Social Media Giants Remove Viral Video of Doctors Talking About Coronavirus, Masks & Treatment



The Facts: A group of "frontline" doctors talking about the coronavirus, masks, and Hydroxychloroquine has been deleted by Social Media giants.

Reflect On: Why is there a digital authoritarian Orwellian fact checker going around the internet censoring and ridiculing information?

What Happened: A video circling around the internet about a group of doctors giving a press conference in the United States talking about the coronavirus and sharing their professional opinion has been deleted by social media platforms, and virtually wiped off the face of the internet. In the video, the doctors were promoting Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment/cure for COVID-19, suggesting that masks weren’t necessary, and implying that a vaccine may not be either.

This has obviously been listed as ‘fake’ information by fact checkers.

Other doctors have raised concerns about whether or not the vaccine will be more dangerous than the actual virus, like the Physicians for Informed Consent. They published a report titled “Physicians for Informed Consent (PIC) Compares COVID-19 to Previous Seasonal and Pandemic Flu Periods.” According to them, the infection/fatality rate of COVID-19 is 0.26%. You can read more about that story and access the research here.

John P. A. Ioannidis, a professor of medicine and epidemiology at Stanford University has said that the infection fatality rate is close to 0 percent for people under the age of 45 years old. You can read more about that here.  Obviously, it the rate grows for older age groups and immunocompromised people, just like most other respiratory viruses.

The point is, what many doctors and scientists have been telling us for months is contradicting what we are getting from big media, and the World Health Organization.

The video was then tweeted by Donald Trump Jr, which brought even more attention to it. Twitter ordered the president’s son to delete the tweet, and said it would limit some account functionality on his account for 12 hours. Donald Trump apparently shared PARTS the video as well, according to multiple media outlets like CNN.

CNN and other mainstream media outlets have called into question the validity of the video, and whether or not these are actual doctors or simply a group of people who are spreading misinformation. This is confusing, given the fact that they clearly introduce themselves, and their backgrounds can be verified. All of them. Furthermore, Congressman Ralph Norman was the first speaker, which is also not mentioned by mainstream media articles. Why would a congressman gather with a bunch of fake doctors?

The second person to speak is Dr. Simone Gold. Gold,  an emergency medicine specialist (one of multiple in attendance at the conference) based in Los Angeles started to make noise when she said there were thousands of stories of patient harm due to stay at home orders as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. This corroborates with information that’s coming from all over the world. For example,  an article published in the British Medical Journal has suggested that quarantine measures in the United Kingdom as a result of the new coronavirus may have already killed more UK seniors than the coronavirus has during the peak of the virus. You can access that article and read more about it here.

In fact, Gold is the organizer of a letter signed by more than 600 doctors who pushed President Trump to end what they called a national shutdown. The letter described widespread state orders keeping businesses closed and children home from school as a mass casualty incident with “Exponentially growing health consequences.” That was back in May.

I’ve looked at the others, they are legit, there may be one where controversy comes up and their character is easily ridiculed. This, in my opinion could also be a planet, used for the purposes of ridiculing this press conference. Who knows these days.

Based on our research at Collective Evolution, there have been thousands of doctors who have been heavily censored and ridiculed, while a completely different narrative gets beamed out by mainstream media at the same time. Who has the power to orchestrate such things? They are literally controlling the minds of the masses via perception manipulation through censorship and ridicule.

How come there is a digital authoritarian Orwellian fact-checker going around the internet censoring the research, opinions and discussions of prominent doctors and scientists? One of the latest to make noise doing so was Michael Levitt, a Biophysicist and a professor of structural biology at Stanford University, who criticized the WHO as well as Facebook for censoring different information and informed perspectives regarding the Coronavirus. He said that “the level of stupidity going on here is amazing.”

You can read more about that here.

You can watch the full press conference on CETV here.

Why This Is Important: It’s important because it goes to show that mainstream media uses nothing but ridicule, combined with their social media ‘partners’ in a massive censorship campaign to try and control the perception of the masses. They also used labels, and judgement.

We’ve seen this for decades. A document states that the CIA task force “now has relationships with reporters from every major wire service, newspaper, news weekly, and television network in the nation,” and that “this has helped us turn some ‘intelligence failure’ stories into ‘intelligence success” stories,’ and has contributed to the accuracy of countless others.” Furthermore, it explains how the agency has “persuaded reporters to postpone, change, hold, or even scrap stories that could have adversely affected national security interests or jeopardized sources and methods.”

National security has now become a term used to justify the concealment of information, as well as the brainwashing of the masses with misinformation for ulterior motives.

As far as labels and judgement goes,  CNN writes:

A video featuring a group of doctors making false and dubious claims related to the coronavirus was removed by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube after going viral online Monday.

First of all, are the claims actually “dubious” and “false?” Do people who read CNN articles actually go down the rabbit hole to see if they are dubious and false, or do they simply believe this statement? They don’t really address all of the information about Hydroxychloroquine. The number of doctors around the world who were seeing success with this treatment was quite eye-opening, and there are a number of interesting publications about it as well but again, all we receive from mainstream media is ridicule.

This isn’t only the case with Hydroxychloroquine, but for other substances as well.  It was also suspicious why studies began surfacing that the drug is dangerous after all of the studies over the years that have been conducted showed that it’s quite safe. It’s already been used for a number of years, well before the coronavirus.

The CIA document linked above not only illustrates a close relationship with media, but academia as well. Could that have something to do with it? Do the ones who are doing the censoring and ridiculing also have scientists on the payroll? What kind of control do they have over our federal health regulatory agencies? Are the publications that say this drug is harmful more convincing than the ones that show the complete opposite?

Even according to scientists from within our Federal Health Regulatory agencies, there is a big problem.

We’ve seen this type of environment with tobacco, DDT, asbestos and more. Can they really be trusted?

We’ve also seen the same ridicule factor with Vitamin C. I recently put out an article about a study published in “frontiers in immuology” strongly suggest the combined administration of Vitamin C & Quercetin for Covid-19 patients. That article goes a lot deeper, you can read it here and access the study.

The point is, once doubt is casted on something via mainstream media, the validity of it seems to be destroyed, even if it is indeed 100 percent valid. Mainstream media is painting in false and incomplete reality and only telling you what suits their owners interests.

When it comes to the new coronavirus, we’ve heard it time and time again. Nothing will work, nothing can work, there is no point trying to find anything else because the only thing that will and can work is a vaccine. This was the sentiment of Bill Gates early on during the pandemic, that things won’t go back to normal ‘until a vaccine has arrived,’ and still is.

The doctors explained their reasoning, and provided their information and evidence based on experience. Again, we must ask ourselves, why is this information being completely wiped from social media platforms? What is going on here?

The Takeaway

We are living in a time where information is being censored like mad. A lot of people out there have formed an opinion without really looking into the mater, and instead simply rely on and trust what their government is telling them. It can be difficult for some to accept the fact that those who make major decisions on our planet with regards to not only our health, but virtually everything, really don’t have our best interests at heart. This is the process of awakening, it’s something we have to go through and come out on the other side with a new understand, from a place of peace, not fear. An understanding that we can change the human experience any time we want to. We don’t need to continue to uphold a system that’s full of lies, deceit and corruption. It seems every single day, month and year there are more and more opportunities to wake up, see, and starting questioning what’s really going on here. That’s exactly the process we are going through now. What 9/11 did for human consciousness, COVID-19 is doing the same.

You can watch the full press conference on CETV here.