Healing the divide, and the beauty of destruction

Written By Ashley Ulizzi on May 30

"Now is not the time to be drawing lines in the sand. Now is not the time for more separation. Now is the time to be coming together as one human collective. Even when you have different perspectives, and even when those different perspectives seem like enough of a reason to go into an us versus them mentality, you don’t actually have to go there. One of your defining characteristics as a race is your willingness to let go, to forgive, and to see past those differences" 

Who decided there was a difference in the first place? 

Who decided they were more worthy than someone else? 

What fuels the differences? Money, religion, race, sex, politics, exc? 


Its an ILLUSION based on constructed beliefs we were fed as a society, some bought it, some didnt. And it starts from a very early age, just take a look at the marketing young kids are fed. 

Its an illusion based on the thought that someone is more worthy because they have more money, things, social recognition, skin color exc. Which leads people from an early age to be driven by their ego. 

The ego also can drive this divide because it wants to be right, it wants to be fulfilled exc, but it is not the basis of happiness. In fact an ego driven life is one of un fullfillment. 

Ive personally come to the conclusion, thanks to Abraham Hicks, that there are only 2 types of people in the world. Ones that are connected to source/their higher selves, and ones that are not.  However the divide in this case is only within themselves, because everyone has the potential and capability of tapping in.

Your higher self does not criticize, it seeks to understand, it knows that your opinion is not my opinion and does not care. When you are in tune with your higher self you operate from a place of authenticity and transparency. Your not concerned with creating differences, because to you there is none. You are happy when people are thinking for themselves no matter what. This is why I am so open and free with my beliefs, my outlooks, and what I stand for. Because I know that by living from a place of authenticity, does not stop anyone from doing it themselves, but actually helps give them the courage to do it as well.  This starts with the simple act of letting someone else believe whatever they want to believe and not letting it effect you. This is about being an example of what is possible for EVERYONE. This is about having no judgement on others own personal journeys to their truths, their inner knowing. 

How many times have you seen friendships fall apart, familes have issues, conflict arise, because of 2 different belief systems. Think, the war created + fueled on social media between "vax and anti vax", "Pro trump, anti trump",  “Religious vs spiritual", "black vs white" exc.  When in reality, there is only 1 belief system being created and fueled and that is one that "everyone has to think the same way" - which was the manipulation we were all fed for so long, the divide they wanted to create. 
BUT, More and more people every day are disconnecting from the illusion and are coming together and it is beautiful. 


Narrative no more!

We heal this divide by disconnecting from that illusion and re connecting within ourselves, with our truth. 

We heal this divide by helping anyone who needs it, no matter their income, race, gender, social status exc. 

We heal this divide by finding common ground such as "You are willing to wonder if the version of reality, the story you are being told, is in fact the truth as the person speaking it knows truth to be". 

We heal this divide by becoming a giver, while acknowledging giving or recieving does not limit you or anyone else, there is NO scarcity. 

We heal this divide by forgiveness, and using it as a superpower. 

We heal this divide by stepping into + absorbing unconditional love and letting that lead the world over fear. 

We heal this divide by cheering eachother on instead of putting each other down. 

We heal this divide by replacing judgement with curiosity.

We heal this divide by putting more energy toward our own families + true happiness, rather than the status quo. 

We heal this divide by having no artificial lens infront of us when interacting with any person.

"What you need is to accept that someone else’s perspective is just as valid as yours. And when you let go of your resistance to what someone else believes is going on behind the scenes, or even right in front of your faces, then you will know that you have benefitted from being in a topsy-turvy time and a polarized society. And so, when you can celebrate the fact that someone is at least thinking for themselves and marching to the beat of their own drummer, then you know you will have acknowledged that person’s free will, and you will not feel in any way threatened by the fact that their version of reality doesn’t line up with yours."

This is all a work in progress. 

And Progress looks a lot like destruction. 

"Enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or becoming happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. Its seeing through the facade of pretense. Its the complete eradication of everything that was imagined to be true." 

There is so much beauty in destruction. We are experiencing destruction on many levels within ourselves right now,  and all systems globally. If you look closely you can see the perspectives being played out here. As we are all experiencing the same global destruction, we are not all experiencing it in the same way.  We are experiencing it from the level of destruction we are having within ourselves. 

This is why you have people who are excited about what is happening, confused about what is happening, and mortified by what is happening. And many others in between. So that leads alot of people to ask, “how the eff can I get excited about this?”

Lets break it down, and ill share with you how I have gotten myself to that point. 

1. Destruction of our financial system


PSA - We are not ment to pay bills and die, people. Wealth is not limited. Wealth does not discriminate. But it was heavily manipulated. Our current system is crumbling and it is so good. It was never designed to support the people, and is compleatly effed up in itself. This is not a crash/recession, yet a restructure and re distribution. You can learn more about that here…and here.

2. Destruction of our healthcare system

The veil is being lifted for everyone right now, and many of us knew what was behind it for many years, however its a full on display for everyone on the planet now. Our healthcare system was not designed to support health, but profit. They actually set their system up as a true pyramid scheme. It has succeeded in convincing people to outsource their wellbeing to someone outside of them. It has succeeded in making people believe a pill/ vaccine over a simple CHEAP solution like diet, natural earth found supplement, oils exc. is the answer.  But that narrative is done as the grip of big pharma is CRUMBLING. People are freaking out because they now have to be their own advocate for themselves and possibly their entire family. Heres a thought for you if your new to this, Have you ever wondered why something is "free”. Free prescriptions, free vaccination exc. You know what im reffering to, get your flu shot and get a free Turkey! When people started waking up to this narrative, they then started bribing people. If its that good you wouldnt have to bribe people. RED FLAG all around. This is the same reason we have never had an Alexa in our home…. Food for thought.

3. Destruction of the political system

Welcome! We have now moved past "Democrat vs Republican"!  And we have now entered,  “Light vs Dark” . Even for those who have never been into politics cant avaoid what is happening right now. This is happening on such a deep internal level.. globally!.  Dig under the narrative being pushed on the media. Again people dont break into empty houses. This is why I am a huge advocate for free thinking, and not going with the status quo. When you do your own research, you often land at a compleatly different place than the original message being pushed.. there are many things like this ladys experience, occuring. For those of you who want to know more but dont quite understand all the logistics of politics (me!), I reccomend starting here.


Lots of interesting things here.

4. Destruction of the media

For many people the media is their life story, they wake up, turn on the news/grab their phone jump on social media and accept what they are told. Personally I never watch the news, because I know that is not where I would find truth, and to be honest from a very early age It caused me anxiety because its all bad!. But for many this is the basis on which they live their life. Cue in the depression and mental illness we have running rampant. (Media, big pharma, Full circle)


So if people do not break into empty houses, they wouldnt need to put a lock on the door to protect the valuables inside, right? So, For the same reason as there would not be censorship if there was nothing to hide! In this case it is the truth. Fact checking days are nearly over due to this EO. If you are a buisness owner, I would recommend saving your content for a new platform that will arise. I believe what we are currently experiencing is a transition to a society of free + critical thinkers. If your ready to challenge your thinking and confront the way we have all been manipulated heres this awesome, enlightening documentary.

Out of shadows video. 


Having resilience right now and always, is key.

Heres why: 

Resilience: Resilience means knowing how to cope in spite of setbacks, or barriers, or limited resources. Resilience is a measure of how much you want something and how much you are willing, and able, to overcome obstacles to get it. It has to do with your emotional strength.


And while I fully feel like we are all living real life jumanji right now…I also know the light is going to keep shining brighter.

The truth right now for everyone- "You are being presented with 2 choices, evolve or repeat" 

People who are afraid of change and hold onto their comfort zones tighter than their wallet, are freaking out right now during this destruction. 

Many are clinging onto these false benefits we have been led to believe and begging to be kept in a cage and they dont even know it. 

We have a society where so many people try to "fit in" to that narrative instead of seeking out their own truth. 

Ive never been a sheep.
Ive been made fun of, mocked, alone, exc. I will never put myself in a box to please anyone/have more friends/followers/exc. 

Its not worth it and that does not serve anyone.

Authenticity + transparency is the way of the new world!

It is truly exciting to seek out the light, to see past the dust cloud.

There is no going back. We are moving forward into a whole new world.

Ashley Ulizzi


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