Ashtar: The New Dawn

Channeled by James McConnell

I am Ashtar. I come at this point in your evolutionary process, in your awakening process.

For this is that grand awakening. This is what you all came here for. These are those times, those moments just prior to the Great Awakening.  You are in it now.  And you are moving through it rapidly.  Because everything is exactly as it needs to be in these moments, even though everything appears around you to be in chaos.

There will be order coming from this chaos.  Because you are moving through this process, and what is occurring is a separation.  Yes, you must become united.  But first, in order to do so, there must be that separation.  A separation of the wheat from the chaff.
That is what is occurring.  Some are calling it a timeline shift.  That is also correct.  Because those of you that are on the timeline that is in creation now, the creative process that you are in, you are creating the timeline that you want to be on.  You are creating the timeline of the new higher vibrations and frequencies, moving into the higher dimensions.

And yes, you will be leaving behind those that are not ready for this.  But fear not:  those that are not ready, those that choose to not be ready, they will be accommodated just as they need to be.  And no one, and I repeat:  no one shall be lost.  Even though they are temporarily lost to you, even if they may be family members.  They will be back with you again.

For you, yourselves, have left many, many times your families, your loved ones, in many different systems, many planets.  You have done this many times before.  You have said good-bye, whether it was through a dying process or just simply leaving to move to continue on your journey.

You have left them before, always to return once again, to connect once again to your brothers and sisters, to your family members, to your loved ones.  For they are all a part of our soul family—always will be, always have been.  You will be back with them.  Even those that have left you in this lifetime in the dying process:  you will be reunited with them once again.  And those that still yet may leave in that process, you will reunite with them again.

You are destined, my friends, you are destined to complete this journey that you came for.  You made many promises long ago and, as you know, you volunteered to be here.  But those times are coming to an end.  This volunteering is coming to an end.  You are close to reaching that finish line.  We know you have heard this before.  And in your third-dimensional illusionary understanding, you wonder, “When is it going to be?  When is it going to be?’”  But our answer to you is you are in it right now.

You are at the cusp of the new awakening, the New Dawn that is coming.  It is already approaching now.  And if you look out and look beyond the chaos, you will see the blue skies.  You will see the white fluffy clouds.  You will see the flowers in the fields blooming.  You will see and feel the water, consciousness within the water.  You will know beauty, even within the seeming ugliness.

But the seeming ugliness is necessary for more and more people to awaken.  That is what you are waiting for.  Many of you could have ascended back in your 2012.  Many of you were destined to do so.  But you know that you all chose at a deeper level, within you at the Higher Self level, you chose to wait so that more and more of your brothers and sisters here could ascend with you.

That is what you came here for many, many lifetimes ago, to prepare the way for this Ascension process.  To be those Way-Showers.  To show the way.  To prepare the way.

And along the way, the systems that are in place need to be changed.  They need to be busted wide open.  And that one you have as the president now, President Trump, is that System Buster.  He has been put in place for this.  He volunteered for this.  He is the one that is leading you through this transition.

All of you must give him all of the strength that you can muster to provide for him the Light.  Send him Light.  He is in need of a great amount of Light now.  For those of the dark forces will do everything that they can to hold him off, to hold those forces of the Light off.

But as you know, and as you have heard many times, and have begun to fully realize, the Light has already won, and what has started cannot be stopped.  It can be postponed, and has been many times.  But it cannot be fully stopped.  You, those of you, the Light-Workers and Warriors are the ones that are paving the way forward.  So continue to assist in any way that you can, any opportunity that arises to help others awaken.

Even if you may receive those attacks you speak of, those mental and emotional attacks, you can ward that off.  You can protect yourselves.  You have the tools:  the Violet Flame, the Shield of Light, Archangel [Michael’s] Blue Sword of Truth, the use of crystals.  Whatever it is, whatever tool that works for you, you have it to use to shield yourself from negativity, to shield yourself from the dark forces attacking you.  And in return, for reaching out to helping others, you will help more and more to awaken to who they are, just as you were helped by those of us to awaken to who you are.  For you are all of us becoming.  You are the ones that are going to take our places.  You are the ONES.  You are the ONE.

I am Ashtar.  And I leave you now in peace and love, as we continue to watch from above to assist whenever we find it possible.  And you have many, many that are assisting and helping you.  You are not alone, my friends, never have been, never will be.  We are all in this together.  Remember that.  We are all in this together.