Mike Quinsey's Higher Self Message, April 10, 2020

The Coronavirus seems to have peaked in many countries and is leaving a trail of problems behind. It heralds a period of introspection as Governments seek ways to avoid such a catastrophic experience again. The after effects will cause many difficulties in respect of seeking a new path that will overcome such a possibility again. Change is the keyword but how do you predict your future needs as you head towards new territory. You have much time to make up as you should by now have been much more advanced than you are at present. Everything you need to step into the New Age is now available, providing those who are holding you back release their hold upon you. Be assured that there are powerful forces pushing hard for your future freedom from restraint and they have been successful in curtailing the power of the dark Ones, although they will always remain a nuisance but able to be handled.
Your path to the future is ordained and once your present confusion settles down, you can focus on creating a path that will take you all the way to the Promised Land. Great things await you and you will not be disappointed. This year should see you getting your first glimpses of what the future holds for you, but be aware it may take some time before you see it come to full fruition. You need to know what lies ahead so that you can fully prepare for it, and it will be enjoyable as you secure your freedom and enter times of peace and security. By projecting your vision of what it will be like you are helping to bring it into being at the earliest time. There is much to prepare before the Event comes about and you are lifted into the higher vibrations, and we will ensure that you are well prepared.
In the meantime keep focussed on your goal and do not look back, as the old can no longer be of use to you. You are now creating your future and the old ways are no longer applicable or adequate. As you progress so shall your vibrations rise even higher and continue to do so until you ascend. It will be just reward for all souls that have come so far to be here at the final outcome. In the years that still lay ahead much will change for the better and pave the way to completion. During this time you will learn much that will prepare you for your new life as a Galactic Being. You will hardly be able to comprehend the degree to which you will change and you will be a willing participant.
Whatever obstacles should cross your path take it all in your stride and do not let it deter you from your goal. This is no time for the faint hearted so be strong and dedicated to your path and you will be sure to succeed. After the chaos many souls will step forward to lead the way, and present a new approach to achieve a successful conclusion. You have all come long way to reach this point in your evolution and your skills have been made all the stronger for it. You are well prepared for the remainder of your journey and know that all along it you will have plenty of support and protection. You are special souls who have the power and strength to meet all of the challenges that may yet cross your path, and you can be assured that we are always following your progress.
You have the potential to achieve great things and much of it depends on your opinion of yourself and your abilities. Nothing is really out of your reach except that you lack the belief in yourself and your capability to achieve what you desire. Nothing can now stop your progress because as you wish or desire so it eventually it becomes your reality. By doing so you attract like energy’s to yourself which is another reason why you should not give your energies to negative thoughts. By focussing upon your fears you give energy to the very things that trouble you instead of ignoring them.
Since the New Age started we have encouraged you to keep an open mind as to what the future may hold for you, as you have entered new territory creating your pathway as you go along. It is why we encourage you to stop looking back for inspiration. In this new time you could say that everything is possible and there is much truth in it, as the New Age offers you a multitude of different opportunities. As you might say “the Skies the Limit” so think big and have the belief that whatever you aim for is within your capabilities, and we on our side will help you all we can as we dearly wish you to succeed.
The prospect of at last moving out of the lower vibrations should inspire you to greater things. It is all there for the taking and you have truly earned the right to leave the lower vibrations behind. You are all looked upon as brave souls who knew that you would lose touch with your true reality. You have lived in a dream world and many experiences have been nightmares and you have now left them behind for good. The whole experience has not been wasted as you have grown in stature and strength and have also become much wiser. Perhaps more importantly you have grown in understanding, so much so that you have the potential to become leaders to help those who follow on.
It is understandable that some of you will have concerns in respect of your present family and friends, so know that all souls will find themselves exactly where they need to be to continue their evolution. Sometimes groups will remain together but clearly some souls will follow their chosen path alone. The type of society that you are used to will eventually evolve into very small units that will be self-supporting, made possible by advances in technology. Even at this time it is becoming apparent that it is the way forward.
The world has become a smaller place with the advent of travel and those who were once isolated have touched the world outside never to completely return to their old ways of living. Sharing has become more important than ever and so it will continue as things are beginning to rapidly change. It may seem something of a turmoil until things settle down, but be assured that they will.
I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.
In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.