David Wilcock: The Cosmic Dark Night of the Soul... + Your Recording!


The ramifications of what is happening in the world at this time cannot be under-estimated. 

Sunday I laid out all the many, many layers that have twisted and turned their way into this highly bizarre, seemingly “grand pandemic…”

We also fearlessly confronted and laughed about many of the players behind the scenes, who only have a few more minutes left in the script to work their magic. Not a minute was wasted… I worked as quickly as I could while still honoring the material. 

You can watch the five-hour livestream here. I apologize that it is so long but I had to get all of that intel out in one concentrated burst, before anything else happens. 

And what else are you doing right now? Watering the plants? Be careful with that, they will revolt if you do too much! LOL

I’m honestly humbled and blown away that 26,000 people were still there with me all the way into the 5th hour including the group meditation we did at the end of the broadcast.

The Meditation Effect, scientific studies in at least 39 published and documented reports, says it takes just 7,000 people to shift the collective consciousness — and we had 400 percent more than that number coming together, all at once!

And in just over 24 hours, over 370,000 of you have watched at least a part of this mega- livestream, and meditated with us for world peace and freedom! The first video we did has now crossed the half-million mark, which was impossible in the “old days” of shadowbanning…. You know, like last week!

By helping us spread the word, more people are being prepared, and that is good news for ALL OF US.
Most amazingly, the very day after we released the broadcast, the mysterious source, “17”, that we discussed so much at the end of the video, validated EVERYTHING we were just saying — about Charles Lieber and what biological goo was really brought over to China in his minion’s socks last December. 

If you don’t understand what I am talking about, please go watch the latest five-hour video, and you can click on the links underneath the description on my YouTube page. 

This was almost certainly only one of multiple “couriered” shipments of the same problem. The good guys thankfully intercepted one of them.

The source also took the chance to again reiterate that “Nothing Can Stop What is Coming,” after clearly telling us “Do Not Fear.”  

Look. All BS aside. This is ABSOLUTELY HUGE. Never did I expect to see this level of “proof.” It is honestly mystifying, supefying, awe-inspiring and humbling. 

I am continuing to have one jaw-dropping epiphany after another as I see that we are now indeed in the first wave of the Ascension process. Not the solar-flash part, but the first wave that various books talked about, each of which I read even before the Law of One. 

The part we are now in is the Cosmic Dark Night of the Soul on the global level — but again, that’s only page 85-90 of the story, and there’s much nicer plot points coming soon!

Don’t forget that you are not dying. This is not the end. All you are dying to is the person you were up until this planetary mega-event happened. You are not the same and will not be the same. Ever again. Of that I am quite certain. 

The Cosmic Christ, as I argue in my upcoming book, Awakening in the Dream, to be released this summer, and in our new course, The Great Awakening, is the mind of our Galaxy — or what the Law of One calls the Logos. 
This is your own true cosmic mind, since we are all a perfect hologram of the Logos, which the Law of One also defines as “Love.” 

Once you learn to identify the Cosmic Mind, it quickly becomes obvious that it is an embodiment of pure love. 

And that love does have boundaries, guidelines and, yes… absolute requirements. 

You may not like what you are being asked to go through, but buck up my friend, there’s a war out there... and your “country” — of ET humans and weird, gaseous cosmic lifeforms — needs you. 

Remember that we are here to be of service, while also making sure that we put our own masks on first. (Wow. That now has a bizarre connotation I didn’t even think of until after I wrote it.) 

It is quite clear to me that we are getting a very significant “practice run” on Ascension through this current process… the first wave, if you will. Everyone will still be here after the global “three days of darkness,” when the lights come back on (in a sense). 

Hence, 17 said “DARKNESS TO LIGHT” in some of their posts, along with “IT’S GOING TO BE BIBLICAL.” Really think about that. There could be more to it than I thought. But I digress.

If everything happens the way we think it will, and we shouldn’t have long to find out…. The world will quite literally never be the same. 

In the name of all things holy… OH. MY. GOD. I finally see it now.

Ready or not, here it comes: Ascension, Wave I. Guess what you’re in now? The Cosmic Dark Night of the Soul part. 
And I get it. This is very hard. It is not at all a vacation.

It is the first true planetary “ego death” we have ever had to experience. Oh, worse and faster than the Great Depression? Seemingly out of nowhere? All right, fair enough. As the beleaguered British people intoned amidst the explosive hijinks of their draconian masters in WWII, Keep Calm and Carry On. 

I am ready and I feel very confident that I can help you navigate this initiation, and that everything is going to be just fine. Here on terrestrial 3D earth. It will be the same but never the same. All at once. For you. And me. And everyone. 

As I have said for years, there are different types of Ascension, ranging from the 4D “field goal” to the 7D “touchdown.” Those deeper layers must be taught outside of the scrutiny of LARPS and hataz.