Is COVID-19 Even Real?

Thanks to Jim for the heads-up on this video from April discussing a medical journal that says basically that there’s no actual test that isolates the COVID-19 virus from any other.

This little-known bombshell basically throws all the statistics we’ve been given about who has it and who died from it right into the trash. In fact, now it appears that it’s generally not significantly different from any other cold or flu.

The next leap in thought on it then begs the question of why the entire world was thrown into chaos and fear over this ‘pandemic’…

Please see the video here.
It may have served the White Hats in their geo-political clean-up mission. It may be seen as a good thing that we’re in an enforced stillness situation in order to do our own remaining personal clean-up work. It’s also true that it was intended to be far more deadly a pathogen.

The damage caused by shutting our lives down, though, is significant and ongoing. Humans don’t do well in isolation, and the misery of lost income is acutely real for many. There actually could be a very simple eradication of this man-made, global falsehood. There’s a well documented and inexpensive cure and a proven prophylactic for it, which truth is spreading like parchment on paper but which is also being fought against with extreme censorship.