Magenta Pixie Weighs in on Brexit

The frustration of the British people is palpable regarding yet another Brexit extension. Unless you truly understand the game that is being played at such high levels (or should I say deep levels) then you will forever be caught up in a roller coaster emotional ride of frustration, dashed hopes, incredulous disbelief, anger and fury. Understand the game and jump off that destructive roller coaster ride.

  1. There is a global ‘group’, let’s say, in a position of power (which they are drastically losing but that is another issue).  This ‘group’ includes the EU. This ‘group’ have an agenda. The reasons behind the agenda are multi-layered, and the information is out there if you want to dig deeper.  But the reasons are not necessarily relevant in order to understand the ‘Brexit torture game.’
  2. Part of this group’s agenda is to create superstates and eventually a one world government. The group will continue at any cost to work towards that agenda, not away from it.
  3. Britain is part of the European superstate. Britain leaving the EU is against their agenda, and they will do everything they can to prevent it.
  4. The British cry for freedom through the Brexit leave vote will be punished by this group. Hence the Brexit torture game and roller coaster ride of destruction and emotional pain. This group influences (and controls) the majority of all members of political parties in Britain (not all of them.) Therefore they can present a nicely rehearsed play for the British people, but the end result is always the same. No Brexit.
  5. It makes no difference if you believe this to be true or not. Your belief does not change global truth. It influences only your personal reality.
  6. As long as you remain ignorant to this understanding, you are fully controlled by this group and it’s agenda.
  7. You are not subject to the limitations of a controlled belief structure. You can become sovereign, empowered and free to decide your fate, your emotions and your reality.
  8. Everything has a energy structure behind it, like a template. ‘Brexit’ and all it stands for has already occurred within this template. The British people have already left the superstate, and the collapse of the superstate plan (and the one world government) has already begun. What you are seeing is the desperate last ditch attempt of this group to try and exert what little control they still have.
  9. Your knowing, belief and emotion has an effect on the greater whole (as it creates the template itself.) Therefore when you know you are not controlled, you have already left the EU within your own personal Brexit, echoed by thousands of others, then you actually create this to happen in your reality. Anyone read the book ‘the secret?’ ~ Well this is the same thing only on a much larger, collective scale.
  10. Once enough people hold this knowing and stand as sovereign, empowered and free ~ then that energy template creates a mirrored reaction in the world of physical matter. A ‘manifestation’ if you will. That is when true unity with Europe and with the rest of the world occurs. That unity has nothing to do with the EU in it’s current form.

I am not saying to sit back and do nothing, and don’t bother voting. Still make your vote as long as you are not in resistance to the opposing vote. When you place yourself in ‘battle mode’ through duality, you move away from the balance you need for sovereignty.
Know what is happening, and only then can you see the bigger picture. Another extension to Brexit makes no difference to the outcome for Britain and for this planet. The people who know this truth, understand this game and free themselves from it are the people that are creating the true ‘New World’, which is not a new world order of superstates and a one world government but a world of sovereign, empowered individuals who work for no one but themselves, yet work with everyone else.

Unless you see what is going on at these deep levels then you are continually caught in the destructive roller coaster, and this goes for every country on this planet.

Brexit has already happened. Understand what this means and then you are free.

~ Magenta Pixie