Saul through John: The being that you feel yourself to be as a human is eternally connected to Source, Mother/Father/God


by John Smallman

Saul Audio Blog for Sunday September 8th

Humanity’s awakening process is very well advanced, as all the unacknowledged or denied issues that humans need to own and release arise into their conscious awareness both individually and collectively.  Your mainstream media is focused on conflict in many areas of the world, and all of these conflicts are major signs of the awakening of the collective unconscious – of the collective arising of major issues that people in positions of authority all over the world have either denied or been unwilling to address because of their egotistical needs to prove themselves right and make others – those with whom they are in disagreement – wrong.

However, this unwillingness to take the necessary steps which would enable creative solutions to be discussed and put into effect is being recognized by populations everywhere, and the people, the grassroots of society, are demanding change!  And, as a result, essential changes are being initiated.  People are reclaiming their personal power, the power with which they were so lovingly created, and they are insisting that their elected officials honor them, address their needs, and deliver on the promises that they made when they sought a mandate from those who elected them to office.

Humanity wants to awaken.  The illusory and egotistically driven environment in which you experience life as humans has lost its appeal.  The realization that disagreement and conflict are the prime drivers of pain and suffering for everyone has dawned on the vast majority and they want change, desperately.  The extravagant and utterly self-centered lifestyles of the “favored” few will no longer be tolerated while billions of God’s divine children live a hand to mouth existence in extreme poverty.  Many, who have for decades been drawing the world’s attention to the misery of the masses, have finally managed to persuade those with the competence and abilities to do so, to bring into effect the necessary changes to ensure that all may live comfortably as humans, by transforming their means of obtaining adequate supplies of clean water, food, and shelter.

You are all divine beings and you were created to enjoy life fully and completely in every moment.  However, even though modern science and technology have improved the lives of countless numbers over the last two hundred years or so, this has been done selectively instead of lovingly for all.  Negative judgment of others has been a major source of conflict for a very long time, as societies, as well as individuals, with different cultural and religious beliefs have assessed those others as unworthy and unacceptable to God, and then chosen to persecute and destroy those they have so judged.

This is no longer seen to be acceptable, as awareness has grown that you are all connected to one another by the divine field of Love in which all life has its eternal existence.  There is no separation, everyone is conjoined to everyone else, because God created you all as One within Him, and so every thought word or action that one of you engages with affects all.  The being that you feel yourself to be as a human is eternally connected to Source, Mother/Father/God, the infinitely vast field of Love that is and that contains All That Exists.  Everyone without exception is an essential part or member of that eternal and completely fulfilled field of Life.  Without even one of you It would be less than complete, and what is divinely created is always and eternally perfectly complete.

Therefore to judge another or others as unworthy is but to judge yourself.  Every sentient being is a perfect expression of divine Love, created to fulfill and complete the One which is already and always complete.  That seems to be quite a paradox, but, when you awaken, the mists of confusion that fill your individual human minds will dissolve or melt away as the absolute Clarity of divine Light fills your conscious awareness, and you remember your true and divine nature as one with Source, with All of the divine Creation which is limitless, boundaryless, infinitely vast, and all-encompassing.  There is no way out from, no exit from All That Is, all are forever safe, secure, and infinitely loved as they dwell in the divine Embrace that is our Source.  And this is reason to rejoice without ceasing, because to be One with Source is to reside eternally in infinite Joy and Bliss, and to be totally free as you avail of your infinite God-given Power to create beauty and wonder for the delight of all of Creation.

Here in the non physical realms we are in absolute rapture as we observe humanity stirring as one towards its inevitable and enthusiastically awaited awakening.  But of course there is no waiting!  In truth you are already fully and completely awake, you have just chosen not to be fully aware yet of this unalterable and magnificent truth.  You are One, You are fully Awake, You are fully Alive, You are fully Alert, You are absolutely Complete because you are eternally One with Source from Whom separation is utterly impossible.

The welcome that you are about to experience is totally beyond your ability as humans, experiencing severely limited consciousness and awareness, to conceive of.  You are ready for infinite Bliss which is your right and your heritage.  Your release from any sense of unworthiness, shame, guilt, sorrow, and suffering is at hand, as the dark clouds, or mists, or veils that have hidden Reality from you, causing you so much pain, fear, and anxiety, are blown away and forever dispersed by the unimaginably brilliant Light of Reality in which you always have and always will reside in permanent joy and laughter.

With so very much love, Saul.

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