Let us not fall into hate... and a video from God


Now is the Time to Love Beyond Reason
I rarely watch the news or comment on it, but I cannot remain silent tonight. As riots break out in our cities, and hatred has reached fever pitch, let us be the lights that we truly are – no matter our skin color, no matter what we've suffered through, no matter our differences, for in our depth we are one and that is truth.  

Lest someone try to tell me I don't understand because I'm a "privileged white woman," I pray you hear and feel my soul.  I have been a black slave – beaten and tortured. I have been a white woman. I have been a man rotting in a dungeon in the 14th century, and woman raped by pirates in 1726 in Seaside Heights, NJ. I have been a queen forced to turn away those in need to run a country. I have been an impoverished little girl taken by a rich family onto the Titanic who drowned in the ice.

I have been many things in many lives... So have you.

The infinite takes many forms, but in truth we are, and always have been sourced from the One, cloaked in a shallow veil of skin, incarnated in circumstances that created the lessons we chose, and yet LOVE, love is what we are all seeking to see and be, no matter our skin or circumstance. It is the soul's only truth and final destination.

Now is not the time to fall into hatred and superficial divisions.

Now is the time to be a force of love.

Now is the time for us love beyond reason...

I am sickened by the videos of George Floyd's senseless death. Even if his soul chose to be a black Christ on the cross, I am still crying over the effects of human hatred.

I am sickened by the fear and woundedness that infested and possessed the man who killed him.

I am sickened by the hatred that has erupted in so many ways on this planet – the hatred which is a parasite far more dangerous to human souls than the virus which has travelled through human bodies.

Let us each take the courageous step to love one another in spite of differences - in spite of different beliefs, skin colors, ideologies, opinions.

Let us take the courageous step not only to pray for the family and friends of a man sickly and unjustly killed, but also for the family and friends of a man who forgot his humanity and committed the crime. Let us pray that all souls possessed by fear, hatred, and darkness be raised back into God's light, for only with our prayers can we heal the hateful. 

Let us not hate the haters because in that energy we only propagate the virus of hatred.

A body that turns upon itself cannot live, and yet one that realizes its unity can only become stronger. The protests, although many embody further division, spring from a noble and underlying desire for unity.

Let us please focus more strongly on that.

Let hate not beget hate, but rather please God, let love beget love in our individual lives until that is what truly goes viral. I pray we remember who and what we are - sourced from, birthed from, given life by One Love.

May the light of love rise up within all human hearts until we can, at long last, look in each other's eyes and see nothing less. 


I had my own ideas about what I was going to do on Saturday. God wanted a video.  So I spent 8 hrs making a 6 minute video. As I witnessed the riots in my city tonight on the news, I understood why.

Enjoy this gentle channeled reminder from the Divine.

May it soothe and uplift all hurting hearts and remind us who and what we truly are. Feel the loving energy in the voice as you listen, especially near the end.

May we be the light we wish to see in the world. May we be strong enough not to get sucked into the angry vibes in the world, but rather remain gentle, kind, yet powerful forces of a greater loving truth.
I love you all so much,
All My heart,