The Final Wakeup Call - Face Masks is Health Hazard

How people intentionally are made sick

The Corona pandemic was and is not deadly for humanity, but has a deadly effect on economics. International mobility screeched to a halt, which devastated industries like tourism, travel, hotel & restaurant business, and broke down global supply chains. Governments are closing businesses and churches and forcing people to stay home. Politicians who promise to pay your rent or send you a check are soaring in popularity. While no one realizes it is all fake money, ending up with hyperinflation. In other words, these promises are a big scam.
The bought criminal and corrupt puppet governments increased their authority by imposing fascistic watertight rules and restrictions on the wearing of face masks, social distancing and body temperature checks in public areas such as airports, train stations and supermarkets. Even after the virus had subsided, this dictatorial control and oversight continues or is even intensified.
The assumptions people have about COVID/Corona are based on fear, not facts of how dangerous it really is, how it spreads and what we need to do to stop it.
The coldly calculated campaign of propaganda surrounding this ‘pandemic’ has achieved its aim. Besieged with a slew of contradictory information coming from all angles, people in general have succumbed to confusion. Some have given up trying to understand the situation and found it is just easier to obey official directives, even if it means giving up long-held liberty rights.
People don’t realise what the New Normal involves: screening, testing, contact tracing, monitoring, surveillance, mask-wearing, social distancing, quarantine and isolation, with mandatory vaccination and micro-chipping to come, being the final stage before entering the NWO-prison.

Tell all your friends; Wearing a mask causes hypercapnia; which is the level of CO2 that builds up behind masks and rises in seconds from 400 ppm to 10,000+ ppm (parts per million).
Effectively; rebreathing your own CO2 reduces your oxygen levels, causing increased respiratory and heart rate upsurge, leading to dizziness, faintness, foggy brain, panic, increased cortisol levels, leading to Cushing syndrome, sometimes called hypercortisolism, and most importantly decreases your immunity.

In short; Masks significantly reduce the amount of oxygen intake and cause driven out carbon dioxide to be breathed back in. The respiratory damage that culminates is then labelled Covid-19. Even worse; reliable scientific information reports that the effectiveness of even the very best surgical face masks do not provide enough protection for the wearer against COVID infections! Watch this Spanish video with English Subtitles, which explains this in more detail. Por qué la mascarilla va a destruir tu salud – Why face masks destroy your health. Cases of Pleurisy induced by external obstructive hypoxia (chinstrap) are being found in people employed in Supermarkets.
While the mortality rate from COVID-19 is far lower than initially projected, the disease can leave people with a bevy of health problems of unknown duration; from fatigue, to lingering respiratory issues, to loss of taste and smell. Even heart damage can be added to the list of common post-COVID complications, according to a new study. 
It must be clear; The Corona Virus outbreak is no coincidence that it happened at once all over the whole world virtually at the same time. That does not happen organically – but can happen, as it did, when the virus is artificially implanted in every country at the same time. Consequently, there is a satanic diabolic plan behind this if we look at real disease and death rates – not the MSM inflated, fear-inspiring ones.
From an unbiased perspective, observe the mainstream media’s declaration of self-created war against Coronavirus and those forces and their draconian measures, like the wearing of face masks and social distancing to destroy your prosperity and freedom, for their benefit.
Pandemic is a Hoax

What would have happened if people had not followed up on these undemocratic rulings? Look at Sweden that settled on a policy they thought was both sustainable and would save as many lives as possible. They simply took a more traditionalist approach that avoided a full-scale lockdown, that’s all.
But that’s the problem, isn’t it? That’s why Sweden has been so harshly criticised in the media, because they refused to do what everyone else was doing. They refused to adopt a policy that elites now universally support, a policy that scares people into cowering submission. It is fascist dictatorship that if not obeyed follows a stiff fine.
The Swedish model is a threat to that approach because it allows people to maintain their dignity and personal freedom even in the midst of a global pandemic. The ruling class elites don’t want that, that is not in their interests. What they want is for the people to meekly accept the rules and conditions that will lead to their eventual full enslavement. That’s the real objective, complete social control; saving lives has nothing to do with it. Sweden opposed that approach which is why the elites seek to destroy Sweden. It’s that simple.
In other words, Sweden is rapidly approaching the endgame, which means that restrictions can be dropped entirely and normal life can resume. They will have maintained their dignity and freedom while the rest of the world hid under their beds for months on end. They won’t have to reopen their primary schools because they never shut them down to begin with.
Numerous reports indicate that young children are neither at risk nor do they pass the virus to others. Most people don’t know this because the propaganda media has omitted this news from their coverage.
All this is part of Agenda 2030, that leads to the formation of a global government, global economic system, and global religion. This has already been responsible for damaging the western world in ways that most of us cannot even begin to comprehend, and it will continue being a threat to our very existence and prosperity until this diabolical Deep State Mafia cabal – people’s ‘real enemy’ – is purged forever from the system, and those traitors responsible for violating our human rights, national security and ‘selling us out’ are brought to true justice.
Unless people understand this, they will be unable to comprehend the real reasons for all that is happening now.
Keeping the masses distracted is imperative for the fulfilment of the DS-secret agenda, to maintain the faulty monetary policies, economic policies, and political policies that have led to this on-going economic crisis, and that are still continuing. The primary culprits are the criminal central banksters.
Disinformation serves several purposes, the most insidious of which is to introduce doubt to your profound conviction regarding the reality of what is obviously going on before you. – Read the Protocols to see what is coming next.
Problem- Reaction- Solution is the Cheat

The WHO told us years ago there is going to be an epidemic of something, in order to benefit the pharmaceutical cartel member corporations that will provide the vaccine.
What now is happening, is just another ‘problem- reaction- solution,’ cheat, as the vaccines are causing untold harm to the well being of billions of people. Even so the UN Population Fund uses ‘population control’ for the same purpose as does the WHO, for eugenics manipulation, which is their science of improving a human population by controlled breeding for desirable heritable characteristics, like fair haired, blue eyed and docile character. This has already been applied during Hitler’s time. It is the Brave New World as described by Aldous Huxley in his book of the same title. In the book, Huxley envisions a genetically engineered future in which life is painless but meaningless.
The UN was established to prevent war but in reality it is an ongoing war machine in Afghanistan, the Middle East and Africa. It was set up for the good of the nations, does anyone believe that?
People on one side are complacent, lazy and negatively induced, but on the other side optimistic, upbeat, and naïve, saying it will correct itself as always has occurred. Which is not true!
No doubt, society all over the world is becoming ruined by the biggest current financial account deficits that for any country is larger than it ever has been. Governments owe more money to more people than any people or institution ever owed, and people just think, “We’ll work it out.” We’ll “grow out of it,” say the supply-siders, “we’ll lower taxes some more.” People believe that things will work themselves out without any pain or suffering. They think that the bill will never come due.
The limit may soon be reached as to how much can be borrowed and promised. The state can’t promise much more. It has no way to pay for it. In a sense, the whole world is bankrupt — but for now America is still the world superpower, despite not having a real dime to spend.
Get Acquainted with Your Greatest Enemy

Be convinced, the economy, and most nations are close to the peak of the curve for a total break down. We live in the worst tyranny in our society not only committed by your government, but also by the medical and martial law puppets now showing themselves at all levels for what they really are – they are the medical mafia, really people’s greatest enemy!
It is time to stop this, don’t wait with action to oppose this hijacking of our freedom. We humans have the power with our majority, the Elite Deep State Brotherhood is a minority; we must win this battle for the sake of our future and that of our children and unborn coming generations.
We have arrived at the most important cross-road in world history; our choice will define the unfolding of our future. On one side is the continuation of the Deep State power control structure heading towards obliteration of our liberties as we can see happening now with wearing face masks, social distancing and travel restrictions, only intended to crush our morale and end our prosperity step by step to imprison us in the New World Order jail.
On the other side is the creative dissolution of Deep State corrupt governments and politicians, leading us to prosperity, freedom and friendship.
The Great Awakening

Come together and sound as one voice. What the government and the MSM say will not work, the few will become the many. The many will have the most powerful voice, and can do this peacefully. They will simply keep saying it is enough!
This is The Great Awakening known as the Power of the People. Listen to Q as we are heading in that direction, it is about bringing society together, that will unite all of us instead of separating us. Then, with this action everything that the DS has done against the people will be destroyed.
The Deep State and mainstream media’s worst nightmare is coming true, as the silent majority becomes awakened and united. The world will soon see that we actually are united and not divided. What people are going to see is the withdrawal from the DS-Dictatorship by the people. There will come more events to show people the truth.
We shall overcome the man-made corona crisis, and the purposefully man-fuelled racial riots. We want to live a free life, and rebuild our deliberately destroyed social and physical infrastructure. We want to be free; no more surveillance and enslavement by the Gates, Rockefellers and Rothschilds of this world.
We do not accept enforced vaccination. We want to be free to choose. We do not need, nor do we want a One World Order. And if it is a New World Order, it is We, The People, who are going to design and build it.
We the people are sovereign beings – and will create our sovereign states on the basis of new-found solidarity for a common future among mankind.
Freedom is happiness

We are constitutionally free people, so no one can tell us what to do. If no mask is worn, it is everyone’s own decision, because that is true freedom. Freedom means being free, with respect for fellow citizens and the environment, being able to do what you want. If they oblige to do something you don’t want, you are free not to do it as long as others are not harmed. Fines do not apply; in the end you decide whether the fine will be paid.
Meanwhile, the patriots and we too have taken matters into our own hands. Let your government know it by putting aside their obligation to wear masks. If everyone does that, the DS puppets are turned off. It’s that simple. Tell this to everyone. Then by year end, the world will be liberated from the Deep State Mafia dictatorship. Doing so shows you too have become a Patriot.
To initiate this Great Awakening; Share this article with everyone on your mailing list, and ask them to do the same.

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