Message from Buddha

You know who I am. I have been around for many, many 1000 years ago. I stayed here for a while, but you guys think that I lived for a short time. I lived for a long time, longer than an average person lives, and I was quite amused by living so long. I was looking and hoping, and helping humanity get to enlightenment. One day, I just got tired of my work and I left.

Now, I am back in this body. This body is a channel, I want to say, I love to come and give my messages.

Today, what we will be talking about is energies. How important is to stay and follow the energies. What do I mean by that, we keep sending you here to Earth a lot of new energies. You need to except them and not resit them, and go with the flow. Not try to analyze them, why your feeling that way or the other way.  Like today, you know what day it is, another gateway opened up. (Feb. 2) You over analyze that, it's not necessary, just enjoy the ride. We are enjoying watching you guys from above, and we are trying to help you get to the ascension. I hope you understand, it's your responsibility to raise your vibrations, meditate and do your work. We are pleased with some lightworkers who have been diligently doing a lot of good work. Spreading the messages over the internet and everywhere they can. We are really grateful for that. We are very happy and pleased. Wishing you to continue the good work.

As mentioned this year, 2020 is going to be quite a year, so be prepared. A lot things will be happening this year. One of them, many things will be changing in politics, which you know, you have been watching very closely, but you don't see everything what's going on. You only see a part of it,  your media likes to give you just a little glimpse of it not telling you the truth, so just use your discernment and don't get to over involved. Just do your work, what you need to do.

Then, it's going to be a lot of interesting things will be happening around the globe, just pay attention, but don't get over alarmed. Like that virus which has been spreading around. It's just another attempt by Cabal to scare you. Don't take that seriously, just follow your intuition and understand nothing can harm you, unless you believe it can harm you.

As mentioned before, there will be some events occurring on Earth, just be prepared. Just want to let you know, that The Chinese Elders have discussed many times on how to bring financial prosperity to humanity. They working very hard to make it happen. You need to cooperate too and help them out, because it's not so simple. A lot things need to be done before all of that change can be accomplished, but don't give up, believe and you will see it will come. That change will come, it's coming, just be patient. You have been patient long enough, so you can be a little bit more patient. Just be yourself and do what you need to do.

Anyway, I am so happy to be here and using this new channel. It's kind of fun, she is little you know getting there. I understand, it's a little difficult for her, she not used to channeling different beings like us, but it's okay, she will eventually get used to that and she will be fine. But it was so fun to come here, I am so happy.

By the way, I just want to say a little joke, but it's true. I am portrayed as Buddha kind a little big, but I am Buddha who was really slim, I meditated, I did everything I felt I needed to do. I was slim but everyone shows me kind of big, but that's okay, I love it, I still love it. (Buddha laughs) I love it, it's so fun to be here. I am so happy, I am really happy. I will be back again. I hope I didn't bore you guys.

I will be back. Namaste, I am Buddha and Thank you.

Channeled by Erena Velazquez

Source: Received by E-Mail.