Mike Quinsey's Higher Self Message, December 07, 2018

The realisation that there is an undercurrent of change taking place is becoming apparent to many more people on Earth. It is also being noted that there seems to be more compassion for those souls in need more than ever before. The Human Race is going through a difficult period at present as those who see the greater picture understand the need for action now. More souls than ever are awakening to the needs of the Earth and her people, but struggle to get the support they need. It is a position from which they will emerge victorious but not without a fight.

Some still desire to remain in the old energies and all that they are familiar with, and are reluctant to let them go. Yet the new energies are gaining more power all of the time and it will be impossible to stop the changes from taking place. They will precede the greater changes that will herald the coming of many promised advances that are needed to move out of the old energies. With the dire warnings of an ever increasing warming of the Earth, people will expect or even demand immediate action to prepare for the resultant changes while there is still time. They are taking a lead to get things done and not prepared to wait years for Governments to take worldwide action.

It cannot be emphasized enough that you should seize the opportunity that has now presented itself, to clear your old liabilities that you incurred and brought with you from the previous Age that ended in 2012. You were in effect given a clean sheet to commence the New Age with and as a result should find that life becomes a lot smoother and less troublesome. In fact by now you should be able to acknowledge the change and agree that it is progressing much better than before. The vibrations are continuing to lift up and that alone will make your life move along more smoothly.

Of course there will be outer problems for some time as much is still in a state of change as the old is finding it has no place in the new vibrations. Focus on your own needs and try not to get involved in negative issues that do not concern you. All of your actions should be with a view to continuing your own upliftment. You have passed the marker and an opportunity is presenting itself for you to go all of the way to Ascension. It is not simply just a chance of a life time, but as the Human Race it is one you have not achieved in previous Ages. You may have already decided that you are ready to meet this challenge and be assured your Guides will be delighted, and will do whatever they can to assist you reach your goal.

The future looks bright and as time progresses peace will settle upon the Earth. Those of negative vibrations will have to change or be left behind when there is a parting of the ways, as you cannot rise up unless your vibrations are compatible with the higher ones. It is realised that it means some families will go their separate ways, and this possibility would have been foreseen before they incarnated. Understand that you are sometimes placed with other souls because your presence helps advance them through your example. It is also possible that you will keep contact with them acting as one of their Guides, and we know that attachments to each other can be very strong.

We can understand your dismay at the way events seem to be working out, but moving out of the old energies is not easy, but they must make way for the new ones, and there is no way that they can move forwards with the old ones. There has to be a parting of the ways, and it tends to be abrupt because creating two separate paths is the only way forward that allows the old and the new to continue their evolution. The cycles will continue and be assured there is always going to be another opportunity to ascend, as no soul is denied it. Some may not be interested or ready to move on, but they will always be assisted once they take steps to evolve. The system is absolutely fair and is based upon the freewill granted to every soul regardless of however they have used it. Naturally there is karma to pay but again every help is given where it is requested.

Dear Ones, you are surrounded by other souls who are helping you to achieve your goal of Ascension. You are protected and guided at every step whilst still maintaining your gift of freewill. When you are out of your body as most souls are when their body is rested and sleeping, you will often meet up with your Guides and discuss the plan for your evolution. It is well organised to help ensure your success, but bear in mind that not every soul is ready to ascend and some are still in the early stages of learning. However, all experience is of value even although in your present life it may not seem so that is because you cannot see the overall picture, whereas your Guides can see it including your future possibilities.

For too many lives you have gone through a process of learning where you are never given more challenges than you are capable of handling. Every soul has a different level of ability to take in the lessons being given, so as to use them for their advancement. That is why your world is full of souls with different views of the meaning of life, and following different beliefs. You will most likely have heard the expression that “when the pupil is ready – the Master appears” and it sums up the normal course that souls take. Your schooling is very well prepared even to the point of ensuring that you meet the “right people” who can influence you and help you along your chosen path.

Life is meant to be enjoyable and there are so many experiences that you can choose from, and so much you can learn from them. Understand that they are intended to assist your evolution so that it progresses in an orderly way consistent with your needs. Your life plans are arranged so that you meet the right people and those who pair up and even get married are also part of your life plan. It is a matter of ensuring that all parties concerned gain from their experiences. Obviously there are times when the joining of two souls is to clear negativity that exists between them, so in some senses you should not feel shame if you fail to stay together. Believe it, that every experience you have is for a greater reason that affects your evolution. Having mentioned such aspects of life, please bear in mind that for many of you the hard work has been done and you are now on the path to Ascension.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. It is certainly needed in the middle of so much confusion.

This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.