Twin soul ascension report: Deep shifts taking place for all 144000 1st wavers

Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high. It is our sincerest honour to come forward to you all in this moment with a sacred message from the higher dimensional realms of consciousness - that which is known as home.We would like to Take this opportunity to remind you all that 2020 is the year of disclosure. 2020 is the year All previously hidden technologies Will be released to humanity.
These are technologies that have been reverse-engineered From off-planet Ships and beings, And these are technologies that have been hidden in secret by the old archaic powers that were- whose time is now well and truly up.There is not one soul who has committed atrocities to humanity particularly children who will not receive the highest retributions For the vast levels of trauma they have inflicted on the innocent.
The time of disclosure is most definitely a double-edged sword as we expressed in our last Ascension report - humanity is about to be exposed to information that has the capacity to traumatise even the most grounded and hardiest of Souls, there is nothing that can be done about this - this is all part of the healing of the third dimension- that which caused horrific suffering is now ending and in this ending, all that was in the shadow is being brought into the light.
Although this is disturbing beyond belief, the fact that this information is coming out is proof that the old world is dying and the new Earth is rising. There have been profoundly huge shifts taking place within the collective divine feminine consciousness in this gateway. Many many in the Divine feminine collective have truly released all hooks and attachments they were holding towards their divine masculine.
The Divine feminine has truly remembered that she is stabilised in the zero point field of consciousness, the point of no time and the point where all timelines converge in the present moment of now.The Divine feminine has awoken from the nightmare that somehow she is not fulfilling her mission if she is not in physical Union with her twin soul and she has realised that nothing could be further from the truth - the Divine feminine is on her mission in an extraordinarily inspirational way, and she is exuding her radiance far and wide for all to see.
This shifting within the Divine feminine consciousness is having a huge effect on the collective divine masculine consciousness, who now, in many ways, are experiencing thesensation of the plug being pulled from their illusory 3D lifestyles that they have created.
The divine prophecy is being fulfilled at an unprecedented rate by awakened humanity at this time, and it is our most sincerest honour to be the mirror that truly recognises the Eternal being that you are and shall always be.
Dear ones, the next transmission will take place on the 14th february -In this transmission we are being very strongly guided to work with the Divine mother mother Mary we are being asked to send a powerful blessing of protection to all of the children that are currently experiencing abuse on the planet at the moment. We are also being guided to send powerful healing currents to all those that perpetuate abuse towards children and and vulnerable adults. This transmission will mark a period whereby we will come together regularly to harness our Potent energies on the etheric level in order to activate a dispensation of divine intervention and divine protection for all vulnerable beings currently on the earth and all the beings who have been kidnapped or human trafficked - who reside in cells, cages, and in the DUMBS which are the Deep Underground Military Bases. This is crucial work that the ground crew are being asked to address now at this time, and please know all will be revealed in due course.
In this transmission We are also being guided to send out a highly auspicious blessing to the 144000 genuine bonafide first wave twin soul pairs who have incarnated in order to live out and embody the highest relationship template in the universe. In order to activate this blessing on the beautiful and Powerful day that is Valentine's Day - we will be working with Yeshua and Magdalene and the energies of Avalon and the Holy Grail.
(please see below for full details on how to book onto this powerful and highly auspicious transmission.)
Remember dear ones your parental lineage is high and very very holy.
Claim your royal bloodline, remembering that the royal bloodline, in truth is, alignment and Remembrance with the actuality of the Divine sovereignty that I am and that You are, and that which must be claimed your own.
The one who claims their inherent sovereignty is the one who can be referred to as being of the Royal bloodline…...Brothers and Sisters we all carry the same blood, therefore we are all of the Royal bloodline and the ultimate secret is to embrace and remember this at all times.
It would be our deepest honour to welcome you on the valentines day portal transmission.
in love and Eternal Light
Jenji and the white wolf tribe