself the following questions: 

1) 'Am I doing this because I am in fact seeking approval, acceptance, love from these people; something that I may have been feeling like I need to get, in order to avoid/minimize loss of any kind?' 
2) 'Is it perhaps high time for me to stop needing this approval, love or validation from someone/people outside of myself?'
3) 'Is taking a stand right now, by doing my best to win an argument, overall, serves only myself (e.g. my need to be right), or does it actually serve the higher good of everyone involved?'
Let us give you a real-life example, coming from a recent incident involving Adele.
Adele was walking along the road by herself one night, heading home from somewhere. She proceeded to cross a quiet, dark street, when all of sudden a car appeared from her rear left, coming from the main road perpendicular to the quiet street she was in the middle of crossing. The driver of this car proceeded to turn right into her street at a high speed, almost hitting Adele from the side. Adele's heart jumped in shock and although she was high on adrenaline, she wasn't angry at the driver. Until the driver opened his window and his mouth. She was fully expecting an apology, or any signs of remorse coming from the driver. And what she got from him was angry words instead - the driver was loudly blaming his close call on Adele's choice of attire. She was wearing black clothes, at night, whilst crossing a dark street. 

How do you think Adele felt? She was almost hit by a car, plus, the culprit thought he was in the right, and she was in the wrong. Adele felt she did everything right. She made sure to check the street prior to crossing, and was minding her own business when this car suddenly appeared out of nowhere in high speed, almost hitting her. She definitely felt like she was right (i.e. entitled to her anger) and that he was wrong for driving recklessly/carelessly. She even felt like saying to the driver that the entire world should henceforth be banned from ever wearing black-colored clothes again, to help him become a better driver. Adele felt so wronged and although she was aware as one in the path of Mastery & Ascension she must return to the state of harmony by letting go and forgiving this man; it still took her several hours before she was able to successfully forgive him.

In the above scenario, who do you think was right and who was wrong, between Adele and Mr. Driver? Were they both right, or both wrong? If you were to put yourself in Mr. Driver's shoes, would you have felt like you were in the right, and she was in the wrong by wearing black attire? Or would you have apologized for your near-miss incident?
I, Portia, as the Goddess of Justice will answer these questions for you all, coming from our higher dimensional perspective. Mr. Driver was in the wrong by almost hitting Adele (by not being a careful driver) and by breaking the Law of Harmony, when he proceeded to blame her for his own carelessness. He had, in that moment in time, created a 'Karma of Distress' for himself with his thoughts, words, feelings and actions towards Adele (as opposed to creating a 'Crown of Light' when one creates an accumulated good for self), which one day he will need to fully compensate/pay back for, when the time comes.

Originally Adele was not in the wrong, however, how she reacted to his subsequent provocations definitely was not a demonstration of how a master should behave. In her shock, she was saying unloving words towards this man (not to his face) as she simply proceeded to finish crossing the street and walk away from the whole situation in a rage. The man might not have consciously known the angry words/thoughts she had about him, but we, members of her spirit team, had heard them all. 

Adele, with her mostly loving and patient personality, made sure that she surrounded herself only with friends who are exactly like her. And thus, encounters such as this one, with someone whose attained consciousness is one that is not of Love, Peace nor Unity, rarely occur in Adele's world. Her encounter with him was a test to enable her to see for herself, how much farther she had got to go, before she successfully masters her mastery. Before she becomes the full embodiment of her Higher Self; having mastered ALL the Love, Peace, Harmony, Compassion, Forgiveness and Abundance tests we keep sending her way. Yes, in this incident she failed to keep her peace; failed to stay loving towards her 'enemy' of the moment. She also managed to create karma due to her angry, discordant/inharmonious thoughts and words directed towards this man.
Thus from our higher dimensional perspectives, both Adele and Mr. Driver were in the wrong. As both of them had failed to adhere to Divine Cosmic Laws when triggered by stress factors seemingly outside of their control. 

Now let us return to the main question presented, in the title of this message, 'Right vs. Wrong, Who Decides?' 

The answer is:  We, the Lords of Karma, will be able to give clarity to any inquiring soul, as to who was right and who was wrong in any given situation, based upon God's Sacred, Divine, Universal Laws. Our decision is based only on Pure Truth; the Highest Vibrational Truth that has Love, Harmony, Peace, Oneness at its Core. We give all souls the 'final judgment' based only on God's Truth that no soul can deny, as the Vibrations of Truth will always reverberate/resonate with the soul seeking the answers. Ultimately, the Karmic Board has the last say, the God-given right to 'judge' whether you were in the Right, or in the Wrong, for every single scene of your life. The standards that we uphold are God's standards. The laws, rules or regulations that we uphold, are Divine Cosmic Laws, for which we are also subjected to.
Cosmic Laws are completely different from man-made, mostly 3D-constructed laws. What is acceptable for your fellowmen, may not be acceptable from our higher dimensional perspectives. Adolf Hitler and many Germans living in that wartime period, felt that it was completely acceptable to kill millions of Jews. They felt they had adopted 'the right' cause, or the 'right' belief that the Jews were an inferior race and thus, killing them was completely justified (this belief came from their attained, lower vibrational consciousness of the time). This was a perfect example, how 'Right' and 'Wrong' can be completely distorted, misrepresented or misled, to suit someone's purpose/the ruling authority of the time. 

In conclusion, loved ones, suffice it to say that whilst you remain in physicality, there should not be a need to decipher who was right and who was wrong in any situation. One day you might have been feeling like you were the victim of an incident, however, unbeknownst to you, whatever had happened might have been orchestrated to help you balance/repay your Karmic debts. So again, who was right and who was wrong, only We, members of the Karmic Board, will fully know and understand. 

Needing to decipher who was right or wrong, is not the path of Mastery. It is definitely not the path of Peace nor it is the path of Harmony with your fellowmen. It is simply a third dimensional programming that you should continuously strive to eliminate once and for all, as it is no longer in alignment with your sacred goal of full integration with your God-Self. 

Like we had often repeated in past channeled messages through Adele, your Heart is the most powerful barometer of God's very own Divine, Sacred Truth. Follow your heart's guidance always, as it will act as your ever-faithful compass, always pointing true north, towards Love, Wisdom, Harmony and Oneness.

In the coming days, loved ones, we ask for you to always use your heart in all interactions with the world around you, no matter what. When you do so, you will be able to easily sort out the Truth from the Lies. Only when one is always perfectly aligned with Higher Truth, one can then easily find out the Higher Solution/Answer that will solve whatever dilemma you are facing - for the higher good of everyone in mind. Including those who had done you/done many others great wrong. 

Forgiveness and permanently letting go of your Collective past is the key to manifesting New Earth.
Be the fifth dimensional leaders you are always meant to be, by always promoting Love, Peace, Forgiveness and Unity, no matter what. 

The key to a peaceful planet lies in the full acceptance of All That Was, All That Is, and All That Will Be, with LOVE as the major healing ingredient/the cohesive agent that must be present within every arising conflict/challenge that humanity will soon face.
Call upon us, loved ones, whenever your Heart; your Truth Barometer ever gets faulty, broken, or seemingly lost along the way. Upon request, we will powerfully blaze the Flames of Wisdom, Truth, Love, Justice, Freedom and Compassion so that you will never ever be lost again. 

For only the Truth will set you free - for you to be the God you have always been, within. 

With all our Love & Devotion,

Portia and Pallas Athena. 

Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2019.
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