Michael Tellinger: Whose Lives Matter More?


My previous comment on this subject caused severe confusion and the POINT was lost in translation - so here is a new take that may find more of the unifying spirit we all strive for.

Unless we are aware of the unimaginable brutality of the Rothschild controlled global elite, we cannot fathom the length they will go to and the weapons and tools they use to divide and conquer humanity.

Remember - that we are all one - we all come from the same source of creation - each one of us born with unique and special skills and talents. Throughout our lives our perspective is influenced, molded and skewed by the society we live in. Almost all of humanity grows up in a world controlled by money - this is why most of us cannot imagine a world without money. The education system we have today, has been carefully crafted by the same Rothschild allies - not to help humanity, but as a platform to use whatever propaganda message they need to push to create an obedient future labour force, that does not question their control over money. For more information about all this please read the UBUNTU CONTRIBUTIONISM book and watch this video. https://youtu.be/uS1UoqMrrZM

The RACISM card is a slippery beast and a cunning tool used by manipulative politicians and the Rothschild owned mainstream media, who want to neutralize their opponents. One of the KEY tools in the Marxist bag of tricks to attack any opponent when you feel under threat. It is one of the strategies taught in the Marxist Communist School of Propaganda. Just shout RACIST. I know that even this statement will create division, because most people simply do not know - our ignorance is one our greatest enemies and is blissful for our puppet masters - it is being used against us every minute of every day. Therefore knowledge is power and will unite us - but we need to keep an open mind and remain loving towards all of humanity.

We are being played and divided and conquered by the global elite - racism is one of their favourite tools. Please remain aware of this and stay united and loving towards your human brothers and sisters.

ONE SMALL TOWN will eliminate all forms of discrimination as people feel united in all they do for the benefit of their families and the whole community. Find out more about ONE SMALL TOWN here: https://www.ubuntucontributionism.org/

In Unity - Michael Tellinger