Saul through John: No one has the right to override your own sovereign authority


by John Smallman

Saul Audio Blog for Tuesday October 1st

You are the Oneness that you seek, and so is your sister, your spouse, your friend, and your enemy – everyone is the Oneness that you seek!  When you find It within yourself, where It resides eternally, as you most surely will, then you will also find It in everyone else, and the peace and love that this brings you will fill your heart.  You are Love, your nature is Love, there is nothing else!  And you will come to awareness of this when you allow yourself to fearlessly open your heart to invite It in and toallow It in, because It is your nature which cannot be denied entrance for longer than the briefest of moments.

Your sense of identity, which most place in their bodies, is false.  Your true identity is eternal because God created you, and what He creates is both eternal and perfect!  There are none among you who actually believe that your bodies are perfect in as much as everyone experiences limitation due to being within a body, and, obviously, to be perfect is to be flawless, to be without limitation.  Therefore, in every moment, your bodies demonstrate most clearly to you that they are not You!

So, what are you?  You are One with All of creation – with God, with all of humanity, with All sentient life.  There is NO separation.  Your consciousness, your awareness that you are alive and conscious, is the One field of Consciousness – LOVE – in which all that is sentient has its eternal and absolutely perfect existence.  But, as humans in form, your awareness of this is hidden from you by your own choice, because you chose to experience life in form as a human, and that experience by its very nature is most severely limiting.
You are free – in every moment.  That is to say that the You that is One with Source was created eternally free, because Source is LOVE and Love does not compel, force, restrain, or manipulate, It accepts, honors, and respects all of Itself completely and unconditionally.  And You are All of Itself.

As humans in form, due to the choice you each made to experience the state of separation by incarnating as a human, you find yourselves seemingly severely limited both by your physical bodies and by the state of disorder in which you live.  It is like a dream, which all in form have experienced, that often appears to make absolutely no sense at all, and then you wake up and find yourselves once more conscious, alive, and rational.  Then you tune in to the news and see reports of so much happening throughout the world that is utterly irrational, in fact insane.  It is an extremely confusing state in which you find yourselves, especially because it appears to be so materially and indisputably real.

Humanity has generally accepted the power structures that various social, cultural, and religious authorities have constructed over the eons in order for the few to control the many.  To the many it seemed that those in authority had the right to control and direct.  However, over the past few hundred years, and particularly during the last five or six decades, people have begun to question that authority ever more rigorously.  This is a very necessary aspect of your awakening process, because, as those of you reading or listening to this, and to many other uplifting and inspiring messages, are becoming aware, you are each your own authority!

As One with Source you have the freedom and the inalienable right to live according to your own loving guidance from within yourselves – the guided intuitive sense of what is right for you.  No one has the right to override your own sovereign authority, and therefore of course, nor do you have the right to override anyone else’s sovereign authority over themselves.  When you recognize Love as your nature, and honor It in every moment, you will never choose to do anything to harm or overpower another.

Your awakening process is a growing awareness of the Reality that Love is All.  That there is nothing apart from Love, because All that God has created is incorporated or commingled within the infinite and eternal energy field that is LOVE.  Humanity is becoming aware that only love works, that only love makes any sense, and that anything that is not in perfect alignment with Love always leads to conflict.

Separation is the dream or the game that You constructed in order to experience a state that was detached from Love.  In truth that is utterly impossible because, as I said above, and as many, many others have informed you, there is only Love, there is nothing else, so the experience of form – humanity, any form of life, the universe – is completely illusory.  Form, physicality, is a very clever construction that You built, which enables you to experience non-reality as totally real, as an absolutely alarming state in which all life forms are separate, one from another, and which survive by consuming each other.

Deep within yourselves the knowledge that you are one with Source has always been, and always will be present.  Consequently, even as you play with the concept of separation, and with the resultant fears and anxieties that arise therefrom, you still hope and believe that that state will come to an end and that you will be reunited with Source – maybe in heaven after your physical death.  As you intensify that hope each day when you go within to your holy inner sanctuary, where Love resides waiting for you to invite It in, you will begin to feel, to experience the sense of Source, of Oneness, of Love embracing you and fully accepting you just as you are.  All that you need to do is to accept that any sense of unworthiness or inadequacy that you feel or experience about yourself is invalid, and then Love will dissolve it.

The vast majority of you inherited from your lineage a sense of not being good enough, either in the sight of God, or of family, or of neighbors, and this sense of personal inadequacy was reinforced by the culture in which you grew up, and by whatever religious belief system (or none) to which you were exposed during your formative years.  Being separate means that you feel alone, and yet all around you you see others who are not alone because they belong to a social group,a peer group, or other membership type of group, and because you most desperately want to belong, to be accepted, you make the choice to join one of them, possibly without even being aware that you ever made such a choice.

So my message today is simply to remind you most firmly and lovingly that you, each and every member of the human race – and there are absolutely no exceptions! – are the eternally beloved child of God, permanently extant within the infinite field of Consciousness, that is Source, Mother/Father/God, Love, and in that state peace, joy, and happiness embrace you in every moment.  You are always, and without pause, interruption, or intermission of any kind, permanently One with Source in perfect and adoring Union.

With so very much love, Saul.

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