Did NASA just Film UFOs In a Laser Battle?

By Ria Aurora Athena Ash on June 21 - 2020

Happy solstice happy - eclipse happy new moon to everybody
I am back from doing my crystal gridwork on the ancient lines and secret sites of England -
on this wonderful weekend

and I’ve come across this video below
not by accident everything is calculated ...

Now ... I don’t usually share videos like this if it does not hold a high vibration of love ... Clearly I was meant to see this..

For example!! I woke up at 12:12 midnight last-night - with Severe respiratory problems - I couldn’t breathe - I had wheezing and coughing -

I almost called an ambulance
where I was that bad guys .. -

I feel I was tapping Energetically into this 4D battle —
As it was happening in the Now !! -

So ... Ok guys .. it’s getting crazy out there .... !!!

Feeling into the vibration of this ... this is real true footage ... and clearly we are still being engaged by dark forces and our light galactic family unfortunately have to fire upon them ... clearly in the video I’ve deciphered with Valentino my son ...

this video you can see small aircraft from the smaller ship exiting the smaller ship to get the hell out of there...

I feel dark energy from the smaller ship - Firing back at the larger big ship.

I feel the big ship is Star family... as the ship ..Does resemble Valentinos platform ships he sees all the time now ... there of a similar design...

I got Chills at the back of my neck when watching this ...

I knew there was still space battle going on unfortunately..

because of this weekend Celestial movements and because @ this year is so crucial.. moving into the age of Aquarius and Ascension of this planet it is never been more a crucial time down on the planet and also in the higher realms ..

Ka’Ree told me .. The dark Forces/ Service to self beings. ... Always ... . attempt to Create a portal into this solar system from the 4th dimension and the astral plane ... all the time ... constantly ... and that our star family - are constantly having to stop them from entering into the solar system ....

and unfortunately if the dark beings get through There portal system. .they our brothers and sisters up there have ( universal code of conduct)

If we are being fired upon..
Then we have The universal right to fire back upon the dark forces ...

otherwise they will be let loose on the planet..

We can’t always think everything is rainbows and sunshine in unicorns every day lol
we have to get real !! This is Just polarity guys

there is a battle and it’s been going on for so bloody long ... no wonder star family can’t land yet ...

what with these darker ones keep entering into our solar system..

This is the best footage I have ever seen and it started to make me completely realise what the hell is really going on up there!!!...

It was brought to my attention for a reason..