June 2020 News from Sharon Stewart of Implant Communications


Hi everyone, Sharon here. We are in such exciting times right now as we see Trump take on the Deep State and start taking their power away from them. Word is that they are being arrested, and I believe now with Julian Assange's wikileaks files having been released to us, they're leaving it to the "citizen journalists," the Anons, and other lightworkers to spread intel found within them to the public. There is a reason, and there always has been a reason, that intel is being released to us and that is so we can spread it around and get as many possible aligned with the Truth. Because when they have announcements or as it's been referred to ,"a world televised sitdown," where they tell us the truth, I believe the shock that will be felt around the world as people are exposed to the truth of their lives will be staggering.
Ivo and I also discussed the implications it would have on the magnetic fields surrounding the earth. They measure these fields in the Schumann Resonance, which you've probably seen images of already, and they were able to measure the impact via the resonance of 9/11. So if this shock is far greater than 9/11's, which I'm estimating it will be, our magnetic fields will be in for some fluctuation. Our emotions resonate at the same frequency as these fields and our emotions are able to affect the fields, as they are able to affect our emotions. We know when the Schumann whites out, we react emotionally. I suspect that lightworkers/empaths will be the ones to take more of the shock that is collectively rendered, and that's one reason we're being prepared. It's up to us to try to calm the magnetic fields otherwise there may be weather backlash, or backlash of some other type.
The more people are exposed to what's going on the better. The less they will react when the horrible truth of the children being removed from the DUMBs comes out. I've seen them in there, I know this isn't made up. My sources have told me this has been going on for much longer than we know, not just this last hundred years or so. In the times of Atlantis, in fact, the negative faction from Mars influenced the people to begin crossbreeding humans with animals, and some of the children who have been taken out of the bases now are hybrid as well! Atlantis was 12,000+ years ago, so someone somewhere has been doing these breeding experiments on earth since at least then.
Read up on my website: https://sharonandivo.weebly.com/liberation-of-earth-1.html
I'm finding more and more people within my little city that are awakened to whatever degree and it's heartwarming to think there are so many people who understand the Deep State and that it's gotta go! As for all of this, I love that people are changing and that earth is awakening as a whole, but the love of my life is always metaphysics and spirituality, and I'm more inclined to want to delve deeper into its secrets than relate to life in the physical. Just not my cuppa tea anymore.
All I know is whatever the case, this all HAS TO STOP. Violation of ourselves and our children MUST STOP! And thank God people are doing something about it. We're all a part of this; that's why we incarnated on earth now. By the way, Trump isn't the one who's doing all the work - the Alliance is a global outfit of those who stood up and said that the Deep State will not be able to implement their New World Order. Trump was invited in after all of this was underway. He is, however, able to make executive decisions for his country only, and you see he's doing his best with globalist outfits like the World Health Organization, who are actually pushing the Virus rather than trying to help us. All this evil will be revealed during announcements. Hopefully the WHO and the United Nations will fall, or be repurposed towards a transparent humanitarian GESARA-compliant organization of peacemakers.
We do have a job in this and it's an important one: to be the media this world needs that will tell the truth. We know that ETs approached the people of earth rather than the governments of earth because the corrupt governments had turned them away for decades. And so it's our duty to try to get the word out as much as possible, even with censorship and shadow banning on social media. The irony is that they themselves have provided the platforms that we are to contribute to their downfall with, so thanks so much, Cabal!
As for the war in the inner cities, there are some cities more affected than others. Much of it is being done underground (there are catacombs underneath Paris and NYC, for example, as well as the miles of underground tunnels that run under every major city in the world.) At this time, Canada isn't that affected. The underground war is focused on major spots like the U.S., parts of Europe and also parts of Asia. The Illuminati are being arrested.
If you want step by step reports of what's going on underground, watch updates by Blessed2Teach on youtube. These Christian patriots have access to inside intel and know which bases are now of the Light and which are still being fought over. They update a few times a week. As Rick says, make sure you subscribe and the bell is still activated because his channel is being censored and his viewers' settings are being tampered with. In the same vein, make sure this email doesn't end up in your spam or your trash folder because little gremlins will reset your email settings to ensure you don't get this. They have tampered with my settings to try to prohibit my receiving newsletter opt-ins, however they underestimate my contact with my higher self who will "on a whim" direct me to check those folders in my accounts. Now I just check regularly.
Bill Gates is under house arrest. Ivo told me the Light is hoping that he will turn and begin to work with them for a lighter sentence. I don't know what kind of sentence he's gunning for when he was out to kill everyone in the world. Maybe he gets to pick how he'll be executed.
Dr Anthony Fauci is being set up for a fall. I believe that he will take the fall for false COVID-19 reporting and any other nefarious activities the cabal got up to trying to push this virus. Now I see that he's worked together with Gates to push the virus and he may be behind its creation. That's the only reason he's still standing on the podium behind Trump - because his day is still coming.
Trump mentioned the use of UV light to kill off viruses and bacteria in the body. He may be introducing the med bed technology that so many of us are waiting to have.
What we have now is divided governments throughout the world, each pushing to forward their own agendas. And a bunch of people who have no idea there even is a Light force working to free them because they don't realize they're enslaved! There are what I call "hot spots" around the world that are dealt with first. When Trump gets this first push of arrests and releasing of children from the Illuminati pedo's, there will be more. Soren of the Delta Forces has alluded to the potential necessity for another global shutdown like this one. Hopefully it won't come to that, but we have to realize we're in a situation of global change here. What we knew as being normal will never be again.
For the rest of us who sit here watching, it's a question of doing your daily work, working with your shadow to free yourself to align with your higher self. And waiting. Believe me, you'll be very busy after announcements. People will be approaching anyone who has a clue to discuss what this all means. From there, it will be a question of implementing the new age as we all learn to become more spiritual, we stop attacking others, and start to work for the greater good.
If you didn't realize it, we're going through a collective "dark night of the soul," together now. It gets darkest before the dawn, as all that is negative within us is released for the sake of vibrating higher.
I am predicting enormous changes in our daily lives before year end 2020, so we have to take it one day at a time. Each day be grateful you woke up, you're healthy and happy, and keep your focus positive. That's a lot you can do for this world right now.
If you're interested in getting some basic background information for your friends and family that need to be "red-pilled", that need to have their eyes opened, check out my new website, "Your Underground News," where I have outlined many of the current world issues in detail for those non-believers to take their first look at. I posted up what I hope are engaging questions that will help them to overcome the cognitive dissonance of mind control and begin to embrace the sad truth of life in this world 2020. Ivo and Athena worked with me, as we frequently do, ghostwriting on this website. They added some engaging points into the mix.
I've asked people not to respond to these emails, yet some are responding with personal questions. I understand you have questions, but understand I have answers that I've been repeating ad nauseum over the last 4 years. They're in our books, they're on our website, my facebook groups, my facebook feed, my facebook pages.... you name it, I've posted in as many places as I could think of.
In light of this, I've decided that I need to post to ONE place: my website. It's already set up as a resource for lightworkers, but I'll be expanding it in many directions as soon as I think of more ways that will be of benefit to the greater good. As I continue to learn, now working with the Ascended Masters, you will continue to hear about it.
I am working at making my website http://sharonandivo.weebly.com, a more effective resource. As my work with Ivo and the rest of Implant Communications is split in many different areas, there is no limit to the things I can channel. I have dedicated pages to the Storm, Lightworker activation (my blog as well as the Articles pages), and Disclosure (Request for Contact, ET Profiles pages). I am channeling and creating videos on all these subjects so our video library on youtube is also a dearth of information. Following on with that, our books provide information to lightworkers on a variety of subjects. Stop Being a Victim! was written by me in order to help those victimized by this Archontic regime overcome their fears and rise in power, as we all need to do.
Thank you,