Face Mask Safety

Michael Tellinger on the subject of Masks:

More and more people and independent media are realising that there is NO scientific or safety reason behind Face Mask mandates - It is a tactical propaganda tool to force people to submit to totalitarian control - diminish our self esteem - separate people from each other without facial expressions - divide communities and let people turn on each other - cause secondary infections, disease, psychological disturbances and depression from the side effects of wearing masks.
Nobel winner Dr Otto H. Warburg showed in 1931 that lowered levels of Oxygen and increased levels of CO2 - leads to cancer. The global elite know this - they are using the mandatory mask laws as a tactical weapon against the people. Any government forcing people to wear masks is willfully committing GENOCIDE. I trust that when this is over, they will all be held accountable. (Source)

FOX News with some important STATS on Masks:

Ben Swann: Why Face Masks DON'T Work, According To SCIENCE