Dianne Robbons: Consciously Guiding Your Thoughts

I am Adama, and Rosalia is standing by my side. Yes, we did call to you, and you did hear us. We thank you for coming to the computer. There is so much to talk about. 

Consciousness is all there is. It comes in many forms, in many vibrations, many colors. It is all part of the energy spectrum of life. It has wide ranges, heights, and depths, and the key is to excel in all its ranges until you reach Nirvana, where we in Telos dwell. Everything is an exercise in consciousness. Every thought, feeling, and action, and the words you use determine your level of consciousness. Focused attention in every now moment is essential, because now the energies are on the rise, dramatically increasing day by day, and being in control and consciously guiding your thoughts brings you what you want to receive, rather than what you don’t want to receive by random unconscious thoughts. Concentration in the now, focused intent, and visualization of your dream will bring what you want into fruition rapidly now.
Manifestation is on the rise, and you want it to be positive, and to be what you truly desire, so vigilance is needed every moment of your waking day. To be a master, you must master your thoughts and feelings every moment. We call it “being in the Presence”, and the Presence is feeling the Source flowing through you. It is a heightened state of awareness. Being in the Presence allows the God force to permeate every fiber of your being so that you are wide awake and alert and receptive to all that is coming through you. You are then able to receive from the cosmos all you desire and deserve.
In Telos, we plan our lives, our days, and our minutes by clearly feeling our way through life. We are alert to all nuances, and shape our thoughts according to our desires, thereby bringing to us exactly what we want and when we want it. It is practice. And we’ve had eons of practice because of our long lifespans. This is what you have been missing on the surface—you have been missing your longevity, your long lifetimes. This longevity gives you the memories of all you have learned so that you don’t have to keep learning and remembering over and over again. You learn it once, and remember it for many thousands of years in the same body—then manifesting becomes as natural as walking and running. You don’t have to think about it, it just happens. And it happens perfectly.
We see a rapid rise in consciousness now exploding on the surface, and it is time. It is long overdue. Soon you will see the crumbling of the old and the rising of the new. And then we emerge. I am Rosalia.

Thoughts should be pure as the air, light as the wind, and dazzling as diamonds. Then all you think will manifest.

Every thought, feeling, and action, and the words you use determine your level of consciousness.

All that you shall ever seek lies within you. You bring all that you desire to you through your imagination and thoughts.

Copyright © Dianne Robbins