Jesus through John: You are never alone


by John Smallman

Jesus Audio Blog for Saturday March 28th

In these times of increasing chaos and confusion know that your support teams in the non-physical realms are awake and alert to your every call.   Do call on your own personal supporters who are in spirit for guidance and comfort in these troubling times, because they very much want to communicate with you so that you can feel the embrace of their loving energy fields bringing you peace and reducing your anxiety.

These times are perfect for you to strengthen your connection with us here in the spiritual realms because you have plenty of time to sit quietly and relax into your holy inner sanctuary where Love and Peace are always in residence.   Give yourself plenty of time to do this – you have plenty – and allow the peace of this holy inner space to envelop you.  Distractions will arise – impatience, hunger, thirst, sleepiness.  Therefore be ready for them by setting the intent, as you relax into this space, to maintain your focused attention – on a candle, your breath, the floor just in front of you, a plant, or anything that you feel comfortable and at ease focusing on for more than a few moments – and then be quiet, alert, and ‘listen’ for your intuition, inner guidance, or the spiritual entity to whom you direct your prayers, to commune with you.

Remember, You are never alone.

Your loving brother, Jesus

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