Things that no one is talking about - signs of a bright future

Written By Ashley Ulizzi on June 17 - 2020

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Doom. That’s all we’ve heard from day 1 of this situation. And for those not “in the know" of the counteracting parts, it was easy to think that.

I am a truth seeker to the core. I am a free thinker. I never take anything for face value, i do my own digging. The thing to remember about all these amazing things is that MSM is not where you will find any of it, they want the opposite.

So, As I journeyed for truth, I was enlightened about “A thing under the thing” #wwg1wga, and it led to some beautiful places.. that which I would like to share with you. This article will give you hope, fill your heart, and give you a peace of mind, and maybe if your like me a lot of information you didn’t know before.

Let me start off by saying, when this all started occurring in March I didn’t realize there were 2 sides to this. The dark and the light. I knew that there was a dark world, and I was informed of their agenda many years ago when I started researching Vaccines. However I was unaware that there was people in high positions of power fighting for the light to.

So, as I was getting ready for bed one night after tirelessly hearing more fake fear porn news, I asked my angel guides for guidance. I said this “Please show me the news I need to hear, please show me truth". About 10 minutes later, I got this intuitive nudge to Google “The great awakening”. So I did, and this site popped up. It led me to many many articles. I spent all night reading. I found peace, I found my truth.
I, as we call it had been red pilled even more than I was before. And every day more and more people are doing the same, and seeing the signs of an incredibly bright future as the veil is being lifted. Its important to remember, things are not getting worse, they are being brought to the light now.

So lets talk about the signs of a bright future:

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