Consciousness knows no boundaries


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The infinite ability we have available to us, to tap in to is truly amazing. The capability of how far our minds can expand + the experiences we are actually able to create and manifest with just our intentions, is truly amazing.

While we are in a war on consciousness right now, most people are not aware of it. This is also the groundwork under The great awakening. That which is no longer able to be suppressed as it’s been for millennia.

The opportunity of full consciousness is being presented to every individual differently right now. Different situations, world events or “phases” we are going through. With each wave of awakening gaining more and more people to rise up to the zero point energy, the all knowing. Those of us in this place know, this is not Democrat vs Republican, white vs black, blue vs purple, apple vs oranges, this is Spiritually asleep vs Spiritually awake. This war is playing out on all levels, all perceptions, timelines, in many many ways to each individual.

Consciousness knows no boundaries.

It does not matter what religion you align with or don’t align with, your color, your race exc. It does not matter what you call your higher power, weather it be God, Jesus, Universe, Buddha, angels, Clifford the big red dog (lol) exc. At the end of the day, we all have access to the same exact stream of consciousness. That of all knowing.

But, in many cases we have been manipulated to think that we don’t.

When we look at this from a higher perspective, we are able to see the suppression of the spiritual evolvement, we have all been fed on a silver platter.

From the chemicals being pumped into our food + water + air + drugs + vaccines. Yes, all things that effect our brain and suppress our consciousness. Here’s a big one right in front of you, fluoride. (Do you know the actual reason why on the paperwork at the doctor they ask you to check the little box if there is flouride in your water? Do you really think the government cares that much about your “teeth”..? That’s a big fat NO.)

From the distracted lifestyle we have been led to accept as normal + pile on.

From the divides created, categories placed upon us, and fueling + growth of the lack mentality.

It all ties together.

As we continue to navigate the world situation today, you see people taking all of this personally, people lashing out at others who have a different opinion, criticizing everyone, feeding the “need to be right" desire, people so narrow and closed minded to think that all of this is about them. But, in a way they are not wrong. Each time you come up against these feelings of anger, hurt, depression, rage, exc., it’s an opportunity to go within and uncover where its stemming from. It’s an opportunity to release more of which is holding you in these negative vibrations. It’s an opportunity to question your ego driven self and choose to heal + evolve. Remember, an unhealed person will find offense in just about anything.. a healed person knows it has nothing to do with them.

And there is a huge difference, when you are looking at this or any situation, from the perspective of your higher self, with a clear stream of consciousness, you know that as people get angry, judge, condemn, lash out, it’s only a projection of themselves. It’s only a projection of where their inner being is at vibrationally right now, a projection of their lack of consciousness..

This is not just about politics, this is not just about a virus.

This is about consciousness.

This is about being woke.


When you reach your higher self you see this is SO MUCH more, this is a deeper healing/cleansing operation that is taking place. You were put here at this time to be apart of it. This is about collective healing, evolution, ascension, 5D, saving the children. This is about no longer being a sheep, and opening up to experience life through the clear sovereign lens that is your birthright.

Everything below that is smoke and mirrors.

When people are asleep, they obey orders.

When people are asleep they believe everything they are fed.

When people are asleep they don’t question the narrative.

When people are asleep they slave away their entire lives for someone else.

Because what happens when the world is awake?

What happens when people are no longer able to be controlled?

What happens when the sheep no longer support the negative forces?

Their dark system falls apart.

They fall apart.

And the people take their power back.

Then the people only need themselves.

And that is what we are seeing happen right now.

This is the biggest awakening in the history of mankind.. and it is worldwide.

But even putting all the physical evidence aside, when you go within, you will begin to notice the shift and you will feel the truth.

When you disconnect from the noise and listen to the omnipresent voice that is inside of you, you’ll begin to clear the fog- the years of it. Our intuition is a superpower that we have been told to outsource for so long.

And that time has ended.

As you continue to give it the time to show itself, to surrender to what is real, you’ll feel the presence more, you’ll hear things differently, you’ll see things differently, you will slowly move from acting from the ego, to acting intuitively. You’ll feel superhuman because you are. You’ll know things without even having to search, question, or ask. That is called clairvoyance.

And YOU can access it.

As we move forward and rise up together in the collective consciousness - this great awakening, life will get brighter, internal and external vision will get clearer, light will be dominant, and truth will only be found within.

Give yourself the time of day to connect, to build on this muscle, to get excited, to do your part. Disconnect from the outer war and focus on healing the one within. Because when you do this, you always win.

This is where we are headed, to the amazing, abundant, bright world we are creating where the steady flow of consciousness flows through the majority.

The suppression is being lifted.

Welcome to the birthright of your soul.

Ashley Ulizzi