Joaquin of the Galactic Federation via Galaxygirl - June 1, 2020


We are representatives of the Galactic Federation. Last night we woke this one up to inform her that humanity was freed. We wish to elaborate upon this news bulletin. For you are currently experiencing a cacophony of energetic realities that we know, and can observe being felt as overwhelm. The light has overwhelmed the darkness. You are now seeing and feeling this expression of battle, of discord as energies separate and stretch higher or lower into different dimensional constructs and realities.

We are the Galactic Federation. We speak as one tonight. We are many, from many systems and we are holding light and love around your little world. For you are the center of our hearts’ focus in this most pregnant now and we offer you our solidarity, our condolences where appropriate, and most of all our love. We offer you our love and strength. We fill your skies with strength, with fortitude. The 4th dimensional construct is rending, tearing. You are seeing this in full expression in your realities with the chaos and noise, the loneliness, the grief, as the old is being ripped away. We assure you there is much better news to come, there is much joy on the horizon. But in the midst of this time of ‘not yet’ we surround you with our love and light. We wish to open a portal now at the crown so that you may feel this download of love. May we proceed? (Yes, please). We are fully aligned with the heart of Mother Father and the will of Creator. It is our will to be fully in tune with the music of the spheres of creation, of love, of bliss and to bring these energetics wherever there is lack of them. Gaia has been in an energetic prison matrix for millennia. But you know this. This is not new news to many. What will be news to many is that you are being liberated from within and from without for Creator has deemed enough is enough. We see incremental improvements within the energetic frequency constructs moment by moment. We see much change. You who are in the thick of it and feel the heavier muddy waters need to know that all is well, that all will be well, and all is most certainly well. Please feel this wellness, this assurance of faith, of solidarity, of strength in numbers. Feel our presence in your skies. Our love we extend to you freely, our technology we will share with you most gladly in the most opportune moment. Moment by moment we are closer to these happy times. We wish for you to feel our vibration of celebration and peace, of self assuredness that all will be most well.

I am Joaquin, a member of the Galactic Federation and a soldier of light. My planetary system is light years away. We have all come to join our energies, to watch and to lend our vibration of love and support. The dark ones are being cleared moment by moment. The riots are hollow noises, echos of the past as they are removed. (I am seeing shadow beings being escorted away, the riots are their screaming as they exit).

I am Joaquin of the Galactic Federation. I have been with this group for 4 years of service but it has always been my aim to serve the light. I have been this one’s brother in many ages past. She feels my energy and is reminded of home. We are not just the Galactic Federation, friends, we are your family. We are eager to welcome you fully and completely into the higher realms and realties but know that you are doing a tremendous act of love by your service to the light. Your sacrifice is noted. Do not let these muddy waters weigh you down. (I am seeing a mighty river and how the sediment eventually sinks to the bottom and the clear waters float on top, clear and pure). We are surrounding your planet with the crystal clear waters of the higher vibrations. The Schumann spikes are yet another blessing of positive energies offered by the cosmos for you. Absorb in the light, the peace, the love, the hope. Absorb our tremendous love for you. Love is not weak. It is the strongest power in the universe and we are surrounding you with our love for you, now and always.

I am Joaquin of the Galactic Federation. It has been my privilege and honor to connect again with my sister and with you all. Light workers, fellow soldiers welcome home. We have infused your auras with more of the clear waters. May your soul drink them in and be soothed. Much is going on behind the scenes. The outer riots do not need to be your inner chaos. Inner peace will be the highest sought-after commodity and it is yours now should you make peace with these changes, with the adulterations of the past, bless them, and move ahead into the new. We see much joy and newness of creation for humanity. We are delighted to serve in this co-creative process. Life is eternal dear friends. This is but a moment of perceived insanity, but its is only such as the matrix that you have been within is insanity. Love is sanity. Service to others is sanity. Power within is sanity. Godliness, purity, truth, joy, camaraderie, fellowship is sanity and it is what is to come for this little space pocket that has drawn so much attention and has contained so much heartbreak for so many, yes, but also great joy. Peace brothers and sisters. Peace. The timing is right and it is close. That is all I am permitted to say. We offer our salute to you in service and our hearts to you in love, with tremendous respect. We all have tremendous respect for you.

We love you. In service, I am Joaquin of the Galactic Federation. Out.

~ galaxygirl