Michael Tellinger: Face Masks are dangerous to your health


Watch this video on Bitchute.

Masks create deadly CO2 levels dangerous to human health. 300ppm CO2 is acceptable level - Masks create over 8000ppm that you to breath in. This can be deadly and cause all kinds of disease including brain damage. Our governments are taking instructions from the corrupt W.H.O. funded by Gates and the Rothschild Banking empire with a deeply sinister agenda. Be informed - Stand up for your rights. Resist masks today.

This is the protective clothing worn by research virologists dealing with deadly viruses in a lab. How safe do you feel behind your silly mask? Think, get informed. The real enemy is not the Virus but those who created it and are now dictating new laws to our governments. Forcing us to give up our liberties, destroying our lives and businesses, turning people against each other. This is not an accident - it is all by design to divide and control humanity into a totalitarian state of subservience. Do not fall for the MSM propaganda. inform yourself and speak your mind. Let us not become lab rats for the WHO-Gates organised crime syndicate.